The Spiritual Meanings Beyond the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse (Part 1 of 2)

By Natalie Viglione

Eclipses have long been seen as powerful portals for transformation and growth, and understanding the spiritual meaning behind them can provide valuable insights into our own personal journeys. There's MORE to it than meets the eye.


Regardless of the manufactured low magick, there is something BEYOND it. More to tap into. It's not about an inorganic moon. It's not being hoodwinked into thinking that we can't tap into something beyond this event and into something MUCH HIGHER and Galactic, and Cosmic.


Join us as we delve into the symbolism and significance of this celestial event (seeing the truth behind it) and discover how it may impact your life on a deeper level if we allow ourselves to tap into a Higher Knowing. It's a reminder of something MORE and we can use the times to honor that...


In this video (part 1 of 2), let's explore the spiritual significance of the upcoming April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you and your connection into the Organic Celestial Energies.



There’s a solar eclipse upcoming on April 8, 2024 which many already know, and so we have a powerful 8th day in an 8 year (2024), and of course there are deeper spiritual insights to glean from this Cosmic event and in this video we’ll discuss the important themes to be aware of, the deeper spiritual wisdom we must know as to what I’ve received from within my Divine Team, and something that I’ll be creating for that day – more to come on that at the end of this video. For those of us that are serving the Primordial Light and Divine Organic Origin of All That Is, this is our time to bring the High Love Magick to its critical mass whilst protecting your energy.

I am going to open this up with this statement that I know many of you here already know, but it’s a great reminder for us all. There are many who read things and take every word, especially manipulated texts that were purposefully changed to bend to the will of the negative ones who created this so-called ‘patriarchal’ system. I say this a lot in my work that the truth is that it's a system that is to enslave, capture Living Light Energy [some have heard the word ‘loosh’], and desire to eradicate all aspects of Sophia and the Cosmic Mother, which thereby means this faction’s desire is really about the eradication of the female gender in physical form. So, most all religious texts that are available in the mainstream – even the likes of the Nag Hammadi Library or the lost texts like the Book of Enoch– these types of texts have been heavily manipulated either before they’re “found” or after they’re found. At the time of most writings, the hijacking of this realm had been well underway and all female mystics were wiped out from OurStory (vs HIS-story or HER-story... I like to call this OURStory for that is what we are creating once again!).

For example, the Nag Hammadi texts were translated 100s if not 1000s of times by these “academic scholars” and if you do some research you’ll find that most of them don’t even get “spirituality” so how could they translate something they can’t even innerstand? These same scholars, for the most part (I can’t say ALL but I can say MOST) have taught or even continue to tie into the dogmatic untruths and are part of the collegiate systems that have kept humanity weak and have taken our power away.

We must realize these things, but also held we can know this. There is within ancient texts hidden codes and hidden energy signatures that can be lifted from there. You can see threads of truths and these items can be picked out and lifted from the other aspects that are nonsense. It’s a lot of work and takes tons of discernment, but that’s the practice to remove essences of wisdom from the fictionalized bullshit that’s continuously used to promote the vile ones and their many thousands of years of propaganda.

Why is that so? It's easier to manipulate, control and cause the primordial fear to always be rising within people by creating spiritual oppression and that oppression impacts not just human beings, but that oppression also heavily impacts the animals, plants, and all of Living Creation that surrounds us because this always impact the Living Light Planetary Being that we call Earth, or of course we also call Gaia or Pachamama, etc.

Much of the vile ones – and this again is the otherwordly ones that hijacked this Living Light Library that I consistently refer to - their agenda includes blocking the powerful True Dragon Consciousness, and other interior or what we call “middle” planetary energies, from rising. Currently, these factions are trying to MORE HEAVILY THAN EVER subdue them to try and control the Dragon Lines (which many still call ‘ley lines’) and they’re trying to stop the powers from rising within Dragon Nodes. Now, I’ve been told by my Divine Team of energies which include the Merlin Lineage and the true Michael lineage that these are are actually known as Sacred Towers and they have much powerful consciousness and other rising energies that are vortexing from them. So the Sacred Towers are the powerful Dragon Nodes. This hijacking faction is trying to squash this more and more trying to prevent the Guardian Founder Races from accessing our Planetary Realm and taking their seats back where they once were.

