The Role of Belief in Manifestation Magick

By Natalie Viglione

When you believe in something with unwavering faith, you send out powerful vibrations to the universe, attracting the circumstances, people, and opportunities that align with your desires. But it’s WAY more than belief...

Manifestation Magick is all about harnessing this energy and directing it towards your goals. By visualizing your desires as if they have already come true, you send a clear intention to the universe and open yourself up to receive. But it's not just wishful thinking; belief and manifestation magick require action. You must take inspired steps towards your goals and trust in the process.

Inside you’ll find my formula for stepping up as a powerful co-creator, some truths that we must see so that we can be fully and completely aware of where we place ourselves amongst the purposefully created “chaos” of what we see before our eyes.

Most importantly, how we diffuse it. Manifestation is far more than what the “new age” calls “law of attraction.”



In this video, I will decode magick as it relates to manifestation, how it relates to where we find ourselves at this current time collectively, and point out some truths that we must see so that we can be fully and completely aware of where we place ourselves amongst the purposefully created “chaos” of what we see before our eyes. Most importantly, how we diffuse it. Manifestation is far more than what the “new age” call “law of attraction.” Let’s unfold the Original and Organic Creation Magick together...

Let's pretend that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

Since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to ancient books, texts, scrolls, and tablets; I’m always seeking the books of the mages, the stories of the medicine women and medicine men of olde, and of the magick of the REAL magicians — I seek to sit with the magick both within our dimension and outside of it. I don’t speak of E V I L magick, or low frequency magick that uses fear and much worse at its operational core. I speak of LOVE magick that uses the highest frequency known in ALL universes—love. This is the ORIGINAL or ORGANIC Creation Magick. And that core of magick is about the being that is making the magick, doing the magick. The power of magick is our WILL and INTENTION.

But no matter what ancient texts I read, or what my Dreamtime Seeing provides to me, or how far I go into the depths of rabbit holes of research, what I now know is that there’s a basic magick formula for manifesting (meaning bringing things to fruition) that this universe runs on is pretty simple actually. Humans use magick and cast spells all day long... but most aren’t even aware of what they’re doing and that magick is absolutely real. It just doesn’t show up in the form of sparkling essences from our fingertips... though I dare say that just because our eyes can’t see the ray of light in this realm, that has no bearing on whether that actually happens or not and I would say that it DOES happen but our eyes aren’t tuned to see it (and for a reason). Could you imagine shooting light from your fingertips all day long? It’d be more than distracting, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a graphic I created to help us go through this topic.

The Magick Power of Co-Creation, Manifestation, Law of Attraction

Our mind, heart and soul run on the frequencies coming into (and from within our own selves) that set our intentions and emotions and these two things influence each other consistently. This is how the mind comes into this all, by working with these aspects.

Often thoughts/intentions/emotions are NOT in alignment with the words. And every time we speak, these are essentially codes or frequencies and words make up SPELLS, hence of course why it’s called SPELLING. That isn’t a coincidence! As Alan Moore in his V for Vendetta graphic novel states, “There is no coincidence. Only the illusion of coincidence.”

Words are the vibrations that emit frequencies into the world. The last element are actions, and often actions don’t match all the other pieces. So what happens when all these pieces ARE NOT in alignment fully? This is why manifestation is extremely difficult for many. Also, often things are not kept in realistic frameworks or someone doesn’t actually believe any of it is possible. There are moving parts that make up the entire magickal workings of manifesting in our realm (and beyond, but let’s keep it simple).

Now, when we bring all of these aspects into TOTAL alignment, this is when MAGICKAL things happen, and when creatively expressing these manifestation desires are done, things happen VERY quickly. I’ve experienced this first-hand for a very long time, and the power of it is beyond what I can express as it’s truly magick.

Confusions About Prayer

Prayer is often misunderstood, and there are many varying forms of prayer; prayer in ritual or ceremony, prayer of gratitude and thanks, etc., and often it's interpreted as "we are supposed to be asking for something" and that's something to happen to us or to bring something to us in our life.

But the issue here is that when we ask for it then we're acknowledging that it's not here now! When we ASK for something, we say "it's not here" and this means that we have just told the universe that the something we need/want/desire does not exist here. So, the universe keeps it that way... YES, THAT IS HOW POWERFUL WE ARE!

