The Deep State Plan: Russians Are Always Our Scapegoats

Rise Up In Truth

We have to reach into the truth vault and go back in time to find the real truth and see a much larger picture about this narrative being pushed down people's throats.

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Mainstream media is owned by the cabal, deep state, or dark forces; you can use the name that feels good to you. I use dark forces for it is a force much more intense than corrupt politicians and weirder than I think many can realize... (but still a very few of them in comparison to the whole, especially those of us serving the light!).

Media platforms (news platforms of any kind be it print or TV) probably were created initially with the intent to inform and educate, but as always they were taken over by evil when it was truly understood how to program/hypnotize people and massive research was garnered as to how mind control works. Now the mainstream media dumps BS onto the masses and most things are created for actual "programming" and mind control. 

Much "entertainment" as we look at the television and all the things created since then were created to "entertain" humanity, but most of this comes with an intention to keep the masses of humans occupied and trapped into a pre-written narrrative to ensure that humanity stays enslaved. In fact, George Orwell wrote his novel 1984 while working for BBC in the UK because he saw them controlling the narrative and lying even back then (you can find more on that here). 

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MSM liars (aka the controlled puppets) NEVER tell the truth, so let us read between the lines of what is happening between the Ukraine and Russia.

Let me preface this by saying that NO WAY is it ever OK that innocent lives get stuck in all this CRAP!!!!! THIS SHIT NEEDS TO END!!!! We cannot have this go on any longer. We need to shit it all down.

We should probably talk about the white hat alliance, too. Is Putin a part of this "white hat alliance" that is trying to help take out the deep state? My gut says yes, as does all the research. But, does that mean that Putin isn't corrupt? That he isn't yet another narcissist? Of course he is corrupt and sadly, yes, he is a narciccist. Anyone (even if they're amazing) wouldn't want to dictate for 20 years and still going... they'd want fresh eyes, fresh council, etc. etc. (so this is how we know "serving humanity" is not at the heart of a person's intention). 

However, with that said, I do KNOW based on all my many, many hours of research for years now that there is 100% a "white hat alliance" that includes a wide group of people that has at the very least said that they'll help take this horribly EVIL cabal down. 

You can check out my former research on all that here.

Does that make some of these people that are a part of this alliance totally "good humans" like Trump, etc.? Mmm, not by my standards. They are still people I want to see ran out of their positions of "power" and we start ANEW with a BALANCED republic of REAL leaders (women 100% must be included!), and push out these old men and other "leaders" who not understand the GALACTIC picture and who are infected with negative energies surrounding narcicissm and greed. 

MY BIGGER VISION: "I want leadership in this world to guide us back to TRUTH which is to TRULY help all living beings thrive and to do so with a ferocity and passion that has never been seen before!"  - Natalie VIglione

However, we've got to know the truth as to what's happening, and so here are some big and important truth bombs and resources for review below. 

That way you can also come to your own conclusion using YOUR intuition and inner guidance system about all of this deep state narrative coming out:

1. NATO is chock FULL of hard ass criminals and murderers (we can bring that on up to UN too) - former Nazis and German war criminals served at the highest echelons of NATO (do research there and you will find the truth, here's a spot to kick off your rabbit hole search).

2. There were never “tensions” around energy… the MSM keeps harping on this lie. Putin has wanted to make the EU to "approve a new pipeline," then isn't that a clear indication that Russia wants to sell even more oil / gas to Europe? MSM keeps on the lies, but they sometimes get caught in their lies. Here's an MSM platform that now probably has to eat their words. Link here and what they said is, "Putin also called on the EU to approve a new Russian gas route..."

3. Putin has some pretty amazing hidden truth drops in his speech. He has stated, "This has to do with the entire system of international relations…fundamental norms that were adopted following WWII…came in the way of those who declared themselves the winners of the Cold War…[The Khazarian mafia] had a feeling of absolute superiority…coupled with the low cultural standards. For our country, it is a matter of life and death We had to stop that atrocity:, that genocide of the millions of people who live there, we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians…We all know that having justice and truth on our side is what makes us truly strong." Link here to the full speech.

As you can see, there is WAY more than meets the eye here around this (as always). 

Are you starting to see the REALLY big picture here, too? [If so, comment below!]

Then, there's the US (lying as always) government (with their handy deep state script) saying that all the pain of what's "coming down the pipeline" like the major inflation, cyber attack, etc. etc. is all Russia's fault... seriously?! Using Russia as scapegoats AGAIN? When will the pure evil US corporation (they try to call a government) stop with that? It's getting really old.

And one last note: Remember this from May 2021? It was out all OVER media (MSM and then other REAL media platforms) that there is a Ukrainian energy company that was (is still?) paying President Biden's son Hunter $1 million a year… 

Please see this in the time vault of truth as proof: Ukraine Press Release Had Revealed Biden’s Crime Family...

Hmmm, I wonder why he was being paid?! Oh, wait... this is why:

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Also, for my fellow researchers and seekers of truth, look up “ Khazarian mafia” and go on that rabbit hole search journey as you will see this bigger picture a lot faster. You can't imagine the pure evil (well, you probably can)!


Here's another great resource to watch: 


Again, I want to emphasize that nothing is OK about war and putting fear into people, the plants, nature, into all lliving beings. This ALL has to END. It makes me sick. And for all living beings that are in Ukraine, or anywhere near that area, or within any area that is infused with devastation with military influences, my heart aches for the fear people feel and I want to send love into the hearts of all... (I get overwhelmed at times thinking about this most days, as I am sure you do as well).

This senseless war-mongering goes on EVERY day for some people. Like in Yemen. Have you seen what has been happening there? It takes a lot of research to find that truth. That region has air raids DAILY! But, where-oh-where is the MSM on that?! No one gives a shit about them, I guess? (This is how we KNOW that this Ukraine-Russia narrative that they're shoving down people's throats is NOT the real truth.)

Fear, death, pain, suffering are all things that the dark forces EAT for breakfast and they do so with a side of adrenochrome. (That's really dark, I know, but I'm not kidding either.) We are not dealing with HUMANS here in the sense that we think (humans like us as a part of nature), but we are dealing with something else entirely, or with puppets that are so overtaken with evil entities they they aren't even actually human anymore... that's a lot to report on, so more on that later. 

Article by ~ Natalie Viglione