Herbs & Plants: Our Real Medicine

Resources from Netti (aka Happy Daisy) 

From our Community Call December 2020

In our December 2020 call, alongside helping each other and supporting our efforts both globally and locally (as is the plan for every call each month), we also focused on healing aspects of nature and plants (herbs, etc.).

Below are the resources talked about and that Netti, admin of our group, found for us as she was our featured sharer of info for the call! See below and join the telegram chat for questions!


www.mushroomhuntress.com/trees-and-fungi-their-secret-partnership/  - this is about the fungus-plant-connection we spoke about in the call.

Here some familiar herbs/plants and supplements:

Recommended supplements are:

  • Turmeric/Piperine: Black pepper triples the effect of turmeric, so if you get Turmeric capsules make sure they are combined with piperine
  • Omega3
  • Milk thistle capsules - liver detoxing 

There are a lot of other supplements, which would depend on an individual's needs. Overall, research more about alkaline foods/vegetables and try to balance your diet with more greens as these are all in full support of our overall health and well-being.


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