The Dragon Rises: Harnessing the Dynamic Energy of 2024 and Beyond

By Natalie Viglione

Let’s harness the captivating energy that awaits us ... The power of the Emerald Wood Dragon year takes center stage when looking at the ancient Chinese zodiac, and with this essence (plus the true Dragon essence actually rising in our realm), it brings forth an incredible surge of courage, strength, a call for unity, transformation, and more!

Join me to explore the profound impacts of the true meanings of Dragon, the energy that can be leveraged as this celestial force can empower you to embrace change, to unite Sacred Energies within (to the with-out), manifest your Sacred mission, and so much more powerful insights and energies to feel into.

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Today, let’s unveil the underpinnings of the magnificent energies by zeroing in on the Dragon aspect of All Things. I’ll introduce an explanation what Dragon is, how this year is relevant when looking at the ancient truths of the Chinese astrological tracking system as the unfolding year of the Green (as in Emerald) Wood Dragon, and how this is connected into the much larger picture of what’s happening with Earth, our Trinity Realm, and really the entire galaxy.

To step into the power of this moment, close your eyes. Please move into the Eternal Now, and imagine that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

First, I want to note that there is nothing at all to fear as we anchor in grounding insights and truths of what is being unveiled as we enter this year, but more so, as you anchor into all of this. Those choosing the ascension path or those walking another albeit difficult path, we are in the time of massive timeline choice points. I discuss this in my past video Unlocking the Power Within: Belief & Manifestation Magick Revealed, so please do watch that when you can to uncover the poem and how this connects together.

This time we are in is about going back to Origin—back to the Original Organic Creation Magick, as I say. All who let go of the entrapment of the primordial fear will grow at an ever more rapid pace! I am what they used to call a Seer-Poet, or a Druid, and there are many other names like witch, priestess, healer, shaman, etc. That have been coined for eons, and at the base of this aspect are energies of seeing visions and hearing poems that come through to describe what’s going on to organically uncover truth. In the video Belief & Manifestation Magick Revealed I speak on a poem that came through when I was visiting the Stargate that my Soul stream of consciousness came through when this Trinity Realm was being created – it's called the Albion – or in today’s words, I went into the part of the Albion that is now called the “UK.” That poem is about ending primordial fear, and this is extremely vital to remember. Please do check that video out as it’ll set the foundation for this more thoroughly.

I’ve talked a lot about the Dragon in my newly unfolding Christos Dragon Teachings – these are teachings that unveil or decode the truths around how our realm was created, the blueprint of this energetic container and what a human truly is, how all the energetics of this Ultimate Consciousness is connected to the Primeval Creator of All That Is, the Cosmic Mother, and so much more. Most of this insight within the Dragon Teachings are about what we've called DNA. It’s literally HOW the entire everything that surrounds us is and was created.

You can see the importance of this kind of insight and why it had to be heavily guarded. Unfortunately, beings that turned away from Creator stole some of that code, created total and absolutely genocide (and still doing it to this day) against evolution.

It’s like the biggest strategic creation magick blueprint, and the first Harmonic Universe held under the Sirian technology or what is called the Great White Lion Grid. How do I know this? Because I am connected into the soul stream of consciousness that streams from the Great White Lion realm and have seen this vision since I was young. I had the same repeated experience and dreamtime seeing every single night for many, many years when I was young and I’ve deciphered all that it meant.

How Does “Creating a Universe” Work?

More experienced races that have been through ascensions and are a part of Original Creator Realms or what many call Avatar, or Rishi, or Ascended Master realms (once again, there are many names sometimes describing the same place) and when kind, loving Beings reach a specific Wisdom Point, a race can step up and will work with a chosen and willing Celestial Being that’s ready to foster creating new realms. I share more on this vision in a short video where I explained my vision called Ancient Truths Exposed Through Visions: How is a Celestial Being Chosen for the Great Service?

Is the Underpinnings Magick?

Short answer, yes. Our realm utilizes a myriad of magick workings from many races as it was a group effort, a team, a roundtable of experienced wisdom to make this first of its kind universe work. Magick is what some may decide to call “technology” but to use that word we must wipe out what we think technology is given what we see in this hijacked 3D experience for it is NOT remotely mirroring what the true Cosmic or Galactic tech being used could ever mimic... but it was enough to create a falsity.

If I use that word I will say Cosmic Tech so that we’re clear in something far more advanced than anything known here in its ultimate sense.

The one thing that must be known that when this universe was created, it caused factions of these higher octave realms to start splitting apart because it’s true that there was what we have called ‘fallen’ beings. They were, at the core, pissed off that Humanity would get all these special magickal influences and far more advanced attention than ever before in creating this new magickal universe … and so began what many have coined the ‘war in the heavens.’

