Energy Update for Samhain and into November 2023: What Timeline Do YOU Choose?

By Natalie Viglione

Let’s venture forth into the mystical realms of Albion. As the veil between worlds thins and the ancestors stir, the land hums with potent energy. At this sacred time of Samhain and the Celtic New Year, the Cosmic Dragon emerges, heralding the balance of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Within this mystical realm, the Blue Dragon Tiamat stirs, beckoning forth the magick of the ages. The very essence of this land, the very breath of its beings, pulsates with the vibrancy of otherworldly forces.

For the seeker who journeys forth, you have a Choice Point and a Critical Timeline to anchor your energies into; learn more in this Energy Update....



[00:00:05] Energy update for Samhain, the Celtic New Year, and November, what timeline do you choose? So let's gather around to dive into the energies right now through these stories and the insights I share. My purpose is to illuminate your path back to divine magick, your divine magick, and to help you launch your sacred purpose.

[00:00:32] And today with me, I have waffles. He's going to help us. I missed last week to upload as I was in the heart of the world, otherwise known as the Albion. So today I want to talk about these energies right now, which are extremely essential to innerstand. That means you stand from within yourself. to truly get it and to feel it.

[00:00:58] And to do so, I must [00:01:00] dive in a bit of a story about Albion, as well as my trip, as it brought into my being essential knowledge that I must share. So the lands of the Albion awaken, and they have been for a while, but right now is so extremely powerful for when I stood in Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill and other areas this past week, I felt the Sacred Towers coming alive. More on this in a bit...

[00:01:34] Okay. Albion: in ancient times, area of Ireland, Scotland, and Scotland, by the way, took up way more real estate and land than it does now, but. That's because there was an evil empire that took over. So, that's another story for another time. But, it also, Albion, was also in the area of Gaul, which [00:02:00] is now France, and then all those surrounding regions.

[00:02:03] And, this was all the kingdom, which was under a real king and queen, not hijacked kings, as we've seen. For far too many thousands of years now, but the land in that area is as we know, it's known as the UK and that holds Sacred Sites and there is something far more integral to the time that's happening right now, and it's not happening at Stonehenge like many think that that is such an attraction. The real energy is happening in Avebury Henge and the connecting ancient and sacred "tower" which I'll explain more of that "tower" aspect later, but that there is also Silbury Hill.

[00:02:47] Then, there's also Glastonbury Tor, the Isle of Avalon, and all of this area is KEY to what's going on right now. And critical to evolution for the bigger [00:03:00] picture of many things that are happening metaphysically in our world that will significantly affect our physical realm.

[00:03:09] So, in fact, the name for Scotland in Celtic languages is also Albion, Alba in Scottish and Scottish Gaelic, Alba in Irish, and Albon in Welsh, Cornish, and Breton, which actually is ancient British. So then later... That area became known as Albany, which is another name for Scotland. So you can see that Albion was truly the name and what that entire kingdom was.

[00:03:44] Albion at the root means Heart of the World. It is literally the Heart Chakra of our realm. So the answer as to why I've always been drawn to that land and [00:04:00] why it's drawing many of us into it is because it's a heart. So that should now be more clear for many of us and for you if you are seeking. In fact I remember in an incarnation coming through that Stargate.

[00:04:16] For you see that Albion is a Stargate. It is a Stargate. That we need to remember. So, avatars holding the Christ, or Krystal, or Krysted with a K. That means Krystal with a K. Consciousness, eons ago, came through this, that portal. It was a Sirius B portal. So, we Sirian Souls here were some of the original engineers of the construction of this realm - building the planetary structure of energy. So, the grids, working with what we today would call megaliths, and much more. So, the Stone Megaliths Avebury Henge are some of the [00:05:00] MOST powerful. And that was, and is, a massive galactic hub. And there are parallel dimensions, of higher dimensions and densities, that these regions are connected to. So, Gaia is really because we are in a trinity form of Earth, Tara, and Gaia. And Gaia is like the "higher realm", so you could think of it as like an ascended form of Earth.

[00:05:32] So, the energetics of this area. The UK all of that that I just said is supporting the earth and all of the beings here all including this little guy through basically what we're doing what it's what is happening is it's replenishing the energies through the awakening of the Land for the Land everyone [00:06:00] IS Goddess...

