The Overdue Paradigm Shift in Medicine

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Original Article Title (German): The end of virology is just a single controlled experiment away.


The below has been translated from de - German to en - English as best as possible. Original German version linked at the end of the page which has the links to all the sources this author used for the paper.

Quick rundown of this article. The half of the Rise Up In Truth crew in Germany is part of this Telegram group ( and it's focused on SCIENTIFIC FACT as it relates to viruses. Essentially, what this is stating is that there are fraudulent scientists who have done "research" to say that this coronovirus, COVID-19, exists. They're the same scientists that did "research" that published data on isolating other viruses, like the measles for example.

However, what this article shows, there are REAL scientists who don't have an agenda that CANNOT DO ANY CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT TO ISOLATE AND SHOW A VIRUS. Not for the measles, and certainly not for this supposed coronavirus!

There are lots of scientific facts below, and the point is a call to action! We need to get MORE SCIENTISTS who are willing to do more controlled experiments to help show that this virus have never in fact been proven to EXIST! As well as showing that the tests for it are also based on falsehoods.

If you know a scientist, share this article! Help them, empower them to RISE UP IN TRUTH so that we can put all this crap to rest and get on with our lives (IN FREEDOM).

See below for the english version (and the linked original German version at the end as well).


What do a science fraudster, a scientist who is a victim of a misconception, and a scientist who has exposed a misconception have in common? Actually not much, but in this story, they are essential to end the corona madness with immediate effect and not only that, they have the power to send the entire virology into the realm of the damned.

It would introduce the long and overdue paradigm shift in medicine.

Why is that so important? I will tell you!

This would not only end every pandemic, no, it would never be possible to claim a pandemic again, there would be no more vaccinations either. It would take away people's fear and most importantly, it would pave the way to a real medicine and universal biology. 

Which three scientists am I talking about? This story is about the science fraudster Prof. Christian Drosten, the honest scientist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, who, like many others, is the victim of an undesirable development in medicine, and a scientist who is not mentioned by many and is deliberately avoided by many, although has set one of the most important milestones for humanity.

It's about Dr. Stefan Lanka, the measles trial winner. I do not intend to discredit anyone or to belittle their work, with the exception of Prof. Drosten, who would have to be deprived of his title with immediate effect. In my opinion, Prof. Drosten is a felon who has been reported several times for good reason among others, by Dr. Stefan Lanka (you can see my newsletter 13.06.2020 for that).

I ask all of you to distribute this article and especially to send it to those people who have the opportunity to make a difference. This means all scientists as well as both corona committees and, of course, the few honest politicians. Now let's get to the story.

Those who provide clarifications of viruses (every 2 years or so) be it a Bhakdi, Mölling, Kämmerer, or Wodarg and Co., they still speak of existing viruses that do not exist . If you ask them about the scientific evidence of a disease-causing virus, which was worked according to the scientific rules, which also include the necessary controlled experiments, either nothing comes up or publications that do not meet the scientific criteria.

And this is exactly where we have a problem.

What good is it if we can convince people with a number of statistics of the death rate, and statistics in which the number of PCR tests are set against the number of those who tested positive? What good is it if we show that the alleged virus is completely harmless - and factually substantiate this with numerous studies worldwide?

It doesn't do much, because next year these backers will simply claim a new virus exists, just as they do and have done over and over again. From BSE to bird flu, to swine flu, Ebola, Zika and today SARS-CoV-2.

Who has the strength to rebut these fairy tales every year? We won't survive that many lockdowns!

All of this is just banter, it doesn't get anywhere. What do we do if we are not fortunate enough to be haunted by a mild winter, as was the case this year, but by a violent winter, which basically results in more dead and genuinely sick people? Then who will believe us with statistics?

They will then no longer help; more people actually die than the year before. All this effort would not be necessary if all the scientists and doctors who have already actively seen through the myth of a dangerous corona virus join forces and work with Dr. Stefan Lanka carry out these controlled experiments. In contrast to all the hard-earned facts that we have gathered together over the last 8 months, the controlled experiments are done on the fly and can be carried out very quickly. Real science can be that simple.

