The Truth of Our Reality: Magick is Real

Natalie Viglione, Rise Up In Truth

Magick is real... it's time we awaken to this truth!

What is this concept of magick?

What’s BEHIND magick?

As a child, growing up I was into the hidden mysteries of this world. And of course, no one in my family understood it at all. I always felt like the outlier. I’m an indigo, a starseed so I now get it. But, I didn’t then. Growing up was a little difficult.

Let’s talk about this magick element because this universe is a free will universe. That in and of itself is magick. But, what does that mean?

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That means there's positive and negative. Neither can we label as good or bad.

There’s also positive, white or light magick and then there's negative, black or dark, or evil magick. So, there’s high-frequency magick, and then there's low-frequency magick. High frequency means it's in the love, compassion, etc. high frequencies and has an intention of increasing positive aspects in the world for yourself and for others.

The negative, the low frequency magick is all about fear, scarcity control, the lowest of the low frequencies.

When we see the spectrum of consciousness, we can understand how this works.


Magick is real and it’s about intention and polarization-- there are choices within this free will construct that we live.

If you have this magician in you, like the strong urging, like I've always had since I was little, you must understand that in a timeline of what we call past, we were magicians and we need to know and tap into these things.

We need more POSITIVE light magick in this world!

When we feel its importance, there's a reason why. So, if you are a starseed, an indigo, if you are someone that's hunting and searching for this ancient truth, that they've called the occult, there’s a reason why.

The word occult only means what has been hidden.


It’s an important time to really get this free will universe and know that magick is absolutely real.

The magic energy of both the positive and the negative happening right now is at its height. And it's the stream in which we want to tap into and, or add to that, is of importance.

It’s imperative to know: fear begets fear. That emotion is something that you, if you tap into fear energy of anything, then you are actually creating more of that energy in the world.

All of the "entertainment" programs/movies show the pentagram and other symbology as if the symbology is evil, however, this is absolutely an inversion of truth. It's a distortion to keep you away from the very things which actually can be utilized to tap into the subconscious workings of All Things.


You have the choice to use it in a positive way or a negative way. The tool does not have intention, the being that is DOING the magick creates that frequency.

It's the intention that is the magick, not a symbol. A symbol is a neutral tool that has nothing to do with either of the things (positive or negative), but it is how you use it. For example, the Nazi symbol symbology now completely stands for negative and horrific things but that symbol that they used is an ancient symbol that has nothing to do with evil.


They took it and used it for their negative evil.

Now, what happens when positive people, light-love people, take these symbols back and use them the way that we can use them for the positive light?

A symbol does not tap into energy, these three things though do:

  • The human does…

  • Intention does…

  • Words do…

We’ll keep diving into this more as we must discover these ancient truths to really get what’s going on in this world.

Here's to discovering magick again…