The Zen Warrior Way: Banning and Boycotting All Things That Do Us Harm

Rise Up In Truth

By: Natalie Viglione

How do we win this war being waged against humanity, the planet, and all living beings on this Earth?

We begin to ban and boycott ALL things that do this Earth, humanity, and all of the flora and fauna harm. It could be as simple as that...

What if we don't participate anymore in voting because it's a JOKE (the ENTIRE SYSTEM is broken)?

What if we don't participate anymore in buying ANYTHING that does us harm (including anything that harms the Earth and plants, animals, etc.)?

What if we all threw our cell phones away?

What if we all said NO to eating ANY food besides local, organic, NON-toxic, NON-GMO food?

Can you IMAGINE how quickly this Earth would change?

Can you IMAGINE how amazing this planet could be if EVERYONE participated in a huge standing up and saying ... FUCK NO, WE WILL NOT COMPLY AND PLAY THIS GAME ANY LONGER!

I dream of this.

I meditate on this.

Because THIS is how we win. We quietly just exit this 3D inverted world to create anew and stop playing these stupid games.

What happens if a bully can't get a fear response from someone and they are ignored? They go away and try to find the kid who will fear them. These kinds of people eat fear for breakfast and sadly, it's often because they have severe childhood trauma that has never been healed.

This is what we deal with today. A bunch of extremely old children that have so much trauma that they stepped onto a negative pathway of living. They have become "evil beings" that eat fear and feed others fear for breakfast.

I see that we have a choice. We can do this another way. But it requires EVERY SINGLE PERSON (for the most part) to stop playing the games and to truly RISE UP!

It takes courage and requires us to tap into our ancient soul consciousness of eternity so that materialism, greed, power, control, or IGNORance starts to slip away.

It will require the warriors, the ancient ones here to stand up as a Zen Warrior and lead the path so others can see it's possible.

What is a Zen Warrior?

It's an ancient soul that carries deep yet expansive courage, bravery, and an innate desire to protect those that don't have voices or the capacity to stand up. This is the archetype of the lion and the lioness. They're usually the ONLY ones that go the opposite way ON PURPOSE (with DEEP purpose).

To live as the light warriors, rainbow warriors, Zen Warriors, or as Earth/Warriors of Gaia (Gaia is the word used for Earth but recognizing that this is a living, conscious being that we live on that we have called Earth), it requires us to be the people who carry the torch to step into the new world empowered.

We have a powerful warrior within our beings, but warriors without the desire to cause destruction and more pain. This world does NOT NEED anymore destruction nor pain!

"A Zen Warrior is a person who stands up for what's right no matter what, and a person who does not victimize themselves and has never succumbed to mind control." - Natalie Viglione

This is a kind of person that finds their bravery, strength, and courage by looking within themselves. They know the impact of injustice and will always STAND UP first to uphold what's truly for the positive of ALL things, not just themselves. This person is a highly conscious ancient Being of Light that stands for all of the planet; the planet itself is CONSCIOUS, as is every thing on this planet (plants, animals, rocks, minerals, your cells, and so much more)!

What if all the Zen Warriors led the way to start BANNING and BOYCOTTING all the things that do this entire planet harm?

Are YOU a Zen Warrior?

Are YOU a light warrior?

...if so, I am so happy we are connected! Write a comment below and let me hear from you! Those of us with this ancient, high calling are rare but we're here!

[If you're not sure, you may love this quiz here to discern if you're a lightworker or a Light Warrior!]

As with many warriors in different timelines or dimensions (or both), sometimes there is no choice but to take up the swords and shields to storm the castle. Here's the hardest part about this world RIGHT NOW... There is not just ONE castle that we can all run to with our swords to take down the evil ones who have inverted this world for far too many centuries! There are TOO MANY castles and they're scattered all over the globe! It's an intricate web that has been weaved for many thousands of years.

We have to face this all so differently than in timelines where the sword and shield were the solutions.

We have to fight for truth and justice in new ways....

We are in the apocalypse and it's a good thing because that word is a Greek word apokalyptikos, from apokalyptein meaning "uncover, disclose, reveal," so it is the time of the GREAT revealing, or unveiling!

But there is so much more BEAUTY in this all which I'll cover in more writings to come.

People have the right solutions to heal this entire world, but are suppressing those solutions. We need this cycle to end.

This is why it takes action and courage.

A Zen Warrior doesn't mean meditating or trying to "pray" things away because that is the antithesis of action and that has never been the answer. We must ACT but act in a new way. A way we haven't thought possible before now ...

You could also call the Zen Warrior a Gaia Warrior or a Light Warrior for this ethos is one and the same.

Inaction during this time when great injustices are being brought down onto humanity, this planet, and nature is something we should all take very seriously. We cannot sit and keep doing the same ole same ole! Things are not "returning to normal" and so NOW IS THE TIME TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY!