Why do Bhakdi and Co. not carry out the necessary controlled experiments, which are carried out by Dr. Stefan Lanka, and why aren't they required?

So these virologists do not refute themselves, they consistently disregard two rules prescribed in science.

  1. One is to rigorously check all claims yourself. 
  2. The other is to test all the assumptions and methods used by means of controlled experiments. 

If you were to carry out the controlled experiments, you would find that ALL of the short gene sequences, which you only mentally link to a virus genome, come from the human metabolism and not from outside, NOT from an alleged virus!

On June 13th, 2020, Dr. Stefan Lanka called on all biochemists, bioinformaticians, virologists and cell culture specialists to carry out these controlled experiments, to publish them, and then to inform him [Dr. Stefan Lanka] about the results. He designed a controlled experiment in which the excuse that the sample material used had been contaminated with the SARS Cov-2 virus before or during the controlled experiment is excluded from the outset.


Why did Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Karin Mölling, Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer, Dr. Wodarg, Prof. Drosten, RKI head Prof. Wieler, and all the others not carry out these SAME controlled experiments to date or contact Dr. Lanka with their report? At the RKI, the answer is clear to me, I have the evidence from an e-mail that this institute does not care about facts. That would be reason enough to close this facility - I will publish an article on this correspondence. However, I consider the first four scientists mentioned to be honest people.

It was Dr. Stefan Lanka who was the first to explain in detail that Drosten's PCR test was not based on any clinical data!

After the Querdenker 711 demo by Dr. Some names were read out to Heiko Schöning [four in number], which confirmed that the PCR test of the Berlin Charité and Drosten was not based on clinical data, since there were no sequences for it yet, I missed the name that would explain the whole thing in detail to experts disclosed.

It was Dr. Stefan Lanka who then showed down to the smallest detail that Prof. Drosten had committed scientific fraud and the WHO played this game. Shouldn't honor also be given to those who have worked for over 30 years to ensure that the truth comes out?

Dr. Stefan Lanka had the measles virus trial [Teil 1 | Teil 2] (Part 1 & Part 2) and could show with sound facts that there is no scientific proof for the measles virus, but showed that no scientific proof can be presented for any of the alleged disease-causing viruses. I ask the organizers of lateral thinking, the enlightenment doctors and those involved in the two corona committees, who are doing a good job, to finally end the conversation with Dr. Stefan Lanka. I have tried to mediate several times and I am always ready to do so. Anyone can contact me about this. I want to mention again that Dr. Stefan Lanka reported Prof. Christian Drosten and that he is a fraud, along with the other experts who also confirmed Drosten's unscientific approach. 

The required controlled experiments have already been carried out in the past and confirmed the false assumption of the alleged disease-causing viruses.

Dr. Lanka has already had such controlled experiments carried out on the measles virus and presented them to the court. Long before Dr. Stefan Lanka, these necessary controlled experiments were also carried out and came to the same result.

A virus is not responsible for this.

I quote here from one of the laboratory analysis. The report is on the cytopathic effect refutes the alleged specific infectivity of the measles virus.

The cytopathic effect in monkey kidney cells is not specific for measles virus. Author: Head of an independent laboratory in Germany  

Result of the laboratory:

"Depending on the non-viral and non-infectious substances added, changes in the cell morphology could be observed at different times, which since 1954 has been equated with the" isolation "of the" measles virus ". Especially after the addition of high concentrations of Penicillin / streptomycin (20%) or cultivation under deficient conditions (1% FCS), changes in cell morphology were found that were microscopically identical to the syncytia formation described by the measles virus (Table 1: chemicals, solutions and cell culture media used below).

The studies have clearly shown that syncytia formation is not specific to a measles infection. Thus, the forgotten observations by both Enders & Peebles and Bech & von Magnus were confirmed and the assumption that Enders & Peebles and their successors had proven the existence of a virus with this technique was refuted. "

Chemicals | Manufacturer & Reference #’s:

The end of virology is just a single control experiment away

The mother of all publications on the measles virus by John Franklin Enders and Peebles never claimed that they could detect a measles virus, they had strong doubts and wrote this down so clearly in their publication. You can read about this in my article.

