Death & Rebirth: Learnings of the Goddess Lioness Warrior-Healer Lineage

By Natalie Viglione

Amidst the tapestries of time, the Lioness Warrior and Healer Lineage has been cloaked in mystery, but the Solar Feminine forms are being reclaimed.

This consciousness traces back through ancient epochs, a lineage of formidable female spirits traversing the sacred pathways of Earth-Tara-Gaia.

Perhaps, fellow seeker, you, too, are woven into this ethereal lineage. Recently, I have unearthed profound revelations within this radiant essence, delving deep into the hard truths and the learnings of lifetimes.

Let us unravel the enchantment behind the fusion of fierce warrior spirits and compassionate healers, for within this union lies a melody of transcendent truths waiting to be unveiled.



We are going to explore the tip of a massive iceberg around the Sacred Lioness energy of the Great Lion Races and powerful relationship with the great warrior-healer goddess consciousness.
The Lioness Warrior and Healer angle of light serves as guardians of the realm, in female form, with a consciousness that serves as a primordial lineage of powerful female beings walking within the Earth-Tara-Gaia timelines. Perhaps you, like me, also belong to this lineage. I've recently gained profound insights that I'd like to share through this angle of light, and have discovered significant truths by delving into the depths of various aspects of this realm. Let’s tap into the beauty of why the fierce and compassionate lineage of goddess warriors are also always known as what we call healers for there’s a profound reason.

One major revelation that I’ve had is why the realm lacks vitality, and why both animals and humans are not living as long as they could be living, and why there is a prevalent scarcity of life force. Why would life force energy be siphoned and what’s happening to our food, water, air? These are the very hard questions that I followed until I got to a point that showed me why... And of course, as with all things, there is always more and more that can be revealed, but the exploration thus far has proven to be mind-blowing.

Let’s talk about the Lioness Warrior-Healer Lineage ... The lioness has been an important symbol to humanity for tens of thousands of years and appears as a theme in cultures across Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are tomb paintings in Khemit in an area called Nekhen around 3500 BCE, including images of lions, including an image of a deity flanked by two lions in an upright posture. Khemit is the before-hijacking version of what later became known as Egypt, and I’ll share more on that another time. Sekhmet, as is just one example, is depicted as a woman with a lioness head, symbolizes this exact goddess (which means those who come in female form) lineage of Warriors and Healers.

There are many other goddess warrior-healers that have been known throughout many cultures – Brighid of Celtic and many other cultures, Nafanua of the Samoan culture, Sekhmet of Khemet (also called Egypt) as noted earlier, Serqet (Serket) in Khemet who is another healer and warrior, and there’s many more. The ultimate lineage traced into from my Inner Knowing what we can call are the God Worlds or the Creator Worlds (Core Worlds of our World) there is the “Lioness of God” or Ariel (and this is spelled many, many different ways, as are all of the names listed here above).

I will dive into this more in future content, but this is the blend of pure strength with ultimate compassion – the Cosmic Mother lineage who all serve as the Cosmic Mother of Dragons and Dragon protectors (the original Dragons). I go over this in my videos below:

This blend of strength, courage, bravery, honor mixed with the healing through compassion, empathy, etc. IS the magick of what the lineage holds. These are two aspects that have been VERY difficult to blend into my being, and the process that all of us within this lineage must go through to harmonize those frequencies can often go through much work to do so. Holding the true and original source code of what a warrior means melded with the energy of one who assists or guides in healing .... these are seemingly very disconnected energies but not when we get to the core of the truth.

It’s about Guardian Protector consciousness ultimately...

For the past 3 years, as I’ve been training as a Master Herbalist under the school that the Dr. Terry Willard launched in 1975, I call Dr. Willard a Jedi Master Herbalist and one of the greats, and I have a bit more to go before completion. Adding to that, I recently underwent powerful 16-week training with the RCP Institute, learning with Morley Robbins and his team and becoming a certified Root Cause Protocol Mineral Consultant. A Mineral Consultant means knowing that when minerals are out of balance in our body, or in an animal body, at the cellular level, what comes next is metabolic dysfunction and that dysfunction expresses itself differently, impacted by the terrain within. What this has shown me very plainly is that there aren’t “diseases” but rather there’s mineral dysregulation in the body that creates metabolic dysfunction. This allows us to begin to see that most things aren’t actually BROKEN. And when we give our multidimensional body what it foundationally needs, then our multidimensional aspects of who we truly are begin to turn on all the systems, and this allows our body to then repair itself as it was designed to do.

