Unlocking the Healing Power: The Incredible Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

By: Natalie Viglione

Unlocking the Healing Power! Let's look at the incredible benefits of Far Infrared Therapy (also known as FIR therapy or FIR technology).

Harnessing the power of invisible light waves, this therapy penetrates deep into the body, stimulating various healing processes that can do so much good for the body. It assists in alleviating pain, reducing inflammation (and this is the root of dis-ease in the body on many levels), but it improves overall well-being in many more ways. Let's dive in, shall we?

Let's unlock some wisdom about what far infrared (FIR) technology is and what the far infrared benefits are for our healing journeys (so that we can be as healthy as possible)!

“Give me the power to produce fever, and I'll cure all disease” 

-Parmenides, 500 BCE

Hippocrates is often attributed to saying that, but it turns out it was Parmenides... Hippocrates (in his writings) spoke of the beneficial effect of fever on epilepsy and more, so he carried the same ethos to his workings. Parmenides was what we would call a "doctor" but not to be compared with today's ''MD's," of course, given allopathic medicine is not based on natural healing wisdom at all but is best known for trauma care (get into a car accident, you know where to go!).

I know that ONE day, trauma ER care and assistance (which MDs are taught) and healers holding primordial healing wisdom will combine forces all around the world.

In fact, many MDs witnessed the disconnect early on (or have in the past few years more than ever) and have melded their Inner Healer learning how to harness the power of primordial healing practices with their trauma-based learnings of MD certifications. One such amazing doctor who saw it right away and whom I respect is Dr. Tom Cowan, for example.

Many also have learned to let go of the lies and distortions of the indoctrination they received that focuses on big pharma drugs and not looking at ROOT issues to heal and or prevent dis-ease in humans (this goes for vet practices too!).

I see visions all the time, there are exciting times in healing power and primordial wisdom unfolding at a far more rapid pace than ever before! 👏🏻

The journey to get a sauna that has the Far Infrared (FIR) technology was one of those serendipitous journeys of the information dropping into my lap, and sometimes, I can't believe how the sauna from Relax Saunas has changed the healing game for me (and for my husband, Mark)! We adore it!

Let me share some wisdom about it in this article and how it's different than other saunas.

I used to go to a local spa as often as I could to pay for the time to step into their big, pretty wooden saunas, and as I went more and more, I was easily sitting in there for an hour. While I would sweat, it didn't make me really sweat at some point. And most of these have wireless in them and so I started to think, how can this be good with EMFs held within the sauna? Plus, I was paying for that visit every time, which started adding up big time. I knew the sauna was imperative to detox, and realized that we must get a sauna for our home.

So, I started the journey to hunt for the proper sauna, and the more I searched, the more I found that the giant wooden saunas were costly and massive, they didn't get things moving in the cells like I wanted (and why I could stay in there for an hour), and many come with wireless. While the wood is beautiful and smells delicious, I wanted healing not a pretty aroma, plus they aren't economical and did not fit easily into spaces. The cons were adding up!

And as things go for me, I then got the nugget of wisdom I was seeking! I had Tim James (who owns Chemical Free Body) on my Disrupt Now Podcast. He told me about Relax Saunas and mentioned that he has never sweat so much so fast in all his life. He had one of those big ole beautiful wooden saunas that was custom made, and he used consistently for a decade. He loved it so much he even represented a specific brand from Canada to share with people.

However, when he stumbled upon the Relax Sauna brand and got one, Tim fell in love with it, got rid of his other one, and stopped selling that other sauna brand instantly. What that told me is that he found something that HEALS vs looks pretty, and that sold me right there.

PLUS... here's a big one! The Relax Saunas are a FRACTION of the cost of a more conventional sauna (approx. $1,500 for a Relax Sauna vs. $10,000 or more for a more conventional sauna), but the fact that it made him sweat so fast told me that whatever tech a Relax Sauna uses, it's far more advanced. This world has it very backwards. Super expensive doesn't mean better! We must look at the VALUE and the underlying truth of what something does or is...

I now know what Tim meant! We've had a Relax Sauna for over two years, and it's one of THE BEST things I have ever purchased for the health and wellbeing of me and my little family (and I try to tell everyone I can about it!)

Let's dive a bit into the tech, as that is the core to it all, but I also want to tell a quick story about how Relax Saunas came into existence (and the underlying reason I adored their products even more than any others out there!).

Brief Background on Relax Saunas


As I understand it, the team of scientists that created the technology used in these saunas downloaded the information from meditating together. How cool is that?!

The Electrical company that makes the Relax Sauna was commissioned by the Japanese government from 1980 to 1985 to create a device that could emit energy similar to the Hot Springs in Southern Japan, where the warriors in ancient days would go after battle to heal. The hot springs had a particular energy that was very healing.

The water is heated from far infrared generated by magma deep in the earth. Taiwan is the world leader in producing semiconductor chips, and as it turns out, approximately 94% of the world’s semiconductor chips that are made, are made in Taiwan.

Transforming electricity that would generate this “hot springs” kind of energy was a challenge, and it took Dr. Chang and his team of scientists ten years to create a device that would transform electricity into that particular kind of energy that would have the healing effect that the hot springs in Southern Japan had.

