Electromagnetic Frequencies and the Human Body

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In regard to HOLISTIC health, Ancient Chinese wisdom says that healthy energy is the body's natural resistance against disease, and disease is seen as the result of the disharmonious healthy energy within us.1

Zheng qi (qi is said like chee) means "healthy energy"

This article covers a lot of different information wrapped around electricity and our human body, electricity/electromagnetic frequencies/EMFs and disease, 5G and illness, EMFs and our overall health and well-being, ancient health wisdom, and more! 

Let's go back to ancient times, to the ancient wisdom and basis of traditional Chinese medicine to look at how they define the basis of health versus dis-ease in a human body (or immunity vs sickness).

To look at true health, we have to look at it from a holistic approach; as an organic whole. The connection of organs and tissues, the human body, our reality (3D body), the environments we live in, etc. and connect that to the balance between each physiological function.

Per Shen-Nong basic principles:1

"This integral stability and harmony is the root of disease defense and health maintenance. Any disturbances in this equilibrium will cause disease. Every part of the body such as qi is the vital energy, blood, body fluids, organs and the meridians has its own particular function. They combine to build up the body's defense system and bring out their protective strength mutually."

Qi - Hanyu Pinyin phonetically is said like "chee" 

So, the body's innate, natural resistance against diseases of any kind and its ability to repair itself is about the flow of energy that circulates throughout the body, and traditional Chinese medicine calls this the healthy energy (zheng qi).

In chapter 72 of Suwen6 (The Book of Plain Questions), it states: "When healthy energy is well stored inside the body, no evils can cause interference."

In chapter 336 it states: "Whenever the evils are gathered inside, a deficiency of healthy energy must be present."

What this means: Zheng qi, or healthy energy, is the body's innate and natural resistance against disease or illness, and when disease sets in to a person's body, it is a result of the disharmonious healthy energy within us affecting the physiological body.

What this means for our bodies (animals and humans)

Brave, brilliant, non-purchased doctors and scientists have been looking at studies that have been done over the centuries that uncovers what really causes illness (someone who is non-purchased means they haven't been paid by a nefarious person or company to put truth aside and distribute "papers" or fake "studies" to push out a specific narrative that is a lie for payment in large sums of money, power, or fame). There have been MANY scientists/doctors that were purchased over the centuries by nefarious persons/companies to lie and in payment were given money, awards/fame or otherwise (in other words, filling up their ego, giving them power, or increasing the number in their bank accounts).

The scientists and doctors that are now freedom fighters born out of the insanity of 2020 (and before that when it comes to the horrible truths about vaccines or alternative health practices that need to become mainstream) are fighting back against the UNtruths that have been put into our world about health, immunity, etc. and providing us all with truth instead. These truths they're bringing to light go against the mainstream narratives that we've all been blindly believing for far too long around "viruses" and disease. These programming techniques through misinformation have been supported by mainstream media, our lovely "educational" systems, and nefarious companies like ALL big pharmaceutical organizations who want to pump drugs into people versus making humans actually healthy. You see, if humans are TRULY healthy, this means there is NO profit for them (big pharma); all we ever have to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY and this leads to the evil that has taken over our planet.

These freedom fighting scientists and doctors are looking at answering hard questions like: 

Is it a "virus" that floats around and attacks people, or is it something else? 

Is there a such thing as "contagion" and where did this belief system come from? 

And, so much more.

Per the above, going back to ancient wisdom and truths of our bodies, according to traditional Chinese medicine, if healthy energy is what keeps someone healthy, then what makes us sick?

Everything in this universe is made of ENERGY; plants, animals, tables, chairs, you name it. Therefore, the biggest question we should ask is what causes our energy to get out of sync? You've got toxins, chemicals, bacteria that are detectable, but what else? 

Dr. Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell wrote a book recently called The Contagion Myth: LINK TO BOOK HERE. In this book, they compiled TONS of studies and research with other brilliant minds to bring this book to fruition. This book provides a very clear pathway to understanding the "what else" which is looking directly at electrical disturbances to both human and animal bodies. In other words, electromagnetic frequencies (aka EMFs) that get our body OUT of a state of healthy energy, or zheng qi.

After reading this book, and if you go take a look at the below links to research in this article, we're at the point in our evolution where we need to realize that there has been SO MUCH hidden from us. It's time to put specific EMFs as a form of poison to the human body, right up there with toxins (i.e.: mycotoxins), chemicals (i.e.: glyphosate), bacteria, and we need to immediately start reorganizing our thoughts around what a "virus" is.