Much has already been accomplished, but there is MUCH more that must be done.

The vile ones can TRY all they want, of course, yet they can’t stop all of this High and Divine-Love Magick from rising. Awakening Magick is exactly how I see and feel ALL of this. However, we must be fully aware of what the faction is doing, what they will try especially around this upcoming eclipse, and what further lies and manipulations they’re still trying to shove down humanity’s throats.

It’s important as noted earlier to know that the religious texts have been distorted as a foundational layer for we must weave back innerstanding as to HOW to see into hidden truths within them and connecting dots that don’t exist within them and utilize the memories we hold in our own akashic records, that is, our DNA.

Our memories serve as better truths when we are receiving this wisdom from our Higher Soul Streams, and then we can mix the memories with the common threads we can glean through ancient wisdom that has been written down and shared. Not ALL things written are incorrect, and thankfully, the sharing of truths has only been accelerated by the digital landscape, but that comes with a caveat that we must use our discernment. Truth is something we FEEL within our bodies and our Soul Beings. Humans are meant to FEEL truth and that is when our Soul knows and that’s the essence that we can trust. We use our Soul Constructs as the True Cosmic Detectives.

The insidious factions and their man-made violent religions and the new age hijackers have constantly pushed humans into this ongoing game. This has been a HUGE strategic initiative designed with the intent to generate what the Merlin Lineage and the True Michael Sacred Energies told me is a powerful weapon, and that is called Primordial Fear. I was told this on the auspicious day of Oct. 27, 2023 when I absorbed a Dragon Egg from Taimat within my subtle bodies, and received messages from the True Merlin-Michael Lineage (or MerLion Lineage) and Cosmic Mother of Dragons, Tiamat, at Avebury Henge and the correlating and connected Dragon Node which was named Silbury Hill.

These primordial fear tactics are CONSTANTLY used and this is a their form of spiritual warfare driving fake armageddon scenarios into the minds of humanity with hopes to have humanity manifest their desires of the fake apocalyptical visions. You see this consistently represented in their low magick via movies, but you also hear disconnected so called “truthers” passing this nonsense off as well because they lack that intuitive cord that directly connects to GodSource and the True Holy Trinity Sources of Consciousness. The hijackers of our realm use primordial fear as a tactic in their game to get YOU to manifest their horrid desires FOR THEM. See how they do this? They get those that they enslaved to their work! If you look at HIS-story we see this story play over and over and over – it's a broken record.

We are throwing that damn record away! We are ending this nonsense ONCE and FOR ALL, but fellow Soul Tribes, it will take time and that’s the other side to this as well. Hence why those of us who came here with Sacred Missions during this shift are known as the Pioneers of the New Earth. I say “New Earth” for lack of a better term right now, but we could also say it’s the Return of the Primordial Earth That Once Was. It’s a bit longer but far more representative of the truth.

My message for this time right now is about psychic protection. Having awareness of this and the importance of psychic protection and cleansing of our energies is IMPERATIVE. We’ll go over this further towards the end and I know many, many spiritual people DO NOT like to admit this, but this Planetary Being is in a battle for its Living Creations – the “living creations” are you, me, the birds, the bees, the animals, plants, etc.

And, many spiritual beings throughout what we call time have said “life is suffering” -- now this statement is not supposed to be true, but it is true and has been for some time because of the hijacking! So, life right now as you can tell in this dimension (but also the “future” aspects of this planetary being) is about an ancient battle. This isn’t just in what we call the physical, but it’s also energetic. This is why the Druids were wiped out – because WE WERE THE ENLIGHTENED SPIRITUAL WARRIORS that were sharing this truth and helping souls to break free from the faction that comes in and takes over worlds. We prepped for this time. We're here right now and will be in bigger numbers than every before. I say the Army of Light and I know that’s what we are. So, I am sharing this for all to hear right now over and over so that it sinks in and waves and ripples of this truth can be carried outward.

