I'm Ready for the Evil Ones to Leave Us the F*ck Alone

By: Natalie Viglione

I'm feeling these feels today... let the LION roar!


In October 2023, I was called to a Soul's Pilgrimage into the awakening and sacred lands of the Albion, to sacred sites that wrap around the Michael-Mary Dragon Line (some may say "ley line"), and that's in the region that is now called the UK. The Albion is larger than what we now call the UK, and also includes Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and other areas that wrap around what used to be known as "the heart of the world." I have a 2-part series on my youtube channel if you'd like to check them out. These go into a lot more detail about the Awakening Lands of the Albion and Dragon: Part 1 is here and then Part 2 is here.

The trip was magickal as you can see in that 2-part series if you watch it. But, of course, as I was leaving, I had to scramble as the airline that I flew canceled my flight home, but luckily I intuited that something was going to happen before it happened and got up early to call them and take care of it before it was an issue. I ended up getting home faster than originally planned, so it was perfect.

The Trap

To come back into the "United" States though, I was REQUIRED to fill out a "contact tracing" form and the airline wouldn't allow me to progress if I did NOT fill that out before checking into the flight and then progressing into the security line, etc.

That got me thinking, why the F are these airlines tracing people leaving countries to go back into the US? And I had NO choice; I couldn't check in if I didn't abide by that rule, so I wouldn't have been able to get onto the plane.

It got me to thinking yet again, why can't these evil factions just leave us the F*CK alone?!

Of course that's a question that requires a fairly complicated answer to answer it properly, but the simple answer is -- because they feed off of greed, misery, suffering, fear, etc. All of the lowest of low frequencies.

These are the traps. We do things like travel and they know they've got us backed into a corner. They know we obviously would want to come home, so that's a vulnerable point and they snag it to take advantage of us some more.

I don't want to be a part of their tracing systems as I don't want anything to do with their man-made evil games, lies, and manipulations. But, I wanted to come home from that trip, so what are we supposed to do exactly?

And that's how they continue to get us. The longer we keep doing the same old things trying to make it seem like we can just do the things we used to do without thinking deeply about those choices, the more they're going to insert encroaches on our rights. And they'll do it little by little, bit by bit, because that's how they roll.

The Game

If these factions just keep trapping us into doing things like what's noted above, then they continue to get their way. And, I don't think anyone reading this article would ever think that ANY government faction would EVER have All of Living Creation's best interest at heart! If you do, I am unsure how you stumbled upon this site and you're definitely NOT in the right place. 😆

Of course, these massive and corrupt organizations are NOT doing what's in our best interest, or the best interest of any living being in this world!

There was an 'order' by the evil organization they call the CDC that told major airlines that they need to do this contract tracing and it's for the "benefit" of people. It was called: Order: Requirement for Airlines and Operators to Collect Contact Information for All Passengers Arriving into the United States (you can see more on that here).

They're trying to spin it to say that it's for the "benefit" of the world, but of course we know that isn't true. However, I don't know exactly what they're doing with all these contract tracings and that entire database that has been taking place since this order came into effect in October of 2021 (and still in place as of now in January 2024).

I may not know the full picture yet, but what I know is that they REQUIRED it to leave the country and come back into the US, and I know that they're doing this all over the world. I am part of a community and others have had the same thing happen when they've come back from other countries into the US. There's a bigger reason of why they're grabbing this information and making it a requirement.

I have an idea of exactly what they're doing, but what I'd like to do is get your ideas. Comment below on the bigger scheme they're playing with that order and contact tracing (and no, it has NOTHING to do with "illness"). I'd love to hear and spark conversations.

How Do We End These Evil Traps?

We all come together and start BOYCOTTING and BANNING everything that sets us up for their bullsh*t. We end their game when we say NO MORE and when we stand up and throw out these old world energies, that's when we begin to see more rapid changes IN THE PHYSICAL.

That means that we must make sacrifices to make change happen. In fact, that's the TRUE meaning of the word "sacrifice" (it actually has nothing to do with dying!). This word at the root etymology means to STOP doing something because it benefits the GREATER GOOD OF ALL, even if it's something you love. That's what we would have to do. Stop traveling. Just ban and boycott these airlines.

What happens when we all say NO by not playing the game anymore? Things just start to disappear ...

I look forward to the time when more and more people choose that path of resistance -- lots and lots of resistance for in boycotting and banning we make powerful choices to stop playing their stupid game. Of course, a more difficult path we will walk, but a a path worth walking if it means we can end their evil games FASTER, don't you think?