Melding the primordial healing wisdom with a more modern lens of what’s REALLY going on this world and why health has been so impacted has instilled deep wisdom into what we face in modern days and what’s really going on in the bodies of animals and humans. What we face today is NOTHING as compared to 60 years ago, and not even remotely the same as 200 years ago in terms of toxins, etc. And anything beyond 200 years, one can’t even compare the “now time” to then.

All of this true healing wisdom has taken me into some crazy places, of course, the wisdom all lies outside of ANYTHING that’s mainstream. I’m seeing the far larger truths of how we got to where we are, and that it was no accident at all. Let me share just a little bit about this and the profundity of where it led me recently. I have gone through so much in the past week taking some time off that it sparked a remembering that I want to share with you, learnings from the consciousness that streams and is of the lioness goddess warrior-healer lineage.

I’ve been seeing this realm and all of its flora, fauna and humanity through the lens of the goddess known as Brighid, and ultimately this energy connects into the consciousness or angle of light (arc of light we could say) of Ariel, known as an “archangel” but that word means arc or arch, or angle, of light, so the ‘angel’ part is actually a misnomer, I’ll get into that some other time as it’s fascinating to see what LIGHT and ANGLES OF LIGHT bring in consciousness and specific types of consciousness.

Since I was wee lass, I knew that things were not the way it they were supposed to be here on Earth, and that wasn’t easy to see when those around me didn’t mirror that back to me as something I should (or could) know. That’s when those of us who carry that indigo or even a starseed, that’s when we can begin to feel like we don’t belong here at all whatsoever... and of course, many of us starseeds/indigos or as I say, cosmic wanderers, know and feel this way often since we’re very young. Because of that fact, it’s way too easy for us to also get swept into the mainstream, conventional, and material elements of this realm. I feel like we all do at some point in our unique ways, but then our work becomes how we are breaking free from this realm and all of these inverted processes, especially when it comes to this thing that we call health.

Seeing the Origin and the Original Creation aspects of this Trinity Form Experience through visions, dreamtime, etc., and experiencing what was at one point in timelines we know as Tara and Gaia, and that this was about creating a Living Light Library, among many other things, these are magnificent visions indeed to see and to hold.

But knowing and having experienced Origin memories and many other layers of DNA coming alive, the truth is seeing the WHOLE truth and the extreme hijacking that has taken place by otherworldly beings who just want to enslave consciousness and create their own realm of death and suffering. Seeing ALL OF THE LAYERS is what has hit me as of late, and it is a LOT to hold.

Through a very intense recent experience where I had yet another death and rebirth experience what I know is that knowing THE TRUTHS and the layers of hijacking that have taken place not only CREATED the need for warriors, but also requires the strength of a warrior. Again, warrior does not mean WAR, it means PROTECTOR or GUARDIAN in its truest form.

What this all requires is us to go ever more deeply into the Eternal Now. Actually, seeing that the Now is the one thing that we have and keeping ourselves present in it. We all live in a time where those of us that know exactly what’s happening very much are aware and know that we are going into the void. We’re going into the zero point, and traversing this time holds MANY unknowns, so we must learn to let go of fear in all forms, and learn to let go of many other things more than ever before. This point that we’re in is where harmonization of energies are beginning to take place, and there is massive healing is under way of this realm. Many of us are serving as the healers of the grid through healing our own bodies, also I’ve seen what is going on at the most subterranean layers in dreamtime of the Astral Realm of this planetary experience. We ARE returning into a time that is going into a new experience which has the Origin Energies in place, which means it is how this realm was made before the negative beings hijacked things. So, simply, we are going into the Organic Energies once again.