This is the part where this team came together in meditation to help them download information, and sure enough, they found a way to create a semiconductor chip. The purpose of this semiconductor chip is to resonate the frequency of far infrared In the wavelength of 4-14 microns to create the "hot springs" energy. They chose this frequency because the water molecules in the body readily absorb it and do not contain the near-infrared frequencies, which are harsher on the skin.

Far Infrared Technology & the Top Benefits


Wrapping ourselves around fires as the primary heating source is ancient... fires, like the sun, put off infrared rays. As objects absorb heat, they emit infrared, and the human body emits infrared around the 9-micron range (as mentioned above).​ The use of saunas goes back, and the original native tribes of our lands in the Americas still use sweat lodges for healing. But this has been noted worldwide, including steam rooms and bathhouses, which carry similar ideas. This is primordial human wisdom with massive healing benefits!

Infrared technology: There's near infrared and far infrared. Near-infrared, by definition, does not resonate with human organic cells and the water (aka plasma) in our body. Near-infrared energy is between 1 and 2 microns, and far infrared is between 4-14 microns. Humans send off a frequency of 9.4 microns, and water sends off a frequency of 8 microns, so 4-14 micron energy resonates with human energy. So, far infrared saunas emit a specific bandwidth of energy that resonates with the water and organic cells of the body. The pulsating of water molecules causes an increase in core temperature, which mobilizes the lymphatic system.

Most wooden saunas use ceramic heaters much like the small space heaters you can buy for your home, and they heat up the sauna but only emit about 40-60% infrared ray, so you're not getting the full potential.

A study found this sauna increases oxygenation in muscles by 8.1%, increases cardiac output and heart rate, as well as an increase in respiration.

"...whole body muscle oxygenation and kcal expended per minute increased 8.1% and 20.1% from baseline, respectively. At the same time, cardiac output (+10.2%), systemic vascular resistance (-13.9%), and heart rate (+12.6%) significantly changed across the measurements periods compared to baseline."


Strength training, running, jogging, walking (or any workout that makes you sweat) is an excellent exercise for improving the function of sweat glands. Then there's Qigong/Taichi, which are some of the most POWERFUL practices to maintain good health and promote the body’s microcirculation.

And guess what? The far infrared ray sauna can help your body achieve the same result in only 10 minutes... crazy, right? Of course, doing all these things is vital to give your body all the goodness you can!

Qigong and Taichi have been some of the most game-changing practices for us and beyond beneficial on many levels, especially moving energy in the body and for magnificent circulation. All of this supports the entire (and complex) metabolism process, keeps the skin young and soft, and helps us combat what many call the "aging process."

Why Are Relax Saunas Better Than Other Saunas?

My time, as yours, is precious, right? On this end, I'm running a Sacred Mission (what some people call a "business" but it's deeper than that!), am in a Master Herbalism program, plus I AM A Root Cause Protocol Mineral Consultant, my husband and I have our furbabies, we're building out our land and sanctuary, and so much more! In all of this, it's important for balance and to bring as much homeostasis in as possible.

So, I always schedule the oh-so-important workINS (vs workOUTS as I call them), and meditation/quiet still time. When we count up all the ways that our path drives us, we must take time to LOVE ourselves... inside and out! THAT is the real reason I adore this sauna...

Here's why this sauna helps you love yourself inside and out.. plus, helps us to use this thing we call time as wisely as we can. Those larger saunas additionally have you wait 20-30 minutes before they heat up, so by the time that takes place, plus the 30-1 hour you're in it, that becomes a daily task that seems less likely to happen.

The Relax Sauna is an easy medicine that one can use daily because it heats up in less than 30 seconds, and makes you sweat in under 30 minutes. In fact, you can't even go over 30 minutes in this sauna as you don't need it (and even after 2 years, 25-28 minutes is my max), so it accomplishes the good stuff in 1/3 or 1/2 the time! It's AMAZING!

But, that's a superficial reason. It's better because of all the reasons stated above.


Getting the core molecular level of the cells going is what a sauna must do, and the Relax Sauna uses 1500 watts in 2 unique radiators which produce the highest levels of far infrared of any sauna (that is known currently). Far infrared is absorbed by the water in your body which in turn heats you from the inside, creating a fast raise in core temperature.

Another sauna user wanted to find out which sauna would raise his core temperature faster. Using his Apple watch, which can monitor core temperature, he put the Relax Sauna to the test. He discovered a dramatic difference in results between the Relax Sauna and other infrared saunas. Click here to read the article

There are many benefits to raising your core temperature, you activate heat shock proteins, you kill bacteria, you release stored toxins from your fat, you burn calories, you promote circulation and healing. This is a healing tool every home should have, no doubt about that at all!

There are other saunas that look similar to the Relax Saunas, but they aren't made the same so watch out. Other portable saunas use carbon panels to generate infrared. The "hot plates" use electrical wires and carbon panels to emit infrared. The problem with these are as follows:

  • They surround your body in EMF radiation
  • They do not emit high levels of far infrared
  • The frequency of infrared is not as pure as with the ceramic chips of the Relax Sauna

Check the Relax Saunas out for yourself!

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