Also in the publication by Bech, V. & von Magnus, P. (1958) Studies on measles virus in monkey kidney tissue cultures. Acta Pathologica Microbiologica Scandinavica 42 (1): 75-85 describes that the cytopathic effect is not measles-specific, but is caused by other factors.

So it says in the publication on page 80:

"Cytopathic changes similar to those caused by measles virus may also be observed in uninoculated cultures of monkey kidney tissue (Fig. 4-5). These changes are probably caused by virus-like agents, so called 'foamy agents', which seem to be frequently present in kidney cells from apparently healthy monkeys "

This sentence is remarkable, since it points to the lack of specificity of the pathological changes that served as the starting point for the optical evidence of an infection in the first publication by Enders & Peebles.

Prof. Karlheinz Lüdtke, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Early History of Virology, special edition 125, 89 pages, 1999. i. K. (A 2) pre-print 1999.

This reading is so important because it shows how important controlled experiments are in realizing that you were wrong. It shows that until 1953 it was clear and known to every virologist and the scientific community that all components that had been interpreted as components of viruses up to that point had turned out to be components of dead tissues and cells through controlled tests. That is why it is so important to insist again and again on the lack of controlled experiments in the published publications.

Further information and the experimental setup can be found in - Source: Wissenschaffplus magazine 2017 4th edition

"The tissues and cells that are used to 'detect and multiply the viruses' are pre-treated in a very special way before the act of alleged 'infection.' 80% of their nutrients are removed so that they are hungry. They are treated with antibiotics in order to rule out that bacteria, which are always and everywhere in all tissues and sera, causing the expected death of the cells. It was not until 1972 that biochemistry recognized that they were using Antibiotics that damage and kill cells on their own without this being noticed and taken into account by virologists. It is precisely the factors 'starvation' and 'poisoning' that lead to the visible death of the cells, which are presumed to be the presence, isolation, effect and reproduction of a Virus, which has been and is being misinterpreted."

Which scientific publication or publications does the state government refer to when it assumes the existence of the corona virus SARS-Cov-2 and derives the "Corona" measures taken from it?

In all publications that Prof. Christian Drosten refers to when designing his PCR test, only the steps in how nucleic acids from patient fluids are computationally aligned (alignment) to form a viral DNA strand appear.

And there are no controlled experiments that rule out the fact that the nucleic acids of patients are not completely normal from which the genome of the alleged virus is calculated.

The fact that the decisive controlled tests are missing in all publications on the "isolation" of SARS-CoV-2 makes it impossible to classify these publications as scientific. Since the publication of the international scientific rules by the DFG in 1998, controlled experiment tests have been indispensable for a publication to be considered scientific.

My question aims, among other things, on whether the corona measures taken by the government can be legally justified at all, because the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) on which the measures are based, it requires that all parties involved be scientifically based on the current state of science and technology.

This is the question that all scientists and honest educators should ask. The linchpin to stop this planemy is to adhere to the scientific rules that are required by the DFG 1998. This also includes performing the necessary controlled experiments. All scientists who evade this may not be called scientists, they disregard scientific rules and guidelines, which are mandatory for everyone!

What do we have to do together?

We have to work together to ensure that the honest scientists jump over their shadows and, together with Dr. Stefan Lanka, get in contact to carry out these controlled experiments and to publish them together.

Please help convey this information to the necessary people. All costs of setting up the controlled experiments are taken care of, so this cannot be an excuse.

If those responsible refuse to carry out these controlled experiments, they warn that they are acting against the scientific rules and thus contradicting their own specifications. Should they nevertheless remain silent, name the publication in which the scientific rules were observed, including the controlled experiments that correctly detect a virus. These can be sent to me as well.

Make it clear to them that they will not lose face, but will emerge as honorable scientists, and explain to any scientist willing to stand up that these controlled experiments are small things that have a huge impact.

At the very least, do it for our children!

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