I know there are naysayers and that’s fine. I am speaking to those with words to hear and eyes to see.

Many of us who KNOW of the Higher Octave Way are finding ourselves longing to be released from the trifurcation or what some call the bifurcation experience, leave this sheer madness, and more than likely, many of you like me have these strong feelings of just wanting to go home. Home to the places we know we are from that are free from these vile beings inasmuch as there are realms untouched by these vile ones. We know that the negative hijacking faction built a total death system of enslavement and we know that this is NOT TRUTH and it is not what was meant to be. We know that there are mistakes even in the God or Creator Worlds and this extreme out of control situation that we see is part of that rip in the fabric of Organic Creation.

But, fear not Soul Friends, for all of us serving as Guardians, and also indigos or the starseeds from other realms -- or all of the above --- we are here for this very reason to spread wisdom that can help and assist. We hold the frequencies knowing that we can RISE and we can all rise in the knowing that we are here to help take action to build the world anew. In this RENEWAL essence, we can frame ourselves and wrap ourselves around this hope, having the deep inner knowing of what is THE truth, not just a truth, but THE truth. We already know what higher octave experiences are for we were there, and ending this spiritual battle for consciousness once and FOR ALL of Living Creation.

The message for this time right now is that WE MUST PROTECT OUR ENERGIES! I was shown that my message for all to know around this eclipse is it’s time to PROTECT yourself. Spiritual Krav Maga is what I have decided to call it. To do so, I can offer options and ways to do this, but your own Beingness must integrate protection information without feeling overwhelmed and do what makes you feel comfortable but also stretching beyond programming you’ve received from stupid movies that tell you a pentagram is evil -- learn to feel into what’s best FOR YOU. The more knowledge that we have is exactly how we take back the power and deprogram from the many lies and manipulations that fill this realm.

I personally call these psychic greetings vs psychic attacks because in the decades-old Law of One channelings from the LL Research group, this was emphasized as a way to see these happenings as greetings vs attacks and that resonated with me on every level. It’s a “greeting” because this negative and vile lowest of low frequencies come to greet us trying to dig into weak spots in our psyches (subconscious levels) so we must see the greeting, and then get move it out of our way and we can do that without hate, which is another layer or wisdom to foster. And I should tell you that it took me some time to be able to do that because like all spiritual things, we MUST practice. It has done me VERY well to see things in different light. I actually go over that in my video I created 👇

Let’s talk Solar Eclipses. The solar eclipse that will make “X marks the spot” areas upon the United States when we correlate the pathway from the 2017 solar eclipse to this April 8, 2024 path, and the October 2023 eclipse. This upcoming April 8th event has both symbolic and spiritual significance. While some view it through the lens of prophecy, which we’ll talk about, the true essence lies in representing the unveiling of wisdom and the chance for individual and collective change. The eclipse acts as a prompt to take BOLD action to build anew. This is quickening the massive changes going on within our Planetary Being AND within us – all of Living Creation is changing WITH Earth-Tara-Gaia. This asks us to further nurture our DEEPEST and most Sacred Awareness for those choosing the Highemr Consciousness Path to move into the next and Higher Positive Service to Others Octave.

The next visible total solar eclipse to cross over the US after this one in April will be in Aug. 23, 2044, and I’ll be 65 for that one – WHAT?!

This total solar eclipse of 2024 impacts all things —everything-- and the vile ones have their plans of which we’ll talk about here a bit as well, and it is absolutely a significant turning point and will be a forced and unexpected opportunity for many to begin to take serious action—this is a call to the indigos, starseeds, the Cosmic Wanderers, to ensure you ignite your magick! This is about the amplification of harmony of the Sacred Energies, and so much more.

I’d like to share some interesting details that have led up to this upcoming eclipse. If you haven’t watched my video 👇

It has huge aspects connected into this upcoming solar eclipse event and what’s going on within the energetic realms of this Planetary Being that I released Nov. 8, 2023.


