A Platform With Integrity and Heart: Unite Your Soul and Digital Footprint

By Natalie Viglione

Censorship is on the rise. Integrity isn't on big tech's to-do list. Here's a platform you must know about.

The convergence of your heart and spirit with the digital realms you inhabit is a potent stride toward complete alignment! If the world and your soul matter to you, and you wish to be mindful of your digital footprint, then our paths are one. Join us, and together we shall journey towards harmony.

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The past few years have been rough in the social media world for me, and for anyone that shared truths that mainstream channels didn't like (anything about natural healing or against the narratives of the mainstream channels).

I know people that ran platforms for decades and had millions of followers and were shut down overnight because they shared a natural healing tip that mainstream bullies didn't like.

Most mainstream platforms (minus a couple of them) don't even allow accounts to grow totally 100% organic any longer. Why? Because they want your ad money!

As for my accounts over the past few years, I've been hacked into, shadow banned, and accounts that I ran for almost 8 years for my business were shut down in 2023 on meta.

WHY YOU ASK? Because I shared truths that meta didn't like. I shared truths about natural healing. I shared truths about what's REALLY going on in this world... and oops. It went against the narrative!

To me, that's DISGUSTING that platforms censor TRUTH-- deplorable, really.

So as business owners, or as I say, those of us who run SACRED Missions, where do we put our content then? How do we find balance in a world that doesn't want TRUTH to be exposed and the mainstream systems to end?

These are tough decisions, but decisions that we can and must make. We should boycott and ban things from our reality and then they WILL go away. It's just enough of us have to do it. Strength, after all, is in numbers! That is and always has been the truth.

As for my brands, you can't find us on meta anymore (meta runs facebook and instagram, etc.). I refuse to use it anymore. I have two accounts left on there called Reawakening Magick and Make Your Mark Creations, but I haven't posted on them since March 2023. It feels good to do that as it aligns with MY Soul Being!

Do we have to play the mainstream game? Yes, of course. That's the honest answer. But, we can draw lines in the sand when we are done with something and that boundary is a powerful way to step back into your Magick and to ALIGN fully with who you are at the Soul level.

I was on a relentless hunt in 2021 awaiting the time when someone would launch something that felt totally aligned with NATURAL HEALING and that would NOT censor any kinds of such content (like other platforms did and are STILL DOING).

And, as if by magick, one day I saw it rise in 2022 and I launched myself into that moment to become a founding member of their platform. One of the founders is Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo, and he has been putting out awesome content for a very long time (somewhere in the 15-20 years timeframe) all about natural healing and empowering people to take control of their own health and healing. That was the sign I needed right there!

Yes, you can build your mission without having to sacrifice your values & your soul! ꨄ︎

It's a new platform so they'll be refining it as they go, but this quote below drives this all, and I could not agree with them more! This is what we need to do... BUILD ANEW!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

~ Buckminster Fuller


If you want to check it out and then decide to join, I've got a discount code for you to use.

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