[00:06:03] So, in a previous video, I discussed the real tree of life, connecting into the 12 strand DNA. So it was a 12 point tree of life. This actually holds so much relevance to the lands of Albion, so it is The True Original Creation Blueprint of what we could say is the Universal Tree of Life. So that mirrors the land, the energetics of the land dragon which mirrors our bodies all of ours the multidimensional layers of creation .This is all connected to the Dragon Energy And I now know and can name this Dragon Energy with my Being and, of course, there are others here that feel this too.

[00:06:55] But since this trip into the Albion, I've fully [00:07:00] confirmed that that Dragon Energy within me has, and always has been, Tiamat. More on that dragon at another time. But this was a very, a very big piece to the bigger, bigger, bigger puzzle. So, this Awakening of The Goddess within the Albion is the process of reintegrating the Mother of the World and this template that the Albion land actually holds Consciousness wise is the Original Soul Blueprint.

[00:07:40] What does that mean? Okay. That means literally the Blueprint. of the first divine human ever created in a silicate matrix with and had the matching name of Albion. So, these lands that I just [00:08:00] came from are far more powerful than, than these words that I'm speaking can even state. In fact, when I stood on the land there, I literally could barely speak.

[00:08:12] It was that POWERFUL. And it was that strong coming into my womb throughout my entire being. In fact, you can hear it in my voice. I lost my voice even. So the, so why is this all, you know, really important to think about when we're talking about this, this entire, he's done, energetic update. Well.

[00:08:35] Okay, so the eclipses are really, really, really important to look at. So in a previous really short video I did right before I left for Albion, I talked about the Ring of Fire. Which was the Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse on October 14th. This marked a powerful Choice Point Time, as it always does. And there is an, basically what's happening is it's like [00:09:00] energetic "goal posts" that are happening between the Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse on October 14th and then the Partial Lunar Eclipse which just happened on October 28th. So this past Saturday. So my Soul Stream asked me to be in the Albion at that time and it was imperative and what I was doing literally with a Beautiful soul friend we soaked in frequencies bring both through the Albion specifically the influential sacred sites that run on the Michael-Mary Dragon Line, of which that is where the Avebury Henge, Silbury Hill, the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury Tor, and more.

[00:09:51] And you know, when I, I didn't know when booking the trip that it would be this perfect window. But you know, that's how it usually works. [00:10:00] Our Soul Stream, or as many say, Higher Selves, they guide us, we answer and we say yes, but sometimes we don't have that full picture yet until we're like IN IT, or for me, until I come back, integrate, embody, and I dream.

[00:10:16] Because as a, as a Celtic seer, that is really where the magick happens and forms for me. So but here's why this is vital for you to feel into this. So in, and I, and I went over this in that short video, but let me just, just put some of that here. So, basically, in that region that was, that, in Bologna, Italy, there was a crop circle, and that crop circle shows the ring of fire.

[00:10:47] But it was showing us more than just the ring of fire eclipse that was coming up. It was actually showing us something much more. So this crop circle is showing us locations. of [00:11:00] importance. So, these can often be maps. So, it's really, I mean, when you're paying attention to all these things, it's very esoteric in how you have to put the puzzle pieces together, right?

[00:11:16] So, it is showing us the importance of Silbury Hill and Avebury Henge. Silbury Hill is a POWERFUL, POWERFUL dragon node.

[00:11:27] A dragon node, which I now know, is a Sacred Tower. So this all started to make a lot more sense to me. So basically, . This energetic stargate system; vortexing energy is coming in.

[00:11:46] And I'll have to describe all of that in another video because it's a lot, but it started back in 2021. And these sites are EXTREMELY important to know about right now. So [00:12:00] again, this is also showing us a map on top of the powerful energetic goings on in that UK region.

[00:12:11] We also, I mean, it's happening in other regions too, but that is where, like, this right now is so powerful. What we also have is astrological frequencies, or energies, that are creating what I would call "goal posts".

[00:12:29] So, the eclipses are goal posts, if you will. And we are also coming up into the Celtic New Year, which is Samhain. And, AKA, that's the bastardized version of that is what we call Halloween. But this is all pertinent to know about for this time as we move in and we move through into the Celtic New Year and then we move into November 2023.