However, when we feel into the details using all of our senses and paint the picture entirely, when we tell the story, write it into the fabric of existence, etc., what we are creating is ENERGY and the right coding framework. We build it through harmonic resonance with the thing(s) we want/desire, then we give thanks of gratitude and appreciation that the manifestation has already happened... this is how you're telling the codes of the universe that it exists. Thereby, it does exist and it is manifested!

This is something that ancient ones on this Earth have known innately, yet over time and through misinformation (purposefully created misinformation), the true teachings have been stamped out. It's time to ensure we bring this wisdom back to light.

"To manifest, we must incorporate all of our senses. We do not ASK for something to happen, we feel as if it has already happened, and we give deep gratitude back into the Divine Realm of Possibilities that it is so." ―Natalie Viglione

Speaking the Universe "Language"

We need to speak to the universe in ITS desired way through the ether or field of intelligence -- intentions PLUS emotions (aka feelings), the gratitude that it already exists, and no attachment to the outcome... these are THE foundations to the real mode of prayer (which is the process of manifestation).

The Nag Hammadi Library holds the lost teachings; these are teachings that were left out of the Bible and such on purpose for it gives us powerful wisdom. The Gospel of Thomas reveals a lot of truth around what the manifesting (aka prayer) process should be, and that is available to read online if you're called into reading that.

There are people talking about this, like Gregg Braden, so there are varying places to look more into this for your research rabbit holes. But the important part is DOING IT!

If you want details about this all, I have in-depth guides on my Disrupt Now Programs, Awakening Magick website and you can see more here:

ACTIVATING THIS CODE INTO THE UNIVERSE is a big part, but what I want to hone in on ONE more aspect – belief. Why is BELIEF also a fundamental piece to all of this?

If someone states what they desire to manifest and do all the things right, YET deep within that mind of theirs, if they have a negative being sending frequencies in that is hijacking the clarity, that mind spins making them NOT believe that it’s possible. There’s a fundamental misalignment in this case. If a person does NOT believe it CAN BE SO then it won’t be. No matter what they do, how much they try, it just won’t work. That negative aspect of non-belief totally hijacked the entire working because the honest answer is that the deepest of the deepest thoughts weren’t actually in alignment with the rest.

OR perhaps this person’s mind is hijacked by frequencies not their own—more on this another time as that’s an entire video in itself.

Belief, as far as I have felt into and have received information on as a Seer, belief is absolutely vital to the magickal essence of manifesting. As is keeping things realistic. For example, someone trying to manifest a 10,000 sq. Foot home by tomorrow is nonsense. So, when I speak of these things, I am speaking of actually doable elements, and the other things is that many get so hung up on this materialistic manifestation when that’s missing the point. What is the EMOTION that would come from a need to be fulfilled? Joy? Peace? Safety? These underpinnings are what matters. The backbone as to the why and the what.

Something that I guide people on in my work is that there’s a creative way to really dig into what you want to manifest. Once I build the fabric of all the process of manifesting – the formula if you will, then bringing in a creative aspect to VIBRATE it further into the Intelligence of All That Is is the top layer of magick. The icing on the magick cake, we could say.

So, if you can sing, sing what you desire out loud. If you can write poems or write in general, write about it, and really get detailed and write about it often. If you can draw, draw what you desire to manifest, etc.--you get the gist. Creatively bringing things to life is part of being a powerful co-creator, and this is yet another layer that is often missed.

Let’s take all of this and zoom out to see the bigger picture of how things unfold in our realm.

Alan Moore said it best in his V for Vendetta, another quote that is perfect, “Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.”

Yes. This realm was hijacked by otherworldly negative beings that DO NOT want HUmans (HU is for Harmonic Universe), I discuss this in my video called Cosmic Mother and the Blue Ray That’s Working Through Blue Ray Starseeds & Indigos and this is a first of its kind, a harmonic universe held within the Great White Lion grid holding the Truth and Wisdom of its real parent, the Cosmic Mother, and these negative factions do not want this Trinity Form to evolve. It’s ending their kind of extremism and of course they don’t want it to end. The negative aspects of magick are the OPPOSITE of love, and it’s using the same framework essentially, the same tools, but with very different operational aspects (using fear, hate, greed, and worse).

