Original Creation Magick and the Organic Eightfold Sun Calendar

By Natalie Viglione

Living Creation Magick, going back to the primordial truths, the truths of Original Creation. Echoes of the Original Creation resonate through time, whispered by sages and seers of the olde ways before corruption, because there was a “before corruption” time.

Though veiled and obscured, these truths now stir, awakening anew as the cosmic energies align to unfurl these hidden mysteries. When I speak of awakening "from within us," it is the dormant wisdom encoded in our very essence, intertwined with the archives known as the "akashic" records, enshrined within the Crystal Caves of Creation where earthly minerals intertwine with ethereal light, but also etched in the very fabric of our DNA.

Let’s dive into the ORGANIC Eightfold Sun Calendar and I’ll also share an excerpt from our Ostara/Spring Equinox Wheel of the Year Workshop offering a taste and a fun journey to go on that may provide some insight into what your soul needs right now!



[00:00:00] We are going to explore living creation magick... from my lens. So to me, this is going back to the primordial truths, the truths of original creation. And so the echoes of original creation resonate throughout time because it's energy and it's whispered by the sages and the seers of the olde ways. And there was a time before corruption and this time before corruption, these are what the energies are unveiling again, even from within us.

[00:00:36] And though many things have been veiled and obscured these truths now stir awakening anew as the cosmic energies align to unfurl these hidden mysteries.

[00:01:02] And when I speak of awakening from within us, It is truly these dormant Elements or containers of wisdom encoded in our very essence. So intertwined with the archives that many people call the Akashic records, but really we can even think of this as enshrined within the crystal caves of creation within this planetary being that we call earth. We are created from the earthly minerals and so, The minerals and crystals intertwine with ethereal light, but then also this is about being etched into the very fabric of our DNA.

[00:01:43] The current commercial calendar is a modern convention, and it was created by Pope Gregory the 13th in the 1500s, Common Era.

[00:01:56] What it requires is a leap year every four [00:02:00] years to realign itself. To me, this is inorganic. So, we must begin to realize that our Celtic, pre Celtic ancestors, and those of us that connect into that energy, and into that, earth bloodline, if you will, used available indicators like the four brightest stars in our sky realm, in the heavens, along with then tracking equal days and nights, and then the shortest and longest days and nights.

[00:02:33] And that is what everyone could see, but it was also connecting into primordial energies. And so that is the true Eightfold Sun calendar and that is what I call organic. So the bottom line is we align with the Sun at its highest aspect. These are solar ceremonies. And there were and are still so many lies that were created by what I call the vile beings [00:03:00] that keep hijacking the truth and trying to make humanity weak and lying about this planetary being and so many, many things.

[00:03:08] And this has been going on for many thousands of years. And this faction has hid the truths of what the true sacred holy days actually represented. In fact, I did a wheel of the year video and in that wheel of the year video, I actually go into this in a little more in depth, but these sacred holy days are the, is the wheel of the year.

[00:03:34] It is the solar calendar. The factions that lied and created inversions around these and truthfully, they created some horrible inversions. And so what the intention of these Sacred Holy Day celebrations that I am, bringing forth with a friend of mine in the Wheel of the Year workshops, it's connecting back into the truths, connecting [00:04:00] back into the beauty of the natural rhythms, but more so connecting into divinity the heavens.

[00:04:06] Sacred energies, and of course this planetary living being, Earth, Tara, Gaia, and then so much more. And what's not included is New Age BS, and nor does it have any dogmatic religious frameworks because all of that needs to be taken out. It's just the intention of pure connection into what was into the organic matter. Before time and that before time was real, meaning the before the inorganic and synthetic has been trying to take hold. And this before time was before many, many genocides that began to take those that held this wisdom out. And so what we're doing is we're bringing back in these primordial essences.

[00:04:55] And so I would love to invite you to join us to uncover the truths. [00:05:00] And what we're trying to do is coming together again in these sacred ways. So we're looking at really embodying the solar masculine and the solar feminine energies, which is what we're also working on. Big piece of this is reclaiming that energy.

[00:05:19] And so there were eight sacred holy days, or we could say holy times that the eightfold sun calendar actually connects into. And again, this is connecting into the divine, into cosmic, into galactic relations and energies and You know, thinking about really connection into the true one infinite creator or the God source, we could say, and of course, how we celebrate the living being that we call earth as well, and just how this all connects to humanity and the organic living natural world that does surround us in every way.

[00:05:58] And so our connection through these [00:06:00] workshops is to reestablish our togetherness and connection through the knowledge that's shared into the workshops that we're creating. And I truly feel that as this grasp of this patriarchal, disgusting system fades before us, that we can unite with these potent energies consistently and more and in deeper ways So we're restoring balance and sovereignty to this world.