[00:12:56] With this energetic update, it's critical to [00:13:00] innerstand these elements because this is just the beginning of some significant goings on. In a sense. I just returned from the Heart of the World and those lands, I really fully and deeply KNOW that this is THE MOST potent time to have been there, and then I'll explain more about that.

[00:13:17] But as we come into Samhain, into the Celtic New Year, this is when the veils between worlds, the veils between our ancestors, and do not forget YOU ARE YOUR OWN ANCESTOR, right? And the energies that rise from Avebury Henge is the Cosmic Dragon. She rises, bringing with Her the beginnings of how energies of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine will begin to be balanced.

[00:13:50] Basically this is framing the grid work because the planetary alignment of Earth was actually a [00:14:00] Christ Consciousness grid. You can see how the evil ones have really taken this and completely inverted it. So, the dragon I now know that is connected to my Being, and in that area, the energy that's coming through, is Tiamat.

[00:14:20] This is Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon, Tiamat. And that's the energy that stirs in the lands there. There's going to be a full video on that experience that I've had with Tiamat there while in Albion, because it really took my breath away, and I have some really amazing photos to share. But, as I was called into the Lands of Albion, because I'm just one of the human incarnations of the Blue Rays here, to share that this IS a MAJOR Choice Point and Timeline activation for Humanity right now.

[00:14:53] So I know many of you watching are connected into Blue Ray because we're all connecting in this way, right? So [00:15:00] remember that this is that this I'm this is why this time is so imperative. This is the time that we are building the Rainbow Bridge Between Worlds. In fact, I did a video while Energies were pouring through me with a message on my TikTok channel when I was there in, at Avebury Henge, and then, it came through right as I was in Silbury Hill, and it's called The Magick of Merlin, and this poem just came through me, and that's usually how things do is through writing, so, but I could barely speak, it was really intense, so I just wanted to share, so here's that clip, so you can take a look at that.

[00:15:43] At Avebury Henge today, the magick of Merlin, Pendragon, and Mother Dragon, the Queen Energy, the Mother Energy, is [00:16:00] alive. An awakening. From the portals of magick that are the sacred towers that arises from Silbury and arises from Avebury and such a magical, magical, magical, magical place. The magick of Merlin awakens for all to hear, melding with Dragon and Arthur to rid the world of the primordial fear, the fear of ages, boundless from time.

[00:16:31] We dissolve this now for all to know. For the time of Pendragon allows the sacred energies to wind and flow. Pendragon returns the powers of Mother and Queen, of magick that puts out from the sacred towers.

[00:16:49] So, those words just came through, and once I had more time to integrate that... I really get the [00:17:00] magick now, and I'm sharing this because it's all connected into the energies of right now. So I can share everything that I felt, everything that I heard, and what I was writing down and coming through. So let's break some of this down a bit, just to understand the energies that we are moving into and that we're in.

[00:17:19] So The Magick of Merlin awakens for all to hear. Okay, so the TRUE Merlin energy is magickal. And this comes from its Sirian roots. The Sirian energy is what we could say is the mystical or magickal arts. I've mentioned this in previous videos as well. But this energy, of course, was stolen by the ancient evil ones.

[00:17:45] And they use that magick of energy of Merlin to create opposites of it. So basically what they did is they took the love, light and divine magick of Merlin or MERLION energies, given the Lion [00:18:00] aspect comes from the Great White Lions of Sirius. What they did is they merged their energies there with MER energies.

[00:18:09] Mer energies are aquatic aspects. You could think of MERmaids. Some of the most powerful beings that have ever existed are aquatic beings. What we're really having to do is get back to the ORIGINAL magick. So we need to reclaim the powerful Druidic sources of Love Light Magick. The evil ones twisted it into low or evil magick.

[00:18:35] So the TRUE essence of magick is rising through MERLIN or MER-LION energies. And I'll go over more about this in future videos. But then that line "melding with Dragon and Arthur to rid the world of primordial fear". So the dragon energy I speak of [00:19:00] is Tiamat and Arthur is the returning Christ Consciousness or Krystal with K, Consciousness. This is Consciousness is coming in through the lands. This is why it's really imperative for everyone to know the REAL Arthur. I'm not talking about the stupid stories where, you know, you have a Queen Guinevere that cheats on King Arthur and, you know. They basically made her to be a prostitute or to be a horrible person.