You see, free will as an underpinning became a wild card given there is duality (positive/negative and Sacred Energies of masculine and feminine, etc.) at the core of all creation but it got extreme. A bit of an experience or we can say experiment gone awry, if you will. We didn’t know that it could get so extreme and that that extremism would tear apart the very fabric of creation... we didn’t know that it’d create beings so E V I L, and so intent on creating suffering for this realm (and of course there have been others), that they’d become essentially warring “pirates” for lack of a better word. But it happened. So, a group came together of varying races and we called ourselves the Emerald Founders. We created a pact to fix this extreme primordial fear brought on by beings so far gone from the True Light (what many say is a God but rather it’s a massive Consciousness of Light-Energy), and in this agreement it holds a strategy to end the warring. Because it’s beyond time that we take back the power lost.

The E V I L is not one race, so saying that it’s the “Annunaki” isn’t correct, that’s like saying every human is E V I L. We have to realize that it’s basically a group of beings from other systems or lands that are defectors that decided to go against all-things-Creator/Cosmic Mother/Cosmic Father/Dragon and break apart to war, pillage, etc.

OK, now let’s talk Dragon!

To see Dragon more clearly, we need to do a little traveling into the far corners of what we call our planet (and its certainly not a globe like the silliness of the group called N A S A but we’ll hit on that another time). And I want to be clear that I am not speaking of the inversion of a draconian or reptilian Dragon... I am speaking of Celestial Dragon, the true Dragon …

In just about every region and going into ancient stories, we can find a reference of some kind of dragon.

But when someone says “dragon” there is one culture or place that comes to mind first, isn’t there? Yes, exactly, China, Japan, etc. These regions have coveted the signature of what is called Dragon for many, many thousands of years and when we uncover how they see Dragon, it is the closest to accurate that I’ve seen, up to now that is.

Let’s unroot the Etymology of Dragon – I have shared this many times in other videos – but this is essential to look at:


Dragon means LIGHT, “TO HAVE SEEN” or “VISIBLE” so this is a powerful infusion of Light Energy, and when one has seen it, it makes All Things Visible. It’s like Knowing All Things or Knowing Creator because it’s the essence of the weaving that weaves into all of life. This is the intel that I receive over and over. Dragon is far more amazing than any inverted vision of what we’ve seen as a “dragon” for the most part. Far too many depicting dragon as evil, and I speak of the True Dragon. It’s Celestial in nature, sentient, energetic, part of the Cosmic Tech, and colorful, meaning holdings aspects of rays (what we call colors).

celestial dragon by Elena Stewart


This essence of power, Dragon, can show itself when it desires to be seen and carried within a frequency of a soul stream of consciousness given Dragons have been protected for eons upon eons by a soul stream of consciousness I am connected into, a powerful Goddess-Warrior lineage. Yes, there are others, but I am speaking to what I am connected into.

I am going to meld this with some other research that I was guided into that carries some of the mechanics, so to speak, and I thank them for the great 3D modeling and videos that they’ve done! I am attributing these next images to FPV Angel on youtube, so please seek them out to listen to their content as there is magnificent stuff in there! I am weaving it into what I know in my being as true because there are many missing aspects though so I am filling some gaps.

When we speak of Dragon we cannot say it’s ONLY electromagnetic waves, or just what we call in this world sine waves from the Milky Way. We can’t say that it’s just light in the way that we have been taught in this experience. Believe it or not, Dragon is Light, it is electromagnetic and plasmic energy, but it is CONSCIOUS and AWARE. I have been taken into the Cosmic Womb that melds with the Mother of Dragons and the Cosmic Mother energy. This Mother of Dragons has been known here as Tiamat, and believe me, Dragons are sentient. In fact, a few months back, I did a livestream of my vision of being taken into the Cosmic Womb with who I now know was the Blue Dragon Tiamat and developed a guided visualization if you’d like to experience that, you can see more on that video livestream here.

Here’s the wonderful overlay by FPV Angel.

world chakras by FPV Angel

As you can see these are foundational waves, energies, that come powerful weaving through our Trinity Realm. Sent in through the spiraling energies of what we all the system of the Milky Way, and most of this is happening in our “underworld” or outside this realm. Many ways to speak on this.

There are more than just a Female Dragon and Male Dragon, of course, but this should help to see some ways of how the mechanics work, and why and how they’re connected so deeply into our worlds and our bodies... for all thing are essentially based on the same electromagnetic vibrations and frequencies.

Lineages of DNA codes igniting within those of us carrying those codes are bringing some of us back into the Sacred Lands of our Earth lineages. Our soul streams come from within Earth-Tara-Gaia and are based on a Cosmic Stream and an Earth bloodline.

In my Albion 2-part series, which will expand into more parts over time surely, I talk about the Awakening Lands of the Albion – the region we now know as UK, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, etc. Please watch that 2-part series available here on this channel should you feel called as it has amazing insights within it that I gleaned from my deep experience into those Sacred Lands, especially that of Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill. This is important to note. So, the Emerald Founders and Guardian Founder Races sent in loads of us to remember our Cosmic and Earth-Tara-Gaia timelines so that we can bring these truths back together.

You will see others sharing similar Awakening Lands details of Dragon all over this world, and we must combine ALL THIS WISDOM together! They’ll be going to go back into that wisdom through their own lineage. So, you’ll see those that are super connected and those that fully remember, like me, are going back into their Emerald Founder and Dragon Asian lineages, or South American lineages, or Native Tribe lineages. And, for me, I come in through the Celtic-Druid bloodline as that is my lineage. That’s why I was called into the Albion, as that’s the stargate my Soul Essence came in through originally.