While this is a GORGEOUS and WONDERFUL truth, the process of pioneering into the new experience is not easy. I think that is quite an understatement, but when we can all admit to the difficulties on any level, we can circle around each other to strengthen, hold, assist, and to remind one another that those of us on the path that’s moving WITH the rise of consciousness, and we do so in an unspoken vibration of sovereignty. I imagine that all of us pioneers of what we are often calling ‘new earth’ are circling our wagons and building an all-new camp. From my lens, if we spiritually bypass the truths and the difficulties many feel (or that we feel), then we do not honor the code of what the goddess lioness lineage of warrior-healers have always stood for.

What I’ve learned is that when our astral, physical, etc. bodies are supported properly, through the grace of time, we CAN course correct. Of course, the “how long it takes to heal” factor is going to be very different for every body, animal or human, etc. This is why I’ve begun Vibration Medicine guidance, because it is 100% based on my own learnings and experiments with myself and for our furbabies, to give our multidimensional bodies what they need to heal themselves back together, but more so it was about getting to the ROOT CAUSE of WHY and what is going on.

As a Blue Ray Indigo, I ask WHY and then I make it a point to learn so I can provide this wisdom out there through the energy of the Cosmic Mother.

I know that we can (and many are already) revitalize this realm when we know the deeper truths. Energy can be cultivated, and the metabolic dysfunction can begin to turn around for the better to allow vitality to enter our lives, that is, as much as possible in this realm. I have SO MUCH more to share on this, but that will come in due time and within its own platform because the very sad thing is that we can’t talk about TRUE HEALTH wisdom on mainstream channels; that's the new “burn them at the stake” model the negative faction utilizes.

WHEW, it has been a lot in the last week and months, even years, taking all of this in and then knowing that it is not by mistake that we got HERE, but rather a very well thought out plot. A layered and complicated one might I add. We will continue to pick it apart piece by piece in future content because this is uncovering Original Creation Magick at all levels, all multidimensional levels and layers.

When it comes to health, we all know there is a huge lack of vitality overall in this world and we see this as an issue globally. Of course, there are pockets and the few that haven’t been as affected as others, but many of us who carry the highly sensitive person vibes (the empaths, the ones that are here to be the “canary in the coal mines” as that saying goes) don’t get off as easy.

Of course, we know that humans and animals are transitioning out of this form and into the beyond at younger and younger ages, at the very least, we’re seeing massive metabolic dysfunction on some level more and more, and again at younger and younger ages. To hold all of this insight as to WHY, let me just say that it has been so hard.

What I came to recently is that carrying all this insight, seeing the layers of truth of what has REALLY happened, and then looking at how our health/healing has been screwed with, I FULLY now get why the Warrior aspect is ALWAYS melded with the Healer aspect. The angles of light that come into this realm that many of us connect into, this is the Warrior-Healer goddess (or female embodied) consciousness, this teaches us more about what it means to be a warrior. What I've come to know recently is that these two angles of consciousness must go hand in hand; the warrior becomes the guide to heal themselves and others, and the warrior must turn on the ability of the guide that can heal. To be one who assists healing through healing modalities of any kind, they also must be a warrior.

I keep using the word warrior, so I’d like to speak to this word warrior quickly. I do have a video where I talk about this, but I’ll provide some details here.

While the word ‘warrior’ as the word war in it, that is NOT what a “warrior” is about. That has been the inversion and the manipulation that has changed the initial or root meanings. Being a warrior is not about fighting or causing fights.

Warrior means seeing things exactly as they truly are and protecting the innocent. Seeing and calling out injustice and facing it, and then learning ways to provide solutions or workarounds. The ancient etymology is as follows:

  • Marathi is the Hindi word for warrior translates to essentially Yoda, and it means a hero or a fighter. And isn't that interesting Yoda?
  • Galati is an ancient Celtic term. You could also say Gaelic. Gaelic is a form of Aramaic, and so we're getting into really ancient language now, which is where I need to always go because that is where truth lies.
    • But Galati is a term for the word warrior. Those who were known as Galati were a source of inspiration and strength and known for great abilities like power and endurance, the power is about the mental and metaphysical, but could also be physical.
  • Vajra is a Sanskrit word, it’s dorje in Tibetan, it means a diamond-like nature, a nature that is indestructible. Being a diamond core, this is also the organic nature of Earth and this diamond-like aspect is what the warrior is about. It’s connected into the White Diamond Sun DNA that many of us are encoded with. This is the Cosmic Mother, the Cosmic Mother of Dragons lineage... many of you female fellow warriors feel this, and we’ve been activated and will continue to be. If you’ve been feeling this aspect of the true guardian-warrior essence coming alive in you, then this is where this is coming from.

