Cleansing of the Astral Realms of the Black Dragon Parasitic Technology: Brighid’s Restoration Missions

By Natalie Viglione

Are you tired of being tired? Are you ready to purify and cultivate your vital life force energy?

Want to get to the deepest root cause to heal from the inside out?

Let’s disrUPt UNhealthy patterns together!

Recently, you might have noticed a heavier toll on your system than usual, possibly experiencing peculiar dreams and an overall sense of something unusual.
While many of us who focus on spiritual practices and body healing may have felt this less, I have insights to share on the current cleansing process and why some sensitive individuals may feel discomfort due to energy shifts. The goddess Brighid is leading the way in this restoration journey, and I will delve deeper into this aspect here.



Lately, you may have been feeling a larger drain on your system than you’ve recalled up to now, experiencing very strange dreams perhaps, and overall feeling a general sense of well, the best word to say is weirdness. Though many of us who are dedicated to our daily spiritual practices and the healing of our bodies and doing the cleansing, purifying, and cultivating our energies have felt this far less than many, I have insights that I’d like to share as to what’s really happening in the cleansing of this realm and why there is an underlying “uncomfortable” feeling for many that are sensitive to energies feels and where we’re at in this process. The goddess known as Brighid’s consciousness is at the helm of the restoration and I’ll share more on this aspect here within.


Let's step into the realm of Sacred Knowing and imagine together that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. And, in this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

When I say “Goddess” here is what I mean so that we’re setting the foundation of intention in the words.

When I say Goddess, I am speaking to the angle or aspect of the energy of the One Infinite Creator that comes into a female form that is in human form and is an expression and called goddess. Divine Humans are gods and goddesses, but are not THE gods and goddesses, so I feel that is an important clarification to make. Some of the goddesses we’ve come to know are known in varying ways.
For example, a goddess could be spoken about in parable form through allegory talking about a spiritual concept, or could be an Actual Being from a Higher or we could say from the Original Pre-existent GodWorlds or Creator Words or Realms. There are those that we know of the Core 7 Creator Realms (often called “Heavenly” realms) that have never walked on this Earth-Tara-Gaia experience and then there are those goddesses that have walked here into the realm and mingled and was with others that were here doing specific workings.
Brighid is one I can openly speak to deeply for she is one of the main consciousness streams or particles of Light that I Am of as Brighid now streams her consciousness into this realm, but at one time she did not stream her consciousness into this realm, but a actually walked within this construct of a Planetary Being in its Trinity Format of Earth-Tara-Gaia. She was here, she walked here, she felt the sand, assisted in the seeding of the root races of beings both in animal, plant, and human, etc. Form. That is not the case for all that became known as a god or goddess.


So, I want to be clear when I speak of and say “god” or a “goddess” to share that I am not speaking about an inverted form of these words, nor am I speaking to those that were or still are “worshipped” as that “worshipping” energy is the concept of the fallen consciousness or we could say fallen energies because “to worship” is a distorted version of what reverence means. There are aspects of the gods or goddesses that connect into the Cosmic or Galactic aspects for they represent Star Beings in our Sky Realm as well.


My point is that there are varying meanings and so I will ensure that I am clearly stating this here. When I say a “god” I do not mean the Primeval Creator of All That Is that existed before all other things and what I know is that the name God is often talking about something that is so far beyond what humans have come to know as God and why that that word, for me, just doesn’t cut it. What does explain that from my lens of seeing is the Primeval Creator of All That Is. And then the birthing and creation process and energies are through a Trinity that is the Cosmic Father, Cosmic Mother and creation as the Sophia-Cosmic Child energies.

There are many inversions of the god/goddess energies and these inversions are the fallen aspects around these concepts. That’s why it’s critical for me to note that when I speak of Goddess in this, it is not of the aspect of the goddess that has fallen for there are aspects of what we know as goddess that IS fallen consciousness and there are lower astral energies and energies of a race of beings that hijacked our realm that have continuously supported an enslaved and violated female archetype in this realm.


This is what we still see today going on. There is still the distortion of the female principle and that fallen consciousness is held both within men and women. The fallen aspects of the goddess were stolen and were used to create what we could call monsters, I have no other reference point to explain what I’ve seen so that’s the word I will use. These “monsters” are what you will hear called in ancient texts archons, and these are essentially parasites that are used for lower astral energies that have invaded these realms. There has been “fallen” aspects of goddess consciousness were trapped in matter and lost the original and organic Krystal templating.


The fallen consciousness has been known as Sophia-Achamoth and talked about much in texts like the Nag Hammadi Library. This is about a consciousness that was “trapped” by invading forces, not that the Sophia (or female or goddess archetype) CHOSE but rather was enslaved or trapped. And by using those fallen energies or codes, we could say, the lower astrals and hijackers from other realms used that fallen energy to create horrible “monsters” and I’m going to go into more detail on that in a moment.