[00:19:35] And, you know, this is the same thing that they did with who? Mary Magdalene, right? So we can see how these stories got inverted by the false religions, by the evil ones. So the much larger picture here is that this is ALL about bringing through and rebuilding the grid of the Original energies around the original Christ Consciousness. The [00:20:00] original, not the inverted version that you see and know today, but the original. And that Consciousness actually rises through the Consciousness of all Divine Humans, should you be on that path, if you choose that path. This is not the inverted version of Christianity that you will find in false religions, right?

[00:20:25] So this is about the Christ Consciousness rising of the real human. This human was known as King Arthur. King Arthur is the same lineage as Yeshua. Now many people mistakenly or, you know, due to a lack of education or more like programming call Yeshua Jesus, but Jesus wasn't a name and there'll be more on that in a future video.

[00:20:53] But unfortunately, that really confuses things, right? But so, point being, King Arthur is the same lineage [00:21:00] as Yeshua. Queen Guinevere is the same lineage as Mary Magdalene. Do you see now how these really start correlating? Because in every major cycle, there is always a king and a queen. But it's not the king and queen that we see today, right?

[00:21:19] So all of that stuff was unfortunately hijacked. You know the things that are in the there's truths hidden in the bible but we need to but that will take me down a total other path, so. Let's just get back to the point. Then there is the Goddess Energy which comes through the Mother of the World Energy. This Mother of The World is Tiamat, Tiamat, the Blue Dragon.

[00:21:49] So that explains that line a little more. So let's look at the next line. For the time of Pendragon allows the sacred energies to [00:22:00] wind and flow. Pendragon returns the powers of Mother and Queen, of magick that comes from the Sacred Towers. So if we look at that more, let's look at Pendragon. So what I know from my ancestors, including my own Being, which comes from the Celtic Druidic lineage, within the Celtic world and of those incarnation times that I had spent there, what I know is that the Pendragon was basically known as like the Head Dragon.

[00:22:36] And what this really means is not, again, we really need to let go of all of the falsities of dragon. The Head Dragon essence is a Sacred Masculine energy that comes into the bloodline of the Druids and the Fae, either F A E or F E Y, right? And this is all connected [00:23:00] into the real energy of a Druid that was part of the Merlion lineage. But the MORE important meaning here, this is what the Celtic Church had to hide. They had to go underground because they were getting, there was mass genocide on anyone that held this truth. They had to hide that the Pendragon basically acts as an Earth Guardian and holds the fates and holds timelines that get recorded into the grail, which is bloodline genetic lineages. And so the true and the real Christ Consciousness that, that I'm speaking of here of the Universe and the Source of the Original Creator Realms, we need to remember the D ragons are not our enemy.

[00:23:49] This is the crazy thing that has happened over time. And we really have to really remember this again, right? We have to TOTALLY and COMPLETELY drop the idea of what we have seen as dragon [00:24:00] Drop the teeth, drop all the things, drop the lies, the corruptions, and all these corruptions have come from false and evil religious factions.

[00:24:09] They've made "DRAGON" evil, like an evil essence, right? But the ancient evil ones, of course, stole this concept of Pendragon. stole this concept of Merlin, stole this concept of Dragon, and they've made it very confused. But this is why those of us who hold these memories in our DNA are recalling the truth and speaking out more and more.

[00:24:33] That's the beauty. You can't stop that. They can't stop that. So, Dragon is essentially the primordial founder of grail. Which means genetic lineage genetic codes and truths from which all Divine Humans were created and were created in God Source or Primeval Creator image Right. So this dragon energy is really important.

[00:24:59] This means [00:25:00] the LIGHT and I've I've you know over the years I've I really dove into the etymology of words. We have to get back into the ancient primordial languages to see truth. So in esoteric knowledge, Dragon IS the energy signature of our divine human form and planetary forms where we have all come from.

[00:25:25] So that's how freaking amazing Dragon Energy is, okay? Then, let's break down what the Sacred Towers concept comes from. So, I didn't really get, I didn't even know what I was saying in writing down. Now I do. The magick that is awaking from the Sacred Towers. The Sacred Towers are the towers that sit upon Dragon Nodes.

