Anchoring in High Love Magick: Seeing Beyond Low Magick Workings (Part 2 of 2)

By Natalie Viglione

Welcome back to Part 2 of our exploration into the spiritual power and significance of the upcoming April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse. In our previous video, we delved into the deep spiritual meanings behind this celestial event, but there is still so much more to uncover.

As we approach the Solar Eclipse, it becomes increasingly important to understand the different timelines at play, and to PROTECT energies.

In this video, we will delve into the plans of the negative faction, and how their agenda ties into the energies and the Higher aspects of the Blue Dragon Tiamat, and SO MUCH MORE.

Light is ten thousand times stronger... let us be reminded of this truth.

Through exploring these timelines, we will uncover the through-point of this crucial time and how it is all interconnected with the magnificent energies of the Blue Dragon Tiamat. Join me as we unravel the mysteries and power behind these timelines and the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion that will expand your understanding of the cosmic forces at play. Stay tuned for more insights and revelations in this captivating journey towards the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse.



As the April 8th date comes closer, and after my video just released (Part 1 to this Part 2), there’s more that I’d like to share. There was more and more and it just couldn’t fit into ONE video without it being way too long.

Let’s meander into the timelines that the negative faction, as I say, the vile ones’ plan a bit more, and then let’s look at the power of the variations of timelines coming into play, the “through-point” of this time, and the oh-so-magnificent energies that are circling around and empowering of the Blue Dragon Tiamat.

Imagine if you will, stepping into the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

Now, in direct opposition of that, I’d like you to imagine if you will, stepping into the energy of a being that does NOT want to be a part of Creation any longer. This being would rather create a death-system to live within lowest of low frequencies. WITHOUT love. WithOUT the Divine Light. WithOUT consciousness. Is this by choice? Yes, there is choice there with a resounding YES. Choosing to end Natural Laws like freewill. We see that every day here in our realm, don’t we? Conquering with continuous and endless enslavement. There is NO freewill and there is NO Natural and Universal Law.

WHEW. Those energies and visions are very different, aren’t they? That is BEYOND duality. That is NOT Oneness. The natural laws are Oneness, where even the duality is in one – that is the yin and yang symbology to its core.

However, the second vision is something ELSE altogether, isn’t it? That is CRUELTY and ending Living Creation with a desire to end consciousness.

When we get this, we get that there are entities that choose to consistently NOT work within the rules. They’ve created their own game and want to create their own structure of all things – they seek to REPLACE the Divine with their inversion of it.

Let me share an example with you.

Yuval Noah Harari, an entity involved with the World Economic Forum wrote in a so-called “essay” called Our Nonconscious Future. I don’t really think we need to read much more for that says it all, doesn’t it? A picture of this entity.

broken image

A part of this essay goes like this: “This will be not just the greatest revolution in history but the greatest revolution in biology since the appearance of life on Earth. For four billion years life was governed by the laws of natural selection. During all these eons, whether you were a virus or a dinosaur, you evolved according to the principles of natural selection. In addition, no matter what strange and bizarre shapes life took, it remained confined to the organic realm. Whether a cactus or a whale, you were made of organic compounds and you remained subject to the laws of organic chemistry. In the next two centuries, however, science could be ushering in the era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds—but our intelligent design and the intelligent design of our cloud computing.”

~ The essay was originally published in 2018.


Did you catch this part? For billions of years life WAS governed by NATURAL LAWS, which is essentially what he is saying. And then the word WAS. Isn’t that an INTRIGUING word to use? What does he mean WAS?


Well, I know what that means. It’s the ORGANIC MAGICK I speak of every day.


Then he says, “...confined to the ORGANIC realm.” Catch that? ORGANIC and confinement.


Subject to “laws of organic” and “ushering in INorganic life” and then there’s the uber icky part, “Not the intelligent life of some god above the clouds but OUR intelligent design and the design of cloud computing,” who is this OUR exactly? Oh, do go on, Noah!

Wait. Nevermind. We already know.


There are clips of him giving a talk about this “essay” (I say it’s a manifestation tool of the low magick) and he adds some other things in it for extra emphasis. ANGRY emphasis at that. You’ll have to go research it if you haven’t already as you’ll be taken down some rabbit holes of which are important ones to know.


This is what the VILE ones look like in form. You’ll notice a theme to the look, too. That’s a part of that rabbit hole, by the way.