There’s an amazing book called Smile at Fear by Chogyam Trungpa, vajra is associated with enlightened warriorship. As Chogyam states, “The word warrior is a feminine principle and is very powerful, according to the Shambhala principles of nonaggressive warriorship, as well as the Buddhist principles of nonaggression.” The feminine principle turned into wrath is what the patriarchy has always feared... we’ll get into more of that another time.


Chogyam also says, “The true warrior is not like a person carrying a sword and looking behind his own shadow; in case somebody is lurking there...that’s an expression of cowardice.” He goes on to say, “...realize eternal youthful confidence, this confidence is connected with experiencing the first glimpse of magic in her state of being. Her mind begins to relax. She begins to develop a natural state of goodness that has no beginning or end. At that point, when wakefulness begins to take place... finally transformed into a real warrior...”


The core of this means that the true warrior essence is instead one that holds the beauty of an inquiring intellect, has dignity, integrity, truth, honor, justice, and shares wisdom with all beings for the betterment of all with compassion and love.




All of this is connected to the goddess lineage of the Lioness Warrior-Healers, and what fully came alive within me is yet another deeper layer of awareness, maybe one of the deepest I’ve faced. I have faced my own death (I’ll share that in an upcoming video), but now I am facing what it means to face the death of other precious ones, but you’re still living, they’re still living, but it’s about LETTING GO.


One of the most vital aspects that comes alive within the warrior-healer consciousness that I’ve personally experienced is the truth that when we REALLY see what has been taking place in this realm (and still is, and also in other worlds that have had similar takeovers though nothing takes the cake like this hijacking) is that to manage the insights of SEEING all of that takes a practice of LETTING GO. Death. Rebirth. It takes a warrior to bring insights of healing through the process of death and rebirth through conscious experiences, and when one realizes the unity of all of us and all things as One as part of the Origin GodSource and Original Creation Magickal Energies.


This past week, I had to face some of the deepest truths, letting go of what is most precious to me. One of my babies of the furry kind, my little baby boy has had an issue for a long time but for the first time we saw into that body via a window that the conventional practice calls an ultrasound. However, we already knew that something was going on, and what that thing was, and we knew for a long time and are doing everything to ensure that we give him what his body needs to help his body heal. When we adopted him and his brother, their first year of life was filled with so much trauma. So much so that they were trapped in a flooded animal shelter and, to this day, are deathly afraid of water. When we found them and brought them into our lives, we were living in NYC, and they were 2 then, and now they’re 12. I won’t go into details, for I probably won’t be able to finish this if I do, as I won’t be able to see through the tears welling in my eyes, but let’s just say that day after peering into the body, a piece of me had to LET GO. So, it was another lesson of death and rebirth while still living through consciousness.


While this is something that many of us face in a multitude of ways – loss – this is about the realization that I had, and it was the lioness warrior-healer lineage gift. I am saying this for all that also perhaps need to hear this. I realized there is a piece of me that, as someone here to help this realm heal in my unique ways, including my own body, I am so tightly wound around this concept we call life. I am so tightly wound around what I’ve seen in Original and Organic Energies of other timelines that all I want is to return things to the way I know they should be. I carry and hold memories in my DNA of the Tara timeline and so I’ve seen the Origin and the Organic Energies and let me tell you, it’s beyond magnificent. I want so badly to fix things here that I am so tightly wound around this concept of I MUST FIX THINGS. And, being tightly wound around that means that I am not truly LIVING in the now.


In this yet another death/rebirth of consciousness layer, I had to learn to LET GO. Let go of life so that I could begin to truly accept what’s actually happened here in this realm and on many levels is still happening. Yes, it IS being course corrected, but that is not happening tomorrow, so this process of LETTING GO is the key. Not letting go without care, it’s letting go with care. I realized through the lioness-warrior-healer lineage that I must accept things as they are to be able to let go of being able to fix everything and through the acceptance process, I see that every second is precious.