We bring these remembering’s all together to see the beautiful mosaic being created! I see it and it is AWESOME... in the essence of using that word with the word AWE!

We are in 2024 (supposedly 😉) and it’s the year of the Green, or I see it as Emerald, Wood Dragon according to Chinese, as well as in the Japanese zodiac that’s also based on the ancient Chinese zodiac.

I was inspired to do this video by a comment, so thank you for reaching out with this question! It isn’t a coincidence that the POWER of the Dragon is (and has been) Rising—the Mother of Dragons, Tiamat, is the World Soul of Tara that had fallen and She has fully risen! And then we’re in a year of the Dragon! It’s so very, very connected! And I feel SO EXCITING!

How do I know this in regard to the Mother of Dragons? Because that’s who called me back into Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill. I didn’t know it going into that trip, but I certainly did while there. I have more coming on this soon. I always knew that essence was within since I was old enough to realize that feeling, my husband has always called me the Dragon Lady too, but now I know what it really means!

Reclaiming the Soul of Tiamat was a massive feat by the Beautiful Guardian Beings that are using frequencies and all kinds of things to break down the man-made electrical prison that was placed on top of the original creation framework, and others doing powerful work here.

To name one example, in Chinese and Japanese cultures, dragons symbolize not only power and might but also nobility, wisdom, and the union of heaven and earth. They are believed to be the controllers of rainfall, the bringers of good fortune, and the guardians of many things. That is absolutely the truth.

chinese new year dragon

This year, the potent influence of the Dragon harmonizes with the vital qualities of Wood. The timing of this year, the uncovering, saving, and awakening of Tiamat, and all the other Dragon Lines, Dragon Nodes, and Dragons, in general, awakening all over this world connects and aligns perfectly with this zodiac. How beautiful is that?!

The 2024 year of the Dragon harmonizes with the element of Wood.

emerald dragon chinese new year 2024

In fact, I use the 5 elements theory in branding work that I do in my company called Team Gu that serves heart-based business owners to help them bring their businesses to life without sacrificing their soul and connect into primordial wisdom... And what we see is that when a Dragon year is meshed with the element of Wood, the Wood element stands for growth, flexibility, and caring for things in nature. Wood as an element also represents the idea of getting bigger and adjusting to new situations.

The Dragon messages I have to share with you as we go into the Chinese new year in February:

  1. Let go of primordial fear and to do so, as the energies are supporting you in this, there are key choices to make and much purifying to do within your energetic bodies and physical body. There are some who don’t see the biggest picture yet and are going to tell you there’s a pole shift coming and many other fear mongering statements like this. It’s not true, but you have to discern for yourself and make the choices to anchor around that within you. So, do you choose the same ole primordial fear path? Or choose another path of what we call Ascension? Choices are imperative to be very clear on at this time and as this year unfolds.
  2. The Dragon awakening brings in unprecedented opportunities, and in a dragon year, people are said to be able to harness the intelligence, leadership and abilities so with all of this powerful essence mixing together, this is THE YEAR to bring your dreams OUT (I call this tapping into your magick) with creativity, passion, courage and with confidence to speak in your unique gifts and offerings to this world.
  3. Ultimate workings of the Dragon energy along with the consciousness held in the Michael and Mary Magdelene lineages also connects into the awakening Christ Consciousness that’s coming back online and igniting within those of us who choose to align with the Christos frequency again, and so much more. This will bring harmony of the Sacred Energies again. The ask is to harmonize these energies within you as that is the essence of UNITY Consciousness.
  4. The element of Wood:  The Chinese zodiac derives each of the 5 elements – water, fire, earth, wood, and metal—connecting with animal signs in a 60-year cycle. In the Wood years, it is said that it’s known for growth, development, harmony, is associated with balance, and the element of wood has the natural ability to unite people. So, you can see how this all weaves into a far greater plan and experience!

I should note that if you’re ready to anchor into your Sacred Mission, or you could say your Sacred Purpose, I’m here to assist you in bringing that to life. I exist for this very reason!

There are two ways you can check out these supportive elements:

  1. If you’re feeling activated but not yet sure of what your mission is, I created a foundational masterclass series of 7 classes and activations to help you awaken and illuminate within your magick, it’s called the Tap Into Your Magick Foundational Masterclass.  Go to
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In summary, this year means no more waiting. NOW is the time to say yes to the Sacred Mission for the world needs you your unique magick and gifts. Say yes to seeing yourself and awakening the DIVINE that is held within your Emerald Sacred Heart. Say yes to opening up your heart and entire power center, your cauldrons of power as I say, to reclaim the parts of you that has been separated, and so much more. Heal the deeper inner wounds and now it is about taking bold action!

This year’s energy changes things dramatically and huge strides will keep awakening more and more for those who choose the higher octave path, and this is an UNSTOPPABLE force and the magnitude of it is THAT BIG and absolutely that mystical and magickal too!

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all of the humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Together we are remembering the Original Creation Magick-- thank you so much for watching!