This is why some of us as part of the Krystos (or Christos) Mission and have come here in varying forms in varying timelines to help ensure these fallen energies be returned back to the Original and Organic Creation Realms and absorbed back into Primeval Creator, or the .


This wisdom is essential to know about given the Essenes, Cathars, the REAL druid lineage (not the fake druids that came after the eradication of the real lineage), the Krystos female lineages of wisdom keepers, the real Knights of Templar, and many more have and have been tied to THE ULTIMATE mission to bring back the true female aspect of Krystos-Sophia which is naturally and innately part of the Original Wisdom of the GodSource or as I say, the Primeval Creator. This mission to help heal and mend all the timelines, mend the tear in the universes and creation processes, which also includes deeply cleansing this realm in all its forms.

Brighid’s Reclamation Missions

For the past 3 years, I have spent much of my dreamtime on reclamation missions. These dreams at first felt very crazy, but soon I got it. One of the large missions that Brighid’s consciousness is in charge of doing is to find souls that have been lost in astral planes of existence and in future timelines. I innerstand that those souls that my consciousness (as part of a team doing this) were assisting those that had gotten entrapped after Tara timeline fell. I have had visceral experiences of going into the astral realm and within corridors to assist their light consciousness to go back to their origin and return that soul to its rightly place.

These weren’t just dreams but are realities of what was has been happening in the astral plane. Brighid's consciousness is one of the leaders, there may be others I am not aware of, but this is tied into many reclamation missions that the lineage of the Goddess-Lioness Warrior energies is tied to. It is my knowing that this then connects into a light wave of consciousness that is the vibration of what has been called Ari-el. An ANGLE of light (the word angle is really a misnomer, more on that another time).

I see this as to why many people during this time or for the past couple of years may remember or have memories flooding back that their ‘future soul self’ was trapped in some kind of horrible slavery programs and have seen very horrid things take place. It came into my awareness because I felt that there has been an uptick of people coming out about horrible nightmarish memories flooding in and realization that they have been part of “space programs” where negative alien forces have abused their souls.

This team that my consciousness is a part of within these astral workings has been helping these souls that are “from the future” to release their consciousness so that the memories and knowings can flood back and the consciousness to be released back to be freed, but part of the healing is that the memories return when one’s consciousness is freed from the entrapments.

This mission is about justice for these souls, and while I am not 100% certain who these souls all are, I know that they are part of the future Tara timeline and were key engineers and of the ancient builder consciousness. It wasn’t until I made a soul pilgrimage to the Albion in Oct. 2023 that I was shown exactly what all these dreams have meant and the magnitude of the mission! For me, I experienced the mission of saving these entrapped souls beginning 2 years ago, so it was 2022 sometime that they began for me. I feel that the reclamation mission is complete, and justice is being served.

Brighid’s other reclamation mission that is currently going on through me and many of us that are streaming Brighid’s consciousness, is going into the astral plane and cleansing and purging horrid “monsters” or we could say parasites that have embedded themselves into the energetic fields of our planetary being. I say monster because, as I mentioned, I just don’t have a better word for it. A few weeks ago, what I saw in dreamtime has been crazy. I was shown dreamwalking and was able to see some of the horrible nightmares that have been pushed into many humans' field, these are the lower astrals messing with their consciousness. What I saw was horrible... it made me so very sad to see how these negative energies keep many humans from deep, restful sleep and have marred the true energies or organic creation. I have seen how it SHOULD BE which makes it all the harder to be here and to see what has taken place. It is a process of deep grieving while moving forward to assist.

I also had this experience where the team and I were in the deep subterranean aspects of what we call this Earth, and I saw these horrible monsters. One that I saw very clearly was a very vile-looking black dragon/scorpion-looking thing, and as I was coming around a corner with someone else behind me (a consciousness of someone else behind me), we, unfortunately, were seen and this horrid-looking dragon (the evil kind that has been portrayed in movies but worse) with scorpion tails got me in the shoulder. Now, at that moment, I launched out of bed (in this realm, back into this experience), and my shoulder was in so much pain. It was a very weird vibration that pierced that shoulder area where I already had an old injury, and for a few days after, I had to rehabilitate that shoulder through movement and Qigong to gain energy back into it and to release the pain.

This “black dragon” is like a technology as I see it. Negative beings have used it as some kind of advanced artificial intelligence with technologies that are used to drain the vital life force energy out of our realm, or our universe, and of course humans that have unhealed trauma, etc. And so, the lower astral entities are essentially a technology. This is what has allowed these negative forces to hijack and possess people and do much harm. Basically, it is cleansing the inorganic from this realm -- the wormholes and other architecture that was placed ON TOP OF the ORGANIC matrix!

The waves of information that have come over me from these dreams and these missions have been a lot to take in, but the truth is that all of that horrid and vile machinery is being CLEANSED and PURIFIED, but this means it’s going to be coming up in the physical so this can allow more humans to assist in their own body’s healing as part of this all.