[00:25:51] Dragon Nodes are Sacred Towers. And, Silbury Hill is a sacred tower. The Glastonbury Tor is a sacred tower. [00:26:00] So Silbury Hill lies just a few minutes from Avebury Henge, and the Glastonbury Tor maybe like 30 40 minutes or so from that area. This is again, all of that is weaving along the Michael-Mary Dragon line, which is a very important line for us to be aware of.

[00:26:18] So, these, dragon nodes have been called serpent mounds. There's one in the United States, in Ohio as well. But it's basically a dragon node, right? So the energies I'm speaking of here are all connected again into that Michael-Mary Dragon line. And the message is that, is really of the Mother of Dragons, Tiamat.

[00:26:42] The POWERFUL Sacred Feminine is melding with Michael-Merlin energy, which is the Sacred Masculine. So, okay, what does this mean though, right? Well, it means that things are getting INTENSELY POWERFUL, we are [00:27:00] truly moving into MAGNIFICENCE. And the evil ones now this. They're running scared. They're trying to take down as many people as they can, as many beings, as many, much as life force and creation.

[00:27:15] They're lying. They're creating fake things to make you scared. They, this is why I said in this writing, in this poem that came through, these energies are going to rid those of us that are paying attention, ridding the world of that primordial fear. The only tactics that these be these evil ancient evil ones have is fear, right?

[00:27:38] They know it's the FINAL CONFRONTATION. They know their extreme evil is done. So why does this matter to us all? So what is this energy update? Well, there's a lot of aspects to it, as you can see, but this critical update is that all humans right now face a very IMPORTANT [00:28:00] CHOICE POINT. Through the goal posts, what are you going to see happening is that everything is going to, this choice point time frame will have far more significant impacts than just this incarnation.

[00:28:21] So what is THE CHOICE POINT? So choice points, these are decisions and actions that you will make at this time, that we make it many times, but for fellow starseeds and indigos, and really for ALL of humanity, the choice point question right now is asking you to choose the timeline that you desire. So, here's the options.

[00:28:47] Will you be called into the "doom and gloom" dystopian timeline that's using AI, that's using evil magick that's using [00:29:00] corruption greed to keep you safe, to take the sun out, to take the lands, to poison them further, to poison your being further, to shove things in your body that isn't healthy. That is a dystopian timeline.

[00:29:15] The evil is laying it before your eyes to see, but many truly don't innerstand what that evil truly is doing. So there's that dystopian horrific timeline, which, by the way, people can choose. This is not a better not to choose that one. I'm, what I'm presenting here is these are the presentations of choice point options at current.

[00:29:40] And there's a lot of truthers, conscious ones, that are getting pulled. Into the negative path, the negative path that I just spoke of. What this means is you're gonna see people moving into fear fear fear fear fear fear fear, not seeing all of the amazing beautiful [00:30:00] things that Tiamat is bringing through, King Arthur Consciousness, Christ Consciousness. What is actually actually happening the truth of what's happening.

[00:30:10] See the evil ones just put this layer over it gotta see through that. There is no sides. It's all the same puppet. So be careful what you're looking at when you, of these things, these horrible things that these evil ones cause. These evil ones are puppet masters, and they hold each side.

[00:30:30] So do not, so when you look at war, there is no side. For the evil ones are the ones that are really playing it, right?

[00:30:40] Now, or there's another timeline here. Choose the path of the Rising Mother of Dragons. Choose the path of the powerful Michael-Merlin, King Arthur, Rising Consciousness.

[00:30:55] All of that is Unity Consciousness, by the way. This is the Unity [00:31:00] Consciousness timeline. And what that has in store. This timeline will finally blend the Sacred and Masculine and Feminine energies again. We are melding the tear in the fabric of all creation. So, this time RIGHT NOW, moving into Samhain, the Celtic New Year, as we move into November, with all of these other major energies of the lands, awakening, astrological goings on.

[00:31:28] It will be asking you to make that choice point decision. So the key is to really make sure that you weigh your choices. Align your actions in all ways to anchor in the energy that you desire to connect into. That is the essence of magick. Align your intentions, thoughts, emotions with your words and your actions.

[00:31:53] Then you're aligned. So, I hope that this video helps you to [00:32:00] awaken more of your divine magick. Subscribe, please, if you feel called to get more videos that will help illuminate the path for all Indigos, starseeds that serve as pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.