Tapping Into the Greater Intelligence

Seeking truth and connecting to our Higher Self, guides, the Divine Connection or Source...these are the ways that we can anchor ourselves in knowing.

I am an intuitive (precognitive clairvoyance through reading energy [empath] and seeing what's to come in dreams) and have been since I can remember. By the way, it's important to note that I know that we ALL have psychic gifts, but most repress the gifts, or don't know they are there because we've been forced to believe that it's not possible, and/or people just don't talk about them. But, one day soon, all of that will be flipped on its head and it will be commonplace to talk about these magical gifts humans have always had, and I look forward to that very soon!

I have so many examples throughout my life that have left me speechless, so it is with gratitude that I now share this more openly than ever before.

About mid-way through 2020 I had a very intense series of dreams for a week. For anyone that knows me, I am NOT political and haven't voted since 2008, but I did in this last election because I knew that it wasn't an election about two stupid party systems. It was actually an election about light and dark, and Donald Trump is on the side of the light.

These dreams were intense and in them I sat and talked to Donald Trump, heart to heart. He showed me his soul and I saw that he was pure. All of the HORRID lies and picture that mainstream media and the cabal has painted of him for the past 4 years left me heartbroken. And, by the way, I sadly was caught in those web of lies myself and thought him to be nothing more than another white man with a rich daddy.

Boy was I wrong in so many ways!

In these dreams, it showed me his heart and they showed me that he is backed by a POWERFUL FORCE. A great group of beings coming together to finally stamp out the darkness. (There's an upcoming article I have that I am writing on that so stay tuned there.)

The dreams also showed me what's to come as to the way that this world will be ran and it was shown to me via an image. I saw this HUGE open room, a huge council of men and women (NOT politicians but actual people that represent the GOOD OF ALL) and everyone was gathering in a round sphere-like room. It was a council of REAL humans sitting next to extraterrestrials from other planets and galactic systems. I saw the Galactic Federation coming together with Earthlings formally.


I saw the NEW WAY that this NEW EARTH will be led. It will be guided in a way that we've never seen before, as a TRUE REPUBLIC. I had to research what that even meant because we on Earth have NO IDEA what that is. We have never seen what actual DEMOCRACY looks like.

SOURCE: Brittanica 

A Republic is form of government in which a state is ruled by representatives of the citizen body. Modern republics are founded on the idea that sovereignty rests with the people. In republics, the country is considered a "public matter", not the private concern or property of the rulers. The primary positions of power within a republic are attained through democracy.

These dreams were POWERFUL. After that week, I knew the Truth and have stood in this; however, I have also wavered or buckled in the knees at times. But, overall I know what we're heading for, and everything else has reinforced this continuously.

I share this because last week on January 20, 2021 we all got slapped in the face. I know that for all of us that truly KNOW what's going on, we were totally thrown off kilter. We wanted the Truth to win right in front of our eyes for all to see, massive arrests, etc. and the Earth to basically swallow the evil up and boom, it's done!

Yes, me included. I wanted nothing more than to see mainstream media snag it all on camera and then we could just move on already because we are all TIRED. I had to reset myself as I got lost for about a day and so on the 21st I reset myself outside in nature with a hike in the forest because I felt like I was going to lose it. I came back into knowing by going within and getting into nature with my pup, Waffles. I just hiked and then sat down on a tree log by a creek and as I heard the water pass by, I asked hard questions and received the answers I was seeking.

And then tonight I asked again for guidance, to help me and reassure what I heard in the woods that day is correct. During these times of great uncertainty it's the hardest roller coaster ride ever, and I've been on some doozies! I know that we all feel this way...

I went to my tarot cards and here are the questions I asked and the answers received.

HOW DOES THIS RESONATE WITH YOU?! That's the question to ask as you read this.

  1. I first ran this through my Psychic Tarot oracle deck and asked: 
  2. Is the information I am receiving that Trump and The Alliance REALLY are in control real and actual Truth and what is this outcome going to look like?


  1. I did another reading with my Sacred Rebels card deck and asked: 

Are the dreams and intel I am receiving through my dreams TRUTH?

The answers are below.

The one on the left is the answer to #2 above. The one on the right is the answer to #1 above.

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What these answers mean:

The card on the RIGHT above that says TRIUMPH answers this question: Is the information I am receiving that Trump and The Alliance REALLY are in control real and actual Truth and what is this outcome going to look like?

TRIUMPH: In this oracle deck, this Triumph card is a Major Arcana card. What it means is that Truth will Triumph. The power of souls are pushing us steadily forward. When tapping into the inner guidance and balance with self-control, hard work, and perseverance, the manifestation is a triumphant outcome. 

NOW is the time to grab the oars, grip them tightly, and steer carefully toward the highest aim or destination. The Triumph Card reminds us that we are not alone with all of the ups and downs that we face right now. This is the time to tap into the powerful knowledge of others, as well as to use the inner resources that are within you. 

The outcome is TRIUMPHANT. (Also notice that TRIUMPH is close to another word....)

The card on the LEFT above that says DREAM A BEAUTIFUL DREAM answers this question: Are the dreams and intel I am receiving through my dreams TRUTH?

DREAM A BEAUTIFUL DREAM: The urge to create is the same within you as it is for the universal creator. It also has the same magical ability to draw harmony into being and to find beautiful order in chaos. Time that you spend dreaming of beauty and allowing it to be born through you in various heart-centered ways is worthwhile. Don't disregard the dreams or discount them. The most beautiful dreams can inspire the practical, hardworking dedication required to bring them to life for the betterment of the world. 

This oracle comes with a particular message for you. This situation where you feel uncertain and lack the inspiration to be able to imagine it differently than how it currently seems to be, the perfect beauty of this situation is not revealed by what you attempt to do it, or through trying to impose the right 'dream' upon it. 

We need to accept the existence of inner harmony in all of creation, even if it cannot be consciously observed. By expecting there to be beauty within a situation, even if it is hidden, we will be more open to seeing the potential, even in our challenges. 

Don't attempt to force the situation or issue into the "right" shape. Instead ask it to show its beauty to you. 

Bottom line is to know that while it doesn't LOOK like the light side is winning, it is. The dreams are real, the intel should not be discounted. We do not see what is hidden, but in its right time, all will be revealed. We need to stop being so impatient and let the cards fall... Trust the dreams, trust the intel that resonates with your soul.

Article by Natalie V.