As you can see, it’s INORGANIC. It’s AGAINST natural and universal laws of the Living Creation Organic and Origin making. It’s a creation TO THEIR OWN THING, NOT WITHIN UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, but totally and completely outside of all things. Certainly, without Cosmic Mother and the Mother Arc energies... and THIS is just a tiny example as well.

Now, with this, I feel we can move into the parts around this eclipse.


Many of you may have seen this. NASA is firing so-called ‘rockets’ at the time of the eclipse. And it’s a Serpent Deity (OH NO not a serpent as in Divine Feminine either). Friends, the so-called “space agency” and this project is called: Atmospheric Perturbations Around The Eclipse Path.


From this mainstream BS it says, “It will investigate how that drop in sunlight and temperature affects Earth’s upper atmosphere. APEP is named after the serpent deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, nemesis of the sun deity Ra, according to NASA.

NASA’s suborbital rockets won’t launch into totality. Instead, they’ll go from Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Virginia, from where 81% of the sun will be blocked by the moon. That moment will happen at 15:33 EST.”

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Oh, isn’t that intriguing. 3:33. 333. Hmm... 333. See how these tools can be used for LOW and VILE magick just as much as HIGH and LOVE magick?

This is why we don’t have to make things up because it writes itself.

Oh, but this isn’t the first time. There were 3 rockets launched on Oct. 14th 2023 – they launched what they call Black Brant sounding rockets from White Sands Missile Range, NM to “study the ionosphere” before, during, and after the peak eclipse.

In the video just released which is the Part 1 to this video, I mentioned that since the 2017 solar eclipse, there has been tons of emissions from the Sun that has been interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere where ionization caused by incoming solar radiation affects the transmission of radio waves, we call it the ionosphere, and so what this is doing is changing the magnetic fields. I have received connecting insights from my Divine Team that this is known as the Great Purifier – and this is something I’ll have to talk in depth about another time – but it has been rapidly changing the magnetic field and this is why there is so much shifting.

The Sirius System is sending in massive communications and this is all about connecting back into Original Suns or we can say the Twin Suns. This is why you seen a very intense Sun going on in the Sky, or we could say it’s more like a Solar Initiation. What this is doing is increasing and quickening our total galactic evolution, thereby HEAVILY affecting humans and all Living Beings here. Don’t forget the animals! These loves need our help too! We cannot forget about them for we are all here to assist each other. Animals help us, and we help them. Plants help us, we help them. This is the Divine Order of the Law of One taking its place once again in our realm and just a couple of examples.

It’s important to know this.

An eclipse creates waves in the ionosphere like an ocean. NASA says that their “’scientists’ want to understand how the ionosphere responds to all these disturbance activities because all satellite communications go through the ionosphere before they reach Earth.”

Sure. Right. That’s it. Sometimes this stuff is hard to fathom, isn’t it?

So, this APEP program. They say it stands for Atmospheric Perturbations around Eclipse Path ... oh, but wait just one minute. Couldn’t they just have called it instead? Then it’d be MOSEAP. I like that. It's fun. Marketing for t he so-called “space company” could surely get behind that, right? BUT NOOOOOO, it’s called APEP.

OK, so let’s dive into that more.

Taking many resources into context, in summary, Apep (and there are other varying names for this) but this entity is the archenemy of the Egyptian solar god, Ra. Now, Ra is an error and misinterpretation; it’s really a representative of something else. Apep appears in the form of a giant, demonic snake or crocodile and is primordial and symbolized evil – another name is Apopis and so it’s is an ancient demon of chaos as it was known in Egypt.

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We have symbology of struggle. Throughout Egyptian HIStory (NOT OURSTORY), the pharaohs were agents of the sun in dispelling the chaos of the uncivilized entities who were always attempting to invade their lands. In many ways, those uncivilized entities were agents of Apep, destroying the order of things. So, the Solar gods or goddesses (solar feminine and masculine Sacred Energies) were typically seen as those against Apep and the instruments of Apep.