  1. This otherworldly faction uses their human counterparts buying up and running all of the mainstream outlets for creativity, think on these: Movies. Newspapers. News.... all things media.
  2. This faction then sits in what I call their E V I L strategy boardroom and unifies around a common manifestation desire. They’re not friendly co-workers, they’re all just trying to consume and take as much power, control, light, etc. as they can, but they are UNITED. 
  3. The non-human aspects (outside our realm) send in frequencies, and the actual humans that they’ve made into their errand boys and girls do what they’re told. They write movie scripts, they get morally corrupt people and bring them into their fold to bring things to fruition, etc. It’s a total and complete manifestation magick formula and they’re united on that front.

Then added to the top of this all, they all believe in this and have all these strategic moves to take bold action. They know that if all these things are in alignment and they believe they can do it, they feel they can’t be stopped.

Do you see what I am getting at here?

It is a many thousands of years UNITED front working AGAINST all things love and all things evolutionary, all things positive, and in a very organized, magickal way. E V I L magickal way, but magick nonetheless.

Unfortunately, many of us here with messages to negate all these negative factions from doing what they’re doing, we’re the ones called looneys, crazies, theorists of some crazy kind, etc. We aren’t believed... of course, that table is turning finally now and with magnificent speed. Yet, not fast enough on some levels. My desire is to speak these truths out there so that more and more can somehow catch the ripple of the Love Magick and this quickens the everythingness of this all...

The other challenge is that we are One... this is the Law of One at its core, and because we are One, we are all without a doubt greatly affected by people’s choices and how they act within our realm (those that aren’t aware of what’s happening, for example). We end up getting sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place as that adage goes.

Here’s what I am proposing as a SOLUTION.

What I am seeing is that the negative ones always lay the groundwork. They show us, tell us through creative means, and then they go for it. In a moment, I will share HOW we negate it and that is how we UNIFY on the OPPOSITE side and hold the space for Divine Love.

These are two new releases... the creative formats these factions use are often movies. Looking deeply into WHO is involved in movies, WHEN they’re released, and WHAT it is all connected into is part of the detective power, being the strategic dot connector about these codes of magick.

Leave the World Behind

This netflix movie is based on the 2020 novel of the same name by a person named Rumaan Alam; I think the date that this “book” was released is beyond intriguing, don’t you? Also, it was in 2018 or so Alam landed a job as the editor of special projects at The New York Times. Exactly. New York Times. Who owns that? That’s a rabbit hole in and of itself. In this book, strange, dystopian ‘end of world’ events unfold around two couples and the two families navigate racial tension, suspicion, and you guessed it, whole lots of fear, etc.

What I find absolutely fascinating is that a random guy working at NYT writes a book in 2020 and by 2023 there is a movie made and released? That means in about 2 years something was contracted because you don’t create a movie in a few months’ time. How is that exactly? Even the most wonderfully famous Harry Potter series, the first movie didn’t come out until 5 years after the first book became a major hit both in the UK and outside of it (and we all know the huge successes those books faced globally).

We must see the codes for what they are. And next, the poster has a stag on the front. This is symbolism that has been increasing in the past years. And, in all the goodness that symbol represents, of course, these negative factions invert them. So, what does it mean when they invert it and look deeper as to why? Here’s what the director of that movie said, “Deer are peaceful creatures. To turn that sweet image into this sort of ominous, menacing, almost warning — I thought was really interesting. That’s the trick about this movie. We always tried to take the things that we never really considered a threat and then turn it around on them.”

Let’s talk about the director a bit and a big headline that came out: Leave The World Behind Director Addresses Conspiracy Theories About the Obamas’ Involvement. When the film’s director whose name is Sam Esmail was asked about this, here’s how he responded: “Esmail shared that the producers did not have a huge influence on the script since it’s a book adaptation and had already been written. Previously, Esmail shared that Barack Obama did help “ground” him a bit more on how things ‘might unfold in reality’ in regard to his experience watching real-life crises unfold as president.”

Civil War

The next movie, which I won’t even say the title as that is another part of their E V I L spell, is written and directed by Alex Garland. Look at the date it’s be released... and put a pin on that as we’ll come back to that.

In January 2022, it was reported that Garland had signed on to write and direct the film for A24 and DNA Films. (Yes, DNA Films... need I say more?) After much research, it’s not clear where this idea for the movie came from though. I lived in New York City for 9 years. I’ve seen that world of creative film-making and agencies behind them and I think the word toxic is barely scraping the surface. I am sure there are gems in there but those are few and far between, let’s be honest about that entire industry (which of course is changing on its head as well, thankfully so).

Let’s come back for a moment on that date of the movie. You are going to see things coming out from the “patriot” style of “truthers” that are now going to say that this is going to be what comes about in Spring 2024. Well, guess what? They just bought into the negative faction’s game.

