The Future of Earth and the Changing of the Guards

Rise Up In Truth

Visions of the future and the leadership of Earth-- it will be a stark turn away from the patriarchal control structures and money/fear-mongering negative service-to-self factions.

The "queen" has passed (as you may have seen, if you haven't, please click here) and this is a clearing of many things... the biggest thing is the CHANGING OF THE GUARDS! I put this in quotes because this was not a chosen "queen" this set of the old ways was something much more sinister, but that's a whole other article so we won't go down that path right now. ;)

Eventually, our ENTIRE world will become a service-to-others focused republic (or confederation) of beings with a number one priority to create opportunities for health and abundance for ALL living beings (flora, fauna, human), including the living being that we live on, Earth.

As someone that is an intuitive and has psychic abilities, I have received visions of this exact future I speak of. It's not just a "possible timeline" it is the POSITIVE and real timeline that IS a reality in a future time/space.

Having the ability to receive visions (called precognitive empathic abilities), the visions have always come to me at night in what we would call dreams, as do sessions of learning with higher positive dimensions of my higher Self. So, for me, the nighttime is a time of great action and learning! Sometimes these don't come at the perfect linear time, but happen before something happens. It's a powerful way to see in different ways, and not with the eyes . . .

The vision of this future and the "changing of the guards" is here, and it's happening within the framework of Earth's leadership and visions of how this would come about started coming to me in 2020.

When I look at our political "leadership" framework globally, all that I see is broken. While there are some good people mixed in currently, the masses of those involved in politics are typically NOT positively-focused humans as they do NOT have a focus for the good of all beings (all beings meaning humanity, Earth, flora, and fauna).

Instead, we have a bunch of beings that get into these positions of "power" that are service-to-self; meaning they are negatively polarized and typically narcissistic, or worse, sociopathic. And, they don't have the "good of all beings" in mind. This is just a truth that we have to recognize. If we can see how broken it is, we can look away from these political parties within any region/nation, and start looking at how we can help fuel a NEW future to emerge.

A new future of "guardianship" so to speak, where all living beings are seen as conscious (be it the Earth, the cosmos, plant life [flora], fauna [all animals/insects etc.], and humanity), and the world is not ran by greed and those that are power-hungry for more and more control.

We need a more equitable structure built where genders are equally honored in leadership roles, where billionaires don't get into office just because they've lied and cheated their way to the "top" of this inversion, and we instead seek out those that want to truly SERVE others. For the first time in many thousands of years, we will create a pathway where there will be REAL leaders, not fake posers only seeking to serve themselves.

While those of us who choose to be sovereign beings would love to think that this Earth could do without "leadership" the reality is that on this planet (due to its unique structure) it will not be possible to work without any kind of structure of guardianship. There are currently far too many people that have become complacent in stagnation and the status quo (that is not supporting evolution in any way), and also have forgotten how to respect themselves, therefore the hope that they can respect any other living being (flora, fauna, Earth, or human) isn't going to happen.

So, there is a level of protection that needs to exist with those that can truly serve others and create harmony on this planet stepping into those roles. The people that want to enslave or hurt others in order to serve themselves need to be pushed to the wayside so that the rest of the world can move onto higher consciousness where living in harmony with the Earth and all living beings becomes commonplace.

You may be thinking that this changeout sounds great but when is it going to happen? The truth is, I don't know the exact dates but there is a powerful time that commences when the death of the old (e.g. queen) passing, but I do know it WILL transpire as far as the entire changing of the ENTIRE guardianship. This REBUILDING will come with time.

The changing of the guards to include true (and real) honest leadership will happen. The negative "empires" will fall, and the true republic (or confederation) will rise up.

How can we help this new paradigm begin? Well, the most important steps for right now are to stop feeding the current beast. Start rejecting any and all things that do you and your body harm. Ban and boycott these horrible corporations that create products that hurt, kill, and pillage other beings (flora, fauna, human or the Earth). Stop supporting these silly political parties and start finding (or creating!) a more harmonious group that can can come forth and take the lead. We also need to start defining what a TRUE leader means.

For example, in the United States, we have two gangs fighting for control; the demoCRIPS and the reBLOODlicans (this is a reference from a book that Jesse Ventura wrote many years ago). Both sides seek in some way to take away human rights, or create more and more division, to control people via money or some other mechanism, hurt the Earth, enslave, create more chaos, take control over people's bodies, etc. Each side with its own viewpoint of "what's right" that totally ignores the real truth of what's right for ALL living beings.

We must realize that democracy died a long, long time ago, and the only way that we can hope to create an Earth that lives in more harmony is to realize that we need to start again. In fact, this may mean that humanity starts breaking into smaller and smaller tribes with a mind towards rebuilding from that base. Choosing leaders from smaller tribes and they become a vast network of true leaders that come together to protect ALL BEINGS, including the Earth.

We let the framework that exists right now crumble so that we build it all back up.

Time will tell how this plays out, but what I know is that it WILL exist. There will be more harmony for those that choose to create it with others, and stepping away from what currently is...

~ Article by: Natalie Viglione
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