Now the lineage of Ra isn’t about a god named Ra. That’s an incorrect way of looking at this all. The lineage of Ra is actually a consciousness of the Sun Beings and we could also see this as The Law of One lineage. Unity Consciousness in many ways. The powerful connection is, as I mentioned in part 1 to this part 2, is that the REconnection to the twin or partner Sun is happening. This is within the, as far as I see or receive seeing on this, is within Lyra-Sirius. This is all about GUARDIAN CONSCIOUSNESS and I speak of this in many places in my workings.
For, at one time, our world had two Suns, and the reason for this is because all 3rd density experiences have two. However, one had to be taken out so that the Divine Beings of Guardians around this specific trinity experience could try to hide the realm with hopes that the pirates of vile ones would NOT come and try to conquer this realm. And this worked for some time—a VERY long time. In fact, I see that when I say Original Creation Magick I am tapping into that PRIMORDIAL essence and “time” (even though this is an Eternal Now at the highest level of GodSource. But there were other elements being destroyed at that time and why this massive hope to hide and protect this trinity experience was so vital... so essential. I remember aspects of this all in foggy ways.

But then our trinity experience was discovered, sadly. For, then the biggest strategy to end this ongoing battle took place. This is the Army of Light that we are NOW.


The importance of this time is that our healing and the healing of our world is connected into the genetic ability to heal all things, meaning we are truly MENDING the rip or the tear in the fabric of All of Creation. This is the rip that happened around this that I speak of... of the finding and the hijacking here. So, we must mend this and we mend this through the means of empowering ourselves to heal and to activate in our unique ways. Yes, humanity and all that is here is THAT powerful.


The issue here that we’re continuing to deal with is that these entities saw that humanity was being “favored” and then a war was waged, essentially. Do you hear that in the words spoken earlier from that so-called essay of that entity they call Noah?

We are returning to Source and this is what we see playing out before us... this is what NASA is trying to read or view into. By the way, it’s not for our highest good. Whatever these “rockets” as they call them hold, we know that it has NOTHING TO DO with what they say it has to do with. It would be naive and IGNORant to think otherwise.


Do you see now why this is so much bigger as to what they’re actually doing and the symbology behind it all?


Now, on the other side of the spectrum, we have some more beauty to talk about, yet it’s insane how this has been talked about and the variations!


There is also the horned comet seen in March and noted it will make an appearance during the total solar eclipse on April 8th. So this is called Mother of Dragons OR the devil comet. It’s a comet that comes around every 71 years. Mother of Dragons is another name for 2P/Pons-Brooks comet... It was changed to be called Mother of Dragons by European Space Agency because as they say “but we have chosen instead a pop-culture reference that draws on its role as the probable parent body of the ‘kappa-Draconids’, a small annual meteor shower that is active around 29 November to 13 December.”


Oh, thank you ESA. You’ve made it so clear.

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OK, we don’t need them to spell things out.


Here’s what I know:


As I’ve said for months now and have talked about for a while... Tiamat is taking Her place as the Cosmic Mother of Dragons. There is NO denying this all connects into this grandiose going on that is being even further brought into this upcoming Celestial Event... the power of the Dragon energy and especially that of Tiamat is nothing that can be stopped. This again as I’ve mentioned is the Mother Arc taking A HUGE LEAP and what this does for US ALL is beyond words. It’s something that you feel... power. Beyond powerful.


The reason I am so connected to Tiamat is that the Celtic Goddess lineages, of which one of my Higher Selves construct is Brighid, and this is the original grail line of the Mother of Dragons, and in my trip to the Albion as I discussed in part 1, I was able to fully step into this consciousness of the Mother of Dragons to feel the power of all to come via a Dragon Egg in Avebury Henge. I have pictures and such of this of which I will share in a Sacred Dragon Series that will come... there’s so much that it’s taking me a lot of time to integrate all of this.


And to honor the Dragon Energies that are reclaiming their place in the Four Realms, PLEASE JOIN IN with us! My partner/husband, Mark, and I are going to be launching a streamed event on Monday. I would love to journey with you in a shield of protection, an empowerment with Tiamat, and my husband will lead us in a Dragon Qigong session – the goal of this is to COUNTERACT and serve as a HIGH LOVE MAGICK container in and around this eclipse! It will be on Monday, April 8th at 3:00pm EST. If you can’t catch it at the time, feel free to rewatch it afterwards for the energy of it all can be used anytime.


I hope that these insights I’ve provided helps you to awaken more of your Unique and Divine Magick and helps us together remember Original Creation Magick and see through the lies. Subscribe to get more videos that hold the intention to illuminate the path for indigos, starseeds, and all humans here with Sacred Missions that serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Thank you for watching and hope to see you in our livestream upcoming and perhaps in the Wheel of the Year workshops as well, or anything else we’ve got going on!