[00:06:29] That was truly the organic energies of sovereignty were woven into the very fabric of this being and into all living creation. So I'm going to be sharing in the second half of this video, I'm going to be sharing with you an excerpt from our Ostara and Spring Equinox Wheel of the Year workshop.

[00:06:49] And this is just a little journey that I took people on as part of a bigger framework that Laura and I did. And this was, of course, Ostara is the [00:07:00] spring or the vernal equinox, and it's also known in primordial times or ancient times, Eostre, Ostara, or Albin Eilir, which means light of the earth. And so the time of the spring equinox, that time of Ostara, Eostre, is known It's really about the spring of the springing of the green in the Northern Hemisphere but this also in the Southern Hemisphere just at different times on that wheel. And it was also looking at when light and dark are equal before the days increase and grow longer as we shift and evolve into summertime. So we are moving through the wheel of the year workshops with the intention of really looking at the dualities of how the Southern Hemisphere, for example, is honoring another time and connecting into other energies. And that's an interesting [00:08:00] concept because we are doing these on the Northern Hemisphere schedule, so to speak but, another aspect of this is also bringing back these aspects of what is known as god and goddess, but really what we're connecting into is something more . These weren't gods and goddesses in the way they were trying to come here and they were trying to take over our world. What these words really meant, it's often so distorted and we're trying to get back into the spirit of what these primordial energies really were and connecting into them and how it's really connecting into archaeoastronomy. So this is a piece of the workshop, a journey. And also it's, it's bringing in some herbal magick and tapping into flower essences as well.

[00:08:46] I hope that you can join us for one of the future wheel of the year workshops. We're really excited to bring these forward because of what it also has allowed us to do is really connect into something that's far more sacred and far more primordial [00:09:00] and everyone can show up as they are.

[00:09:02] to do ritual and ceremony and to tap into the sacred energies. You don't have to wear certain clothes. Ladies, you don't have to look a certain way. These are the distorted energies of competition and what you look like those are such old, spiritual, materialistic kinds of things that I really truly want to break down because it's not necessary anymore. We don't need to bring those energies into anything any longer. I hope you like this excerpt from the Ostara Spring Equinox Workshop and the next Um, next one in, as far as the date that I'm currently recording this, the next one in the wheel of the year is the May 1st or Beltane festival. We hope you can join us!

[00:09:46] I would love to take you on a little journey. And this has meaning to it and we're going to connect into some Because obviously I can't help [00:10:00] but to bring the Master Herbalist in me out and. What I would like you to do is don't really think about it, but just let your intuition guide you.

[00:10:13] And I'd love for you to just look at the screen and choose one of the sets of flowers. So choose either A or B or C. And I'll give you a moment to just feel into the energies, which sets of the flowers are calling to you in this moment. Because it's going to be telling a story.

[00:10:41] So I'll just give you a minute here. And greetings, Gina! Thank you for joining! Good to see you! Or see your chat. Okay.[00:11:00]

[00:11:01] Does everybody have a flower in your mind's eye that you're feeling called to?

[00:11:14] So we're going to go on a little journey. Feel free to close your eyes. And what I would like you to do is bring the flower That you chose the set of flowers that you chose, bring that into your being and start to feel the energy and the spirit of that flower that you were called to, whether it was the sunflowers, the pink yarrow flowers, or the dandelions.

[00:11:53] And you can think about them in whatever form that you please. For example, if you chose the [00:12:00] dandelion, you can choose, you can choose to be the puffy seedling that sprinkles everywhere, or you can choose to be the lion head dandelion flower.

[00:12:17] So now that you're holding that flower and the essence of its spirit into your being, I would like you to travel down deep into the area of your belly button. The hair, the womb, the lower cauldron,

[00:12:42] and then start to spiral down further and deeper into that area and begin to wind your consciousness down further sink into the earth [00:13:00] that is beneath your feet, beneath the structure that you're within. And start to mold and bring your awareness into earth, into dirt. And as you do so, maybe you're going to see some blades of grass.

[00:13:22] Maybe as you deep, deepen yourself into the earth, into the soil, you see some earthworms on your way. Just allow yourself to go deeper and deeper and deeper.

[00:13:45] And as you spiral this awareness down and down and down, we're going to connect into the crystalline soul of the earth, [00:14:00] connecting with Pachamama, mother earth, Gaia, so many names, yet a name that we can feel. Now, I'd like you to envision this consciousness in any way that your being sees it. Is the soul of Earth Terra Gaia a ball of blinding, beautiful light?