In fact, you’ll see the E V I L owned manifestation tools they use (oh, typically that’s called media platforms), they’re already priming this and encoding their lowest of low primordial fear magick into people. And here is proof that this happens:

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Ironic isn’t it?

Make sure to look closely at the names.

Doesn’t get more mainstream, does it? This is how it works and always has. For every lie, manipulation, etc.

What I have realized is this is a way to get others to help the E V I L to create a timeline. The more people that they can get to BELIEVE in what THEY desire to manifest, well, it compounds it. That is POWER--the power of numbers. Releasing creative things like this is a way for the negative ones to try to create a strategic move, a way to manifest a desire, a way to create their desired timeline.

And far too many humans play into these themes without them knowing what is really going on. This magick weaves the primordial fear deep within the psyche of the subconscious of many—those aware and not aware alike. It’s a game really. An unfair game, but now we are unveiling the rules. For far too long one side held the rulebook, well, not anymore! The apocalypse--root meaning of this word means essentially “to unveil”-- is to unveil and even the playing field, so to speak.

Right, so now we see, but now how do we FLIP this on its head. We take their inversion of truth and turn this world right side up? Basically, this is what I call phasing.

The strongest souls on earth right now are those being called into True and Pure Guardianship again. The Emerald Founder Roundtable, the Guardian Founder Races, etc., etc. ALL the elements coming in, and the way they incarnated in many of us here (and have been that dropped their wisdom in and left it here for us to uncover for over a century), we are all working to end this extreme E V I L and their senseless warring, pillaging, and creating endless suffering, despair, etc.

When I was in Avebury Henge and other areas in the Awakening Lands of Albion wrapping around the Michael-Mary Dragon Line a couple months ago now, I had a poem come through from the lineage we call Merlin, or that I call MerLion, and I talk about this in my video called Unveiling Merlin: Who or What is Merlin & the Spiritual Connection to Our Evolution (at about the 3:30 mark in that video I discuss the poem that came through me from that lineage when I was there in those lands feeling that energy).

The poem is:

The magick of Merlin awakens for all to hear

Melding with Dragon and Arthur to rid the world of the primordial fear

The fear of ages boundless from time

We dissolve this now for all to know

For the time of pendragon allows the sacred energies to wind and flow

Pendragon returns the powers

Of Mother and Queen; of Magick that comes from the sacred towers


In this ending of the “primordial fear” this really is speaking of ridding universes of the beings that cause that fear... And, we flip this all by not moving into the primordial fear and we anchor in the timeline of LOVE by anchoring in our BELIEF and we also do the necessary workings of the manifestation magick formula I presented earlier... with the underpinning wisdom and knowing that it will not be so. We are not being IGNORant, we SEE everything very clearly, with more clarity than ever before because now we KNOW the rules of the game that this faction plays and we are armed with that wisdom. We do the MANIFESTING of the Original Creation or Organic Magick for the Greater Good of All Beings. I say “we” because anyone called into this channel / video / article will 100% of the desired higher octave and mending of all of creation to to an organic and original state of being. A being that wants to choose the negative path will not be listening to me... so I can say that WE don’t want the negative horrific timelines that these horribly E V I L factions desire to bring forth.


We want and are here to assist to provide paths of awakening magick and remembering so that more can CLEARLY choose without the prison framework (energetically speaking) that these otherworldly E V I L sorcerers trapped this realm in after the fall of Tara and the hijacking of the Gaia timelines took place (of which, I do remember, and I’ll share more on that all as we progress).


My desire is or all of us here is to bring forth the Highest Good Medicine through all our powerful and varying unique Sacred Missions. The pioneers – the indigos, starseeds and wanderers—let us manifest the OPPOSITE and anchor in the timeline. I do discuss this anchoring of timelines and choice points in my video called Energy Update for Samhain and into November 2023: What Timeline Do YOU Choose? That wasn’t just about Samhain and November 2023 moment (the Celtic New Year), but is a time of the energetic openings and the goal posts, if you will, for this anchoring aspect.

I do have manifestation articles that go in-depth. If we all start working this magick together, even if not actually TOGETHER, this is the workings of magick and when we all can be powerful in that knowing, this changes everything as far as I can see it all...

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all humans here with Sacred Missions to serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Together we are remembering the Original Creation Magick-- thank you so much for watching!