The Underlying Truth and Meaning of the Sequence of These So-Called “Variants”

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In this video (and below in the article), I decode the evil message that's being broadcasted using "variants" as control mechanisms.

Yes, there's an evil message (crazily) and a structure to the way that they've chosen the names and are pushing them out into the world (it's pretty WILD when you see it all laid out!).

Here's the underlying truth and the meaning of the sequences of the so-called "variants" around the word "c - ovid" (that is a c-word that I will NOT give energy to so I refuse to even spell it out).

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There has been, since the dawn of time (when we were gifted free choice via duality, which later was manipulated, but that's another story) the ability for us humans to use the innate magickal abilities we have and the tools and codes of this universe for 2 things: 

1) Magick for the light (some people call this “good” but at the root it is positive, a Higher Frequency [high magick], for Divine Abundance and Empowerment).  

2) Magick for evil (some people call this “bad” but at the root it is negative, a lower frequency [low magick], for control and dominance, and most of all, for stealing of energies).    

Let’s talk about these “variants” they’re putting out into the world.    

The true story of the evil magick that they’re creating is that it's using their low frequency/low magick spells, and we must read and understand what they’re saying because they’re trying to rope people into the deceit and lies.  "Spells" are spelling of words, and spelling/speaking is a basic form of magick that all humans have the innate ability to utilize. This is why it's so important to have clarity when we speak with clear thoughts and intentions.

These variants are for an “illness” they created in an evil boardroom to scare people into submission (YES, illness is real. YES, flu happens. But NO, there is not an illness that begins with c and ends in ovid). Rise Up In Truth will not give this energy that word because it is lies and deceit for fear-based or low/evil magick usage.   

These “variants” have been carefully and intentionally named with the right SPELLing for the evil agenda.   

Let’s review the REAL UNDERLYING TRUTH of what they’re putting out into the world so we can know how they speak their evil (globally). 

This list here below is in the order of how they pushed the "variants" out into the world from different countries:   

(Here's a link here and here to see the list from different places they said the "variants" came from so you can check them out, and I also show it in the video above.)

1. alpha - c. 1300, from Latin alpha, from Greek alpha, from Hebrew or Phoenician aleph, meaning "first in a sequence." 

2. zeta – from Greek zed, c. 1400. Old French zede, from Late Latin zeta, from Greek zēta, from Hebrew zayin, letter name, literally "weapon;" in reference to the shape of this letter in ancient Hebrew. 

3. delta -  from Greek delta, from Phoenician and Hebrew daleth, pausal form of deleth "door," so called from its shape. The form of the modern letter is the Greek delta (Δ) with one angle rounded. As the sign for "500" in Roman numerals, it is said to be half of CIƆ, which was an early form of M, the sign for "1,000" and stands for 3-D for "three-dimensional."  

4. lambda - Greek letter name, from a Semitic source akin to Hebrew lamedh. The twelfth letter, Roman form of Greek lambda, which is from the Semitic meaning lamed. The shape of the Roman letter is an early one in Greek, adopted in Italic before it was superseded in Greek by the inverted form which became the Greek lambda.  

a. What does "lame" mean? (v.) “to make lame” Old English lama "crippled, lame; paralytic, weak”  

5. omicron – (the latest fake "variant" they've marketed to the world) 15th letter of the Greek alphabet, c.1400, literally a "small 'o,' " from o + Greek (s) mikros or "small" and the O, is Omega and is the fifteenth letter of the alphabet, from a character that in Phoenician was called 'ain (literally means "eye"). 

a. What does "eye" mean? (n.) To have (or keep) an eye on"keep under supervision" and is attested from early 15c.   

Using these ancient language roots from ETYMOLOGY (you can research this yourself using a root base of ancient languages source like an Etymology Dictionary as shown in the video above).    

Now we can break it all down to discover the truth of the “story” aka spell. This clearly shows that these names/letters were not chosen by “accident” or for any reason other than their evil intent.   

Root meanings of each of the "variant" names

(alpha) The first in a sequence 

(zeta) A weapon 

(delta) A 3D door  

(lambda) To make lame, crippled, paralytic, weak  

(omicron) Eye: to keep under supervision   


The first in a sequence: A weapon and 3D door to make HUMANS lame, crippled, paralytic, weak, and to keep them under supervision.   

That is their spell and their evil magick.  They think they're SO clever. Little do they know who is breathing down their slimy necks. The truth will ALWAYS be revealed whether it's through me and this platform or through someone else... 

BREAK THE SPELL. Do not pay attention to these “variants” for something made in an evil marketing lab. They are lies and they are deceits driving fear to dominate and control your very essence of magick… the very thing that makes you human!      


Research by Natalie Viglione, Rise Up In Truth creator

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