There’s another important video to watch as well that I created and released Jan. 3, 2024 👇

Please go watch that if you haven’t yet as it is absolutely connected to the upcoming eclipse this year in 2024 on April 8th.

I was called to go be in the Path of Totality August 21st, 2017 first. My husband and I were there in the Path of Totality for that total solar eclipse and we went to South Carolina in the US. I wrote about the experience the day after we returned, and there are some insights I’d like to share.

Funny to think about because I had to write this article on my Team Gu website because I hadn’t even really began my Awakening Magick through the Disrupt Now Programs and Podcast adventure yet! It was varely getting going... it was that long ago for me which seems crazy. At that time, I had just put up the Disrupt Now website at that time to begin to do it... the it part would evolve greatly up through to today... much evolution!

Here are some insights from that article that I wrote on Aug. 22, 2017:

  1. First things first, being in the Path of Totality is not like ANYTHING you've EVER seen ... But it's not about what you see, it's more about what you FEEL. Your Soul Being becomes one with the Universe. And, seriously, being in the 100% TOTAL solar eclipse viewing range is honestly something you can't put into our language and using these primitive words; it is almost beyond a human's capability of description because it is something you FEEL rather than you speak. 
  2. The feeling that swept over our group is something that you can only feel as well. Tears fell down my husband Mark's face, and my face as well, as we stood in awe. We embraced and just thought ... WOW, AWESOME. I use the word awesome in the truest sense of what that word means, using it the way it's supposed to be used... being in AWE! 
  3. Seeing other planets and stars come out mid-day, the crickets and street lights coming out and turning on, birds disappearing as their chirping ends immediately. You then feel the massiveness of this Universe, and it's a deep, otherworldly, riveting feeling of Primordial Power that sweeps over your entire BEingness. It is the DIVINE. It is the beckoning of your soul's awareness to something so much more grand than anything you can fathom.  
  4. We cried and just stood in awe. I felt at one with All Things, an indescribable peace inside swept over me, chills throughout my entire body, being connected, and innerstanding with 100% certainty that this is why we can stand in awe of Living Creation! It felt like being open and free to tap into the paradigm of consciousness and the huge shift we are in that commenced on Dec. 21, 2012, and now only quickens.  

Please go read that if you get the opportunity to do so as there’s a lot more that I share within that article, but this gives you some insight as to what I felt. It was a huge shift on many levels for many of us from 2016 into that eclipse in 2017, and then things have only quickened beyond our wildest dreams up to this time in 2024.


There are some other powerful eclipse events that I must speak to as well as all of this is deeply and vastly connected.


In a previous short video before I left for Albion (Albion is the areas of what we now call the UK, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, etc.) and I went into the UK region into Sacred Sites.

It’s a short video as I was getting ready for my trip overseas but tells about the gateway that was opened at that time to allow massive Dragon and other energies to rise.


This Oct 14, 2023 and then the post partial lunar eclipse on Oct. 28, 2023 were goal posts. The veils of time were parted, revealing the secrets of the cosmos and the enchantments woven by this particular Ring of Fire eclipse of October 14th, 2023 and then I was beckoned to stand within Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill right between those goal posts on Oct. 27, 2023. The unfurling of mysteries beyond reckoning called me into that opening of the Heart of the World.


I talked about The Ring of Fire on Oct 14th which marked a powerful Choice Point time, and is one half of the energetic “goal posts” that took place between the Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse on Oct. 14th and the partial lunar eclipse on Oct 28th. My Soul Stream asked me to be in Albion during this time as it was imperative to soak in frequencies being brought through Albion, specifically the influential sacred sites on the Michael-Mary Dragon line, of which are Avebury Henge, and the connecting Dragon Node we call Silbury Hill. You can watch more in that video of how I received the map to go there at that auspicious time.

So, if those dates were goal posts, then what this total solar eclipse is here in April it’s the “through point” -- so the way I feel this is that it is THE eye of the needle and this is the time that WE ALL are squeezing through that. It’s a HUGE energetic shift. I am sure many of you have heard that term and so now we can see it and feel it in new light.