I was shown thereafter that it was becoming more dangerous in the astral but that this work is continuing, and because I had gotten injured that I wouldn’t be taken back into that for a while and allowed to heal the physical aspect of that energetic injury in the dreamtime astral realm. This is not the first time that real-life things have happened after these dreamtime missions. Just the week before, I was dreaming about something and then dreamed that I turned on a little dust buster-type vacuum in the dream itself, and then I woke up to the same sound in our house. I had to get up for real and turn off the actual dust buster that we had. It had turned on here in this what we call the “physical” realm, and then innerstood that the bridge between the realms, meaning what we call “inner” or deep, subterranean Earth is affecting this slower vibrational realm more than ever before.

Through these missions that are restoring and helping to cleanse this realm and the Sacred Lands that were once used for the original and organic matrix to bring this realm to fruition like Avebury Henge. Brighid, as part of the Guardian Races, there is much restoration of the stargates (aka the planetary chakras) going on.

I am sharing this because I know that many of you are either experiencing these things to and or you are experiencing the after effects of the cleansing and purging of these horrible parasites in the astral body of the planet. This is why I know that PROTECTING your energetic bodies and cultivating your energy is more important than ever before. I’ll have more on this coming out, but have some of that included in this video below.

A core message of this is that it’s very important to take care and practice psychic protection. Having awareness of this and the importance of psychic protection and cleansing of our energies is vital. In fact, this is why the lineage of the real druids were wiped out because WE WERE THE SACRED SPIRITUAL WARRIORS that were sharing this truth and helping souls to break free from the faction that comes in and takes over worlds. I’ll have more coming out on this aspect but I speak on this subject a lot.

Another massively important mission that is of Brighid, so as part of my mission, is to remove the artificial grids that were placed by these negative aliens, eradicating the false white light, along with the cleansing of the astral plane, and to bring back the truth of the Eternal Now and what Primordial Original and Organic Creation was and was always supposed to be. Original Creation is the origin – it's the blueprint of how things SHOULD BE right now, as well as wisdom about the root races that were seeded into this planetary construct so that we can get back to the Real Truth, not the distorted truths and half-truths that have been tossed around for far too long.

Brighid was here physically as part of the team and Emerald Order Guardians, seeding the races and beings on this planet and, of course, so much more. This is why there was a flooding into my awareness long ago when I was a little girl that there are hidden truths and that there are truths about the original or organic root races of humans that were carefully placed near the planetary stargates (aka chakras) and there was a guiding of those humans to form the many sacred sites across the world because at one time the palace that I saw in the sky and the caves I remember were all connections of what we call this surface with the inner realms and connections into other galaxies of similar sun and star networks. These were the codes that are held in the Albion Lightbody. But, of course, Brighid’s consciousness was even part of the evolution of the plants, animals, too.

The Albion, as I’ve mentioned in MANY videos to-date, including my Part 1 and 2 about Albion here in this channel give reasons and underlying truths as to why the Guardian Founder Races and Races of Beings who make up the Emerald Order have been very hyper-focused in the Albion Sacred Lands as there is an order to restore the root races that were originally seeded into that entire Albion area many, many thousands of years ago.

The intention here is to share that there is SO MUCH going on, and if we want to understand how the what we call “material world” is created and what keeps it in a perpetual motion, we need to study the language of the living energy codes of matter, which is made of light, sound, frequency and vibration. Most of us know that the material world is made of matter, but we do not understand the mechanics behind and my hope is to also bring more of this forth as we move forward.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

This is why I want to share all that is going on because ALL OF US need to cleanse, purify, protect, just as the missions in the astral realm is going on, that is also going to affect OUR BODIES for we are One. So, if you’ve been feeling loads of weirdness... I hope this helps you to know why and then knowing that there is purification and protections that you can implement to assist.

And, I will also say that there is never in all of universe creation upon creation times, there's never been a living body of beings. So, in this case, you have earth. And you have all of its living creation, humans, the plants, the animals, etc. There's never been living creation on the surface while these kinds of cleansing and purifications are going on. We're in unknown territory and so we just, if we really get that, then I think then we can see why healing at deeper levels than ever before is absolutely a must.

Remember these things and this all will make sense as to why you’re being asked to heal deeper than ever before. There are so many sequences of solar activations that’s connected to the dark matter which is Melchizedek. These are new upgrades coming in for not only the Planetary Being but for all of Living Creation as part of it – humanity, animals, etc. This is restoring the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father merging and melding, and it’s the Sacred Energies of the Feminine and Masculine merging. All of this is about bringing back what once was and bringing back the unified field, which holds the electrical systems that restore the Original and Organic Emerald Order plans that were part of this beautiful living light library that will be again.

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick and helps us together to remember Original Creation Magick once again – let's awaken magick together! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos, starseeds, and all humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Thank you for being here at this time and for watching this video, and please share it with like-hearted people!