[00:14:31] Diamond, crystal light,

[00:14:37] or is the light emanating other colors for you to start to dance with the energies of the soul of this planetary being[00:15:00]

[00:15:00] feel into the energies that exist in what we call within. The realms within the planetary being

[00:15:19] and feel the lights, the energies, and however, you're envisioning it for you, bring that in to the depths of your body. Feel the primordial power that this being holds the wisdom, the awareness, the consciousness.

[00:15:48] If there's anything that you want to say to this planetary being, please say it now, whisper or speak aloud, tell Pachamama, [00:16:00] tell Mother Earth, tell this planetary being how you feel, for we are surrounding her with love. We're igniting the essence of original creation magickk through love.

[00:16:23] Now, imagine that energy. Imagine this consciousness

[00:16:33] starting to rise, starting to fill and rise up within not only your own being, but within all things. Start to feel into the energy of how dragon energy works with the soul of the earth, rising in power, springing to action. Feel that energy pushing, spring to action. [00:17:00] Rising up through to the top and then back into the soil, start to rise your awareness with that energy melding with the dragon energy.

[00:17:11] And you can envision that in any way that you see for you and in this dragon energy in this soul of the planetary being start to rise up. And as you get closer to the surface, you see roots. You see little roots that are springing forth, ready to burst through the top layer of soil, the skin of this planetary being.

[00:17:47] Now meld your energy with those roots of this flower. And realize that what you've just connected into is the spirit and the essence and the power [00:18:00] of the very flower in which you picked to begin this journey. And now rise up with that flower following the roots as you go up and start to feel yourself as the flower.

[00:18:16] That flower feel yourself coming up through the roots into the stem, and now you burst through the soil and you come into essence of the flower on the top of the soil and all of a sudden you feel the beauty and magnificence of the sun, giving you powerful energy. Allowing you to drink the light of beauty and magnificence and behold it as the flower in which you have now become.

[00:18:58] And then as you [00:19:00] rise within the flower, You feel the flower bursting open. And now I would like you to see the flower in which you felt drawn to see that flower become that flower. And as you burst open your petals, as you soak in the sun, the spring energy is driving you forward. As you reach for the sun and the sky realm.

[00:19:37] And as you feel that flower fully coming into bloom, now start to rise your consciousness from that flower and start to reach into the stems of the rays of the sun and start to make your way, reclaiming your awareness of what it feels like to become and be held within a ray of light. [00:20:00] And as you follow a ray of light.

[00:20:04] And now go closer to the sun and start to meld your energies with the sun, feeling the essence of this life giving force.

[00:20:19] As you feel that sunlight just washing over your being, washing over the flower in which you are, washing into the earth, into the soil, into the depths of this being that we call Mother Earth. Feel how everything is connected. We are one. Every particle washing over. And

[00:20:49] as you feel that sun, start to fill your being with golden energy. Bright light

[00:20:59] and start to bring [00:21:00] yourself down into and back in within your body spiraling back into your belly button, back into your heart space and back into your own consciousness within your body.

[00:21:27] And when you're ready, you can open your eyes,

[00:21:37] take a deep breath, and just feel into that flower energy.

[00:21:48] Beautiful, Natalie. So deep.

[00:21:53] So, now I would like to share with you, perhaps there's a calling. [00:22:00] For the flower in which you chose and feel free to take a screenshot of this if you'd like, but there's an affirmation here and some flower essences that may call to you. So the point is, is, you know, when we draw ourselves into a flower, that's calling us that flower spirit, maybe the very thing our bodies need, our energies need.

[00:22:32] So sunflowers really. Seek to inspire and create a balance of energies within us. And so the sunflower. Can be a powerful flower essence that you can use if these aspects, you know, really feel you feel called into, Ooh, yes. You know, I think I do need to get some of this into my life. The pink, yellow flowers, when you blend pink and [00:23:00] white, yellow.

[00:23:00] Yarrow flowers. This is an amazing flower essence for indigos, for empaths, for star seeds, for all of the above, because what it does is helps create energetic boundaries. And then there's a powerful sorry affirmation that you can use for that. And then if you were called into the dandelion, you know, there may be some frozen Emotions that are trapped in muscle trapped in making there's maybe there's stiffness in your body.

[00:23:34] So dandelion flower essence can be a very gentle, flower essence that you can use to spark energy there. So, and we can, we'll share this with you post the event as well. That's some herbal magick.

[00:23:53] Love it. Beautiful, beautiful.

[00:23:55] Thank you so much for watching and I hope this helps [00:24:00] us together to remember more and more original creation magick together again and awaken more of the magick within you . And please subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for the indigos, starseeds, and all fellow humans that are here with a sacred mission to serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. ​