You will find this “squeezing” will be reflected around us.


Do you feel that this year so far has been “squeezing” things – for positive or the negative? When I say “negative” I mean aspects that must be alchemized into transformational awareness for great change. Or, perhaps shifting you and asking you to make BOLD moves? Maybe it’s screaming at you to start that Sacred Mission or change your Sacred Mission by going deeper? There will be a lot of this feeling of ‘squeezing’ I feel as we get taken through more great energetic shifts.


Earth-Tara-Gaia is shifting and being squeezed in the same way. The energies from the Inner Realms are shifting and opening and awakening, the Albion Lightbody as I saw it when I stood there on October 27, 2023 rises, and Tiamat is reclaiming Her place as the the Comic Mother of Dragons and this is all being done through the activation of the Four Royal Stars, as well as the star system we call Hydra, but I’ve learned that Hydra is actually called Crom. I learned this from Con Connor at the Celtic Druid Temple in Ireland. These Galactic Shifts are connected to Regulus, which is the dominant star in the Leo constellation.

So, now we feel into the consciousness of the frequencies of Guardians for the Great Lion Race, the Great White Lions, these are one of the Gaurdian Races that are taking their place, so what is happening cosmically is obvoiusly all connected to everything else.


Since that 2017 solar eclipse, there has been tons of emissions from the Sun that has been interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere where ionization caused by incoming solar radiation affects the transmission of radio waves, we call it the ionosphere, and so what this is doing is changing the magnetic fields. I have received connecting insights from my Divine Team that this is known as the Great Purifier – and this is something I’ll have to talk in depth about another time – but it has been rapidly changing the magnetic field and this is why there is so much shifting.


Have you looked up in the skies lately? This has been happening for some time. Sirius System is sending in massive communications and this is all about connecting back into Original Suns or we can say the Twin Suns. This is why you seen a very intense Sun going on in the Sky, or we could say it’s more like a Solar Initiation. What this is doing is increasing and quickening our total galactic evolution, thereby HEAVILY affecting humans and all Living Beings here. Don’t forget the animals! These loves need our help too! We cannot forget about them for we are all here to assist each other. Animals help us, and we help them. Plants help us, we help them. This is the Divine Order of the Law of One taking its place once again in our realm and just a couple of examples.

So, now we feel into the consciousness of the frequencies of Guardians for the Great Lion Race, the Great White Lions, these are one of the Gaurdian Races that are taking their place, so what is happening cosmically is obvoiusly all connected to everything else.


Since that 2017 solar eclipse, there has been tons of emissions from the Sun that has been interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere where ionization caused by incoming solar radiation affects the transmission of radio waves, we call it the ionosphere, and so what this is doing is changing the magnetic fields. I have received connecting insights from my Divine Team that this is known as the Great Purifier – and this is something I’ll have to talk in depth about another time – but it has been rapidly changing the magnetic field and this is why there is so much shifting.


Have you looked up in the skies lately? This has been happening for some time. Sirius System is sending in massive communications and this is all about connecting back into Original Suns or we can say the Twin Suns. This is why you seen a very intense Sun going on in the Sky, or we could say it’s more like a Solar Initiation. What this is doing is increasing and quickening our total galactic evolution, thereby HEAVILY affecting humans and all Living Beings here. Don’t forget the animals! These loves need our help too! We cannot forget about them for we are all here to assist each other. Animals help us, and we help them. Plants help us, we help them. This is the Divine Order of the Law of One taking its place once again in our realm and just a couple of examples.

What we should know is that eclipses shift the very fabric and structure of Cosmic Order in order to push consciousness evolution onto higher pathways. This has always been the case, HOWEVER, they are also (since the hijackers came into our realms) been used for their low magick times as well. We can’t disregard that truth either.