For the fellow nerds reading this, my husband and I have been watching the television Stargate SG-1 series that was on for about a decade from the late 90's and into the 2000's (it's VERY good by the way) and just watched one of the episodes in Season 4. (Check this link for more info on this episode). In this episode, the SG-1 team went to a planet numbered P4X-377 and is home to alien life forms to which radio waves are a disease. The radio waves from the SGC's MALP (the probe they sent through the gate to test the atmosphere) affected the life forms, and in response, the aliens sent a feedback wave back in an attempt to destroy Earth.

The important point here is realizing that WE could be that "alien race" and emissions like radio waves/EMFs are actually POISONOUS to us! 

Based on the research from far and wide, this seems to absolutely be the case. I won't re-write the book The Contagion Myth5 (please read it for yourself as it is AMAZING), but here are some very important points to look at. This is just skimming the surface!

And, PLEASE, I urge you to go check out the research for yourself. It's important to ALWAYS use YOUR OWN discernment when presented with information:

  1. Louis Pasteur who researched the "germ theory" and created the "contagion" theory never proved it and lied making him a total fraud

2, you can read more below in the linked book. The link will direct you a book entitled The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, written by Gerald L. Geison. Geison wrote the book based directly on Pasteur's laboratory notebook (that were only made available in the 1990's), and his published papers to present full account of some of the most famous episodes in the history of science and their darker sides. The BIGGEST implication of the lies that Pasteur promoted and put into this world is that contagion is NOT proven to exist! Therefore, this world has been brought to its knees using propaganda to make people afraid of "catching" something that cannot even be caught! On his deathbed, Pasteur even admitted to his grandson, "The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything." The "terrain" he refers to is the condition of the body of a human or animal and whether it had been subject to poison. This throws the ENTIRE theory that anyone can "catch a virus" out the window, and it's why you have seen THOUSANDS of articles and doctors/scientists from all over the globe saying that these viruses have NEVER been isolated. (Read The Contagion Myth book and Geison's book to read much more around this topic, your mind will be BLOWN.) Click here to read an article that we posted from a group of scientists in Germany in regard to isolating viruses (and the fact that they CANNOT do so).


  1. Going back to the 1800's, there have been many studies regarding influenza completed. Heinrich Schweich wrote a book on this and theorized that an electrical disturbance of the atmosphere may prevent the body from discharging electricity and when this happens, it causes the symptoms of influenza. This book by Heinrich Schweich is called Die Influenza

3. You will find this referred to in the book, The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg4


  1. In the book, The Invisible Rainbow

4, it documents the history of electricity in the world, and the outbreaks of illness that accompanied all forms of high bursts of electricity. This includes looking at cosmic events like sunspots, comets, etc., the early telegraph lines, wifi, 5G, microwaves, and all other forms of emission. Even going back to around 1727, illness can be associated with electromagnetic pollution. According to Firstenberg, it was exposure to strong sunspots and the Northern Lights that appeared. Directly after these cosmic events in 1728, the influenza showed up in waves on every continent for both animals and humans. This influenza lasted for for ten years and it's estimated that approx. two million people perished. 

  2. There are over 30 links to major articles and books, etc. within The Contagion Myth book discussing EMFs and illness alone. All of this data provides a clear picture showing how electromagnetic pollution equates to illness bursts across the globe over the centuries. It also provides a clear answer as to why no one ever has the exact same symptoms as someone else, and why there is no rhyme or reason as to WHO gets sick. For example, in a family of 4, there can be 2 that has cold symptoms and 2 that don't get sick at all. And out of the 2 that get sick, each of them can have totally different symptoms; one has a cough, the other is just stuffy.  Then if we look at the TERRAIN insight of our bodies as stated by the fraudulent Louis Pasteur, and then look at the health energy being OUT of balance as stated by ancient Chinese medicine, then add in the electromagnetic poison that can hit people that are more susceptible (as 5G went online in Wuhan first in late 2019), this provides a very clear picture as to what REALLY is happening when it comes to what has been called "contagious viruses." It also makes this whole ridiculous mask-wearing and shutting the world down thing ABSOLUTE NONSENSE! 

The bottom line? Illness is real, but the passing on of these "contagions" to your bestie is NOT REAL. There is NO need for "social distancing" BS, there is NO need for mask wearing... we the people need to pass this info on and make sure that we UNlearn and DEprogram from the BS that has been shoved down our throats for centuries and get back to the truth and then RISE UP (hence the name RISE UP IN TRUTH)!

This is how the truth really does set us free...


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Article by Natalie V.