It is going to require something different. Something extremely uncomfortable. If we were to examine the horrific events of the nazi regime and the holocaust, we must realize that we're in the exact same time but the battle front looks different and the war has been placed onto all of of humanity and all beings on this Earth, rather than a sub-segment.

(Note: when I lower case something, I do it on purpose so as not to give that word power nor importance, this is the essence of taking power back and words are magick!)

Those of us who choose the new path to speak truth, those of us who choose to not have a bioweapon injected into our bodies, we have become the "threats." We must learn right now that if we don't stand strong, if we don't interlock arms putting any narcissism or greed or other bullshit things of the old world away, then this will take so much longer than necessary ...

So now is the time to do LOTS of personal development and spiritual work to rid your soul of the bullshit that has kept you down for far too long!

Then we need to start locking arms and getting UNIFIED with the new energetic frequency of the Earth; Gaia is alive and graduating into an all-new density (4D)... we need to tap into Her innate wisdom because we hold that wisdom within us.

How do we do this? WE BAN. WE BOYCOTT. We no longer buy anything or support any company that does us harm! We boycott EVERYTHING that does ANYONE harm! We stand up for what's right even if you're the ONLY person to do so in your family or where you live.

Ignite NOW to become a Zen Warrior with me!

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By BANNING the companies (products or services), we start DISEMPOWERING THEM and taking OUR power back! By not voting, we require the ENTIRE system to crumble. By not buying shit that hurts us, we hurt them where it counts (the bank)!

It's really quite simple, but the process of doing it, however, is not simple.

Here are some ways for us to all start unifying and how to start banning and boycotting:

  • Ban and do not consume harmful foods with poisons, toxins & chemicals and do not eat it anymore and say NO to companies doing this. Bombard them with emails that say NO to their BS. This will require you understanding what is bad and what's good. Here's a good place to start .
  • SHOP LOCAL MARKETS and only buy organic (truly organic). Believe me, the pain you save by going organic can mean life or death... truly it's that serious. Glyphosate alone kills people and so much of nature already... it's really horrendous what has been done to our food and it's imperative people realize this!
  • Ban and boycott using tap or other drinking water (meaning ingesting it), and start fixing what you drink at home. Regardless of whether you rent or own, you can fix your water situation. Structured water and filtering out the microscopic toxins (like plastics, heavy metals, etc.) and adding in nutrients is where the answer is. It's not enough to just filter, we have to add the good nutrients back in.  Water is THE FOUNDATION to health!
  • Boycott harmful content they label as "entertainment." Get rid of the disney channel as they are 100% mind controlling children (go look at the new Goofy movie teaching kids that masks are normal, it is deplorable!) 
  • Ban/boycott any service or product that puts any toxins into the air, sea or on land. Do some research on this as it's very important! If you want to make your head spin, read this book linked here. It's all about one of THE MOST evil corporations that has ever existed called monsanto/bayer. 
  • Ban any doctor or institution supporting the bioweapon usage and start looking to TRUE HEALTH & WELLNESS connecting into Naturopathic Doctors, Master Herbalists, Healers, etc. There is a NEW way to look at how to prevent dis-ease in the body and create a world of HEALTHY humans not dependent on pharmaceuticals. 
  • Ban big pharma and their synthetic drugs. I know some people feel trapped and will think "But I can't do that, I rely on X drug..." but let me tell you the truth on this whole scheme they've played on humanity for far too long. I am getting my Masters in Herbalism, and whatever it is that someone is taking from big pharma, it is 100% a synthetic version of something that ALREADY EXISTS IN NATURE!

What big pharma does is they test a plant and see if it has a specific chemical property. Let's say they know a plant (aka herb) can combat blood pressure, for example. They take out ONE chemical constituent of the plant that they *think* is "the chemical" that can help blood pressure. They isolate that chemical and RECREATE it in a lab making a FAKE (aka synthetic) version. But, here's the thing, that NATURAL, organic part of a plant WAS A WHOLE PLANT that offered WAY more healing than that isolated one chemical constituent they synthetically recreated and threw into some drug ever could! They do this Every. Single. Time.

NOTHING a big pharma company has EVER created hasn't already existed in a plant in nature. These companies STEAL a plant from nature and synthetically recreate a portion of it in a lab, so this is also war on organic versus inorganic. What these big pharma companies do is beyond criminal and corrupt, it's pure evil. Inorganic and synthetic things taken from nature all because they want the trillions of dollars they get in revenue for stealing health from under our very feet. If you want to read about how big pharma was really started and the path to move us AWAY from true health and ancient wisdom creating an empire for GREED, CORRUPTION and CONTROL, start here.

Like I said above, this is not easy to recreate our entire lives around a new truth. But, it's THE way forward. I know it with every ounce of my soul...

I've got an ancient warrior heart, and this heart does not play games or buy into bullshit, and I hope to see more and more of us standing up and creating a MOVEMENT of banning and boycotting!