The shifting of the fabric of the Universe is why there is a crumbling of the old status quo and patriarchal systems. Here’s a great way to think about it: Think of it like igniting clogged lymphatic and liver systems of the Earth – if Earth-Tara-Gaia goes through these MASSIVE purifications, so does humanity and all other living things! There is no change without the other.

Think about that for a moment and then what has been happening since 2020... do you see a FAR BIGGER PICTURE of what has been taking place? I won’t spell that out here right now about HEALTH, but maybe some of you will catch my meaning. I will dive into this some other time most assuredly on some other channel as I can’t here, but do feel it’s imperative to see the higher pathway and picture as it changes everything.

This event on the upcoming date of April 8th 2024 is an energetic “squeezing through the eye of a needle” and the intention is to assist those that choose it to come out on the other side as totally different Humans and this Army of Light becoming fully ACTIVATED. This, my Soul Friends, is the phase of, as I see it, the trifurcation actions and so you may find even more activated and you will feel more of the disconnection from those people or things that no longer are aligned or resonate with you and the forward direction that you are moving in the organic time shift. Organic vs. Synthetic. The Mother Arc is here and rising in such powerful ways that many cultures have described these events, some say this world “biblical” but that isn’t really true considering it’s beyond that text.


I’d like to call out some intriguing things and a word that comes in is Thunder Beings.

I found this image and some news that was shared that in March 2024 there was over 16,000 light bolts that spanned over 1200 miles that mimic the “X marks the spot” aspect when we look at the 2017 and now this 2024 solar eclipse. Here’s the “X marks the spot areas that align all the eclipses I was talking about above and the image of news and these Thunder Beings sending through via lightening bolts.

broken image
broken image

And then I found this image years ago and just keep it handy. It's a reminder that what we call Dragon must be reframed.... This is what I call a Thunder Being, and what I feel is Dragon.

broken image

And then there is this and in the recent Eightfold Wheel of the Year Workshop for Ostara, the Spring Equinox, I talked about the Rising of Dragon energy in Spring, and this insight comes from Native Tribes and their sharings of wisdom. The Thunderbird (one of the physical forms of the Thunder Beings) is said to be an enormous bird-like creature with legendary strength and power, but I feel that this is another way to speak of Dragon.

broken image

The Dragon Energies that are waking up and taking their rightful places are essentially upgrading the blueprint of the Original Grail Codes of this Planetary Being, but this is also about what happens in our bodies as well. What I felt in the Sacred Towers is that as Tiamat takes Her place as the Mother of Dragons again, there is a simultaneous reunification of our Sun with its twin. I feel like this why there has been so much memories around the timeline of Tara has taken place within me... maybe you resonate with that as well.


There is MUCH going on as we can see and we feel, those of us sensitive to energies of all of this.


There are many who are going to be pulling a lot of total nonsense like this:

broken image

As you can see, this person, who I don’t know, is saying “apocalypse” as if it’s a bad word. They don’t know what the word means, which is UNVEILING. They are saying this 6666 is somehow evil which is nonsense.

THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Fear propoganda. Whether they know it or not, they’re manifesting what the vile ones want. FEAR. We need to see through this and into the LIGHT OF REAL TRUTH.

Now’s the time where I’d like to share some things that perhaps can assist around this theme of PROTECTION that has been loud and clear to me to share and this comes from my Beingness to Yours so take what you want and leave the rest as the saying goes.

This weekend I went to a sound healing event and at the end we picked a card in a Work Your Light oracle deck, and I had asked once again just to ensure that I had this essence of PROTECTION correct as to what I need to share and I asked “is there anything else I should share?” and I got this card:

broken image

So the answer was that is the essence of what you need to share, Dearest Soul, please know you are protected, your loved ones are protected, and now share protection magick with others so that they can begin this work in more powerful ways now than ever before IF they haven’t already done so.

And so here I am sharing this. This would be a powerful time to do a call back of your power, if you’ve never done anything like cutting cords or cutting contracts not for your Higher Good, or if you haven’t done soul retrieval ceremonies, this would be a powerful time.