I’ve had to learn to accept that we can only do as best we can here with what we have. We don’t have healthy soil everywhere, there is still so much unnecessary suffering, there is far too many poisons in our air, water, food... but we must REJOICE in the organic energies coming alive again! We must rejoice in the fact that there are SO MANY of us true warriors coming alive and turning on solutions, and our work is only going to build ripples that extend faster and faster outward. Small as they may seem, many of us sages-healers-warriors must work behind the scenes because that’s how we are serving in this timeframe.


I have had to come to terms with losing the most precious things to me – my darling furbaby, and others that will come, that some time my best friend and husband, Mark, that I will go... at some point it all ends, and accepting that is required, no matter what the format of HOW one leaves this realm—it IS the inevitable. This realm has been hostile territory for a long time, and so many, many, MANY lives have been and are still being lost too soon, but if we can look that truth in the face, accept that it is so, we regain power within ourselves.


We can only do what we can with what we have RIGHT NOW.


We can only do as best that we can with wisdom that we hold RIGHT NOW.


More things to be revealed as this is the great unveiling...


The other deep layer to this is looking at death and seeing it not as something that we should fear, but rather that we accept because it is a transition. A transformation of our power into another form. And the deepest layer yet is to truly feel and get, without a doubt, that death is what gives life its meaning; the awareness of our limited time brings depth, beauty, and purpose to our existence. But what I also know is that all of us who knows what is possible and what’s truly happening in this world, we seek and should bring in as much vitality back into ourselves and into those we love as we can – this includes our animals! No more injectable items, no more inorganic foods, no more kibble, no more of the things that do harm. We stand up and say no to all of that and do the BEST that we can. Vitality is what allows us to bring more ENJOYMENT into our lives, making any day the brightest and most precious day that we can have.

The energies as I’ve integrated this is that this is far more than just letting go, this is the Diamond Sun DNA weaving its way in, turning itself on, this is going through the starseeds/indigos here to bring back the Unity Consciousness, the Christos, the Kryst or the Krystal Consciousness of Unity. This is the Law of One turning on in our very subatomic particles. This is connecting many of us in goddess form (which again means the female form) back into the sacred architecture of this realm that is original and organic. This is the sophianic architecture or codes, allowing us women to dispel the false lunar matrix and reimprint the solar aspects of who we truly are.


We are letting go of aeons of deep, deep, deep pain. If you see this as reclamation of power, of healing and connecting back TRULY into your TRUE lineages, then it becomes easier. We may continue to weep and feel, but as we do so, we are transmuting. The way is to awaken to the Warrior, as discussed today. Not an inversion of that word warrior but of the true Diamond Sun Feminine Energy – and by the way, this energy seeps into men and women alike! For many of us in female form, as we learn how to transmute the fear and all that has taken place through the falsified lunar feminine, all of that lunar consciousness and all the records of timelines that are associated with it are having us remember and dispel the grief and trauma for both men and women. We are reclaiming our power as the Solar Sons and Solar Daughters of the true Orginal and Primeval GodSource.

Let us all – furbaby or human alike -- seek to bring vitality into ourselves, into our homes, into our communities – THIS is how we regain our lives, taking them back from these vile factions that desire to continue to break us down.


We stand as WARRIORS to rise above this all to see into the beauty that we all are seeing come alive in the very fabric of the ORIGINAL engineering of this realm and in the engineering of our bodies that’s coming back online. All of us, all things, hold energetic and physical elements for all of us are multidimensional, including the planet!

I hope this message assists others that of this lineage, and just to put out into the vibrational fields-- I stand with you my fellow Lioness Warrior-Healers, and we rise together. I feel your presence here and those that have been, including other incarnations of many of us. As we all ignite the Sacred Warrior within, know that we are all brothers and sisters in the work of the Organic Creation Magick because we are bringing it alive and allowing it to come alive through us!


I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all humans here with Sacred Missions that serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Please share this with someone you feel would benefit, that’s the only way the channel can grow! Together we are remembering Original Creation Magick and thank you so much for watching!