Those that feel all of this are being called to protect your energy and call back your power, so take a look at who and what drains your energy. Keeping your energy clear is about purification and energetic workings and is like moving your body – do it often.

Here’s a version of this kind of working that you could use right now – take a screenshot and use any time and more than once as you feel called that I’ve created for me and feel free to use it if you like it:

broken image

Here are some other things that I’d like to share around this topic:

  1. Protect yourself from persons who share nonsense like that with you.
  2. Stop listening to anyone that is disconnected to the Highest and Divine sources that push primordial fear propaganda.
  3. Don’t say low frequency magick words like this [civil war] as it’s part of their manifestation tools to get you to say it and fear it.
  4. Don’t give into ‘new age’ nonsense that is in essence either spiritual narcissism or spiritual bypassing – sometimes one in the same.
  5. Change your approach to doing Spiritual Krav Maga to know it’s about protecting your energies to be EMPOWERED vs DISempowered.
  6.  Find a source of Protection Magick that resonates with your Soul Essence and practice that often. I do a Sword Banishing that you won’t find in the Golden Dawn (unfortunately, that is a magick working that leaves a lot out so it did not resonate with me, but you have to feel into that yourself). And some time ago after a massive psychic greeting just as I was launching a very important class series called Tap Into Your Magick (which you can find at, I did a 33-day protection ritual that uses your determination, will and warrior protectors that puts a strong will and intention out into the Everything-ness that says “don’t F with me” essentially. It worked beautifully as I haven’t had a “greeting” since then, but I know that protection magick or what some call psychic defense is as important as moving my body – we do it often and consistently because it’s healthy for our beings given we lived in a realm where there are 100% vile entities that do not want to assist humanity but rather take them down into the lowest of low frequency places where they’ve chosen to reside.
  7. Through the Law of One Ra Channelings there are some insights as well that may be of service to you:
  • Questioner: “The negatively oriented entities who contact us and others on this planet are limited by the First Distortion. They have obviously been limited by the banishing ritual just performed. Could you describe, with respect to free will, how they limit themselves in order to work within the First Distortion? And how the banishing ritual itself works?”
  • Answer from the Social Complex called Ra (meaning a group of Beings not a Ra but a collective known as Ra): “I am Ra. This query has several portions. Firstly, those of negative polarity do not operate with respect to free will unless it is necessary. They call themselves and will infringe whenever they feel it possible. Secondly, they are limited by the great Law of Confusion in that, for the most part, they are unable to enter this planetary sphere of influence and are able to use the windows of time/space distortion only insofar as there is some calling to balance the positive calling. Once they are here, their desire is conquest. Thirdly, in the instance of this instrument’s being removed permanently from this space/time, it is necessary to allow the instrument to leave its yellow-ray physical complex of its free will. Thus trickery has been attempted. The use of the light forms being generated is such as to cause such entities to discover a wall through which they cannot pass. This is due to the energy complexes of the light beings and aspects of the One Infinite Creator invoked and evoked in the building of the wall of light.”

So, hopefully some of these aspects can help, and if you want more specific answers then I would gladly assist and you’re welcome to contact me via email just click the link listed here in the YouTube channel or you’re welcome to join the telegram group.

Also, to assist in this powerful time, my husband and I are planning (it could have been posted by the time this has bee released) to do a co-created livestream event (stay tuned here on this channel or get on my email list to be notified of this) and we are going to co-create a beautiful visualization and a Qigong/Taichi practice (as that is what my husband is beautifully stepping into as he is the Divine Masculine rising in magnificent form!) and we want to share in lifting and helping the rising beautiful energy as we move into this next solar eclipse. I hope that you can join us!

I hope that these insights I’ve provided helps you to awaken more of your Unique and Divine Magick and helps us together remember Original Creation Magick! Subscribe to get more videos that hold the intention to illuminate the path for indigos, starseeds, and all humans here with Sacred Missions that serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness.

Thank you for watching and hope to see you in our livestream upcoming and perhaps in the Wheel of the Year workshops as well, or anything else we’ve got going on!