Healing Your Self-Worth Wound: Unlocking the Power of Your Sacred Mission

By Natalie Viglione

Do you ever feel like there's something holding you back from continuously reaching for your fullest of full potential within the Sacred Mission that you run? Or maybe there’s something holding you back and you’re finding you have fear to show up on camera and speak the truths you hold? Is there something deep inside you that is somehow making you feel even subconsciously that you're not worthy of this thing we’ve coined as “success?” That “success” word doesn’t mean what many think it means for it’s not just about this thing that was coined as “money.” Success means WAY more than that and it’s unique for each of us.

Many of us have carried wounds that can affect our self-worth, thereby affecting our Sacred Mission, but here's the FANTASTIC news: You have the power to heal that self-worth wounding and spell. By recognizing and addressing your self-worth wound, you can embark on yet another deeper sacred mission to address that once and for all.

Imagine yourself shedding these blockages, like the beauty of a snake shedding its skin, or a birch tree shedding its bark. Birch trees shed bark, as snakes, naturally removing the old to make room for the new. We should always be following this practice.

Join me in this video that holds the intention to inspire you to unlock the power of your Sacred Mission!



Get ready to delve into the epic quest of patching up your self-worth wound and watch as it lights the spark to your Sacred Quest. I will speak on 3 wonderful techniques to do when self-worth takes a hit. When a hit happens, it’s like putting a lock on our potential, stopping us from uncovering and rocking our True Calling. Join me as we'll delve into these 3 techniques to mend the self-worth wounds, unravel the consequences of not owning your worth, and unveil the alchemy that kindles the flame of self-worth, thus empowering your Quest in the most epic ways possible!

Team Gu, let me share the essence on this real quick. The Gu is short for gurus and most people don’t know this but here’s what a “guru” really means. A guru is an influential teacher or guide, and the etymology of the word Guru is this: In Sanskrit, "gu" stands for darkness, while "ru" stands for light. So, a guru is a guide who brings what is hidden (or in the darkness) into the light. And that’s what Team Gu is about; illuminating your UNIQUE path to get your TRUTH + MAGICK of your Sacred Mission and Purpose into the world further. You CAN build your Sacred Mission without having to sacrifice your values and your soul!

It's my heartfelt mission to support all the indigos, starseeds, the Cosmic Wanderers as I call us—all of the humans who are here with a Sacred Mission as we are serving as pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. The journey towards reclaiming self-worth is, at the root, about breaking free from feelings of unworthiness. When you rediscover your inherent value and gain the confidence to embrace your Sacred Mission with clarity and ignite passion, this is when true evolution begins to take place and what used to feel difficult feels easier, more open, and you’re allowing while directing.

There has been a ‘new age’ spirituality deception that has created an inversion of truth, which then creates confusion, and this deception is about believing the world will change by spiritual bypassing, praying it to change, that to be spiritual you don’t need money, and pretending we're in 5D. The truth is that 5th dimensional consciousness (and above this) is pouring in BUT WE ARE NOT IN 5D. In fact, it’s a 4th density being/realm that’s being birthed. A lot of these terms are all jumbled up, confused, and it’s making those with Sacred Missions confused.

This “we’re in 5D” is not true, and this notion that if you’re spiritual you must live in poverty are all low magick spells and attacks against all Sacred Mission holders, and this has been that way for many generations—well, truth is, so much longer than that but time is not linear anyway.

When I started Team Gu, I wanted to create a pathway for those who seek a NEW PATH and way forward. I didn’t see all the ways I would evolve at first, but I knew that the “old ways” in this thing that got coined marketing is toxic. What mainstream marketers do, have done, and are doing still to this day is toxic because there is still a focus on materialism, greed, and trying to be worshipped.

Since I feel that the word marketing is hijacked, I instead use the word MAGICK to portray the fact that marketing is actually bringing our innate divine gifts out into the world and this is our unique magick! It’s imperative that those that feel called and hear the primordial call of the Sacred Mission from within to LAUNCH and fully IGNITE that mission and not wait for something in the future. There are energies supporting this all now and unfolding the Sacred Purpose is vital to well-being.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come to Earth to live a meager life that lacks Sacred Respect, Truth, Honor, Courage and Justice! I came here to create a NEW world that can give rise to Universal Order once again! We are bringing and anchoring “heaven to Earth” once again, and I have a Youtube Channel called Awakening Magick where I go into the depths of the soul and esoteric and primordial wisdom – you may want to check out my videos there, too.

There’s one video in particular that I want to recommend from my other channel which is called Dragons Rise: Harnessing the Dynamic Energy of 2024 and Beyond.

This video is a deep-dive into the energies of this year and why it’s imperative to ensure that you are ROCKING your Sacred Mission and moving into it with your full attention, clear intention, removing blockages, and getting that magick of yours out into this realm more and more and more.


You will never hear me talk about the hijacked words like “wealth” or “success” often because those words shouldn’t be tied to this control mechanism that cruel factions in this world created as a control mechanism, which is this thing called “money.” But what I do talk about is SELF-WORTH because that is ENERGY. When a Sacred Mission holder doesn’t have full trust, respect, and honor held for themselves, they’re not able to see their total ENTIRE value. This is when the self-worth conversation comes into play.


If we’re here to co-create a whole new world connecting back into Origin, building a Galactic Civilization again with the true GodSource energies of the Divine and the Holy Trinity at the center of it, then we don’t have time anymore to F around and allow others to break down our self-worth energies any longer. We must relearn what it means to truly love ourselves, have mutual honor and respect for ourselves, others and this entire realm’s natural essence we see reflected in Nature and Gaia every day. We must let go of anything that holds us back-- letting go of anchors is a HUGE key to unlocking your ability to drive from the Sacred Fire within.


When we walk the line of having Sacred Respect for ourselves first, we begin to see that we should never have tolerated anything that takes our self-worth away, or makes us believe we’re not enough.


I’ve been initiated into primordial wisdom and have had many visions since my soul stream of consciousness in alignment of Divine Energies of All That Is, asked me in 2016 to begin my Sacred Path. And, I’ve been walking this path for 8 years now and part of that was the need to heal wounds about my worth. Healing that wound helps us to align around the HOW and WHY of our Powerfully Creative process.


Tip #1: Self-worth has absolutely NOTHING to do with “financial worth.” These two things are not connected and are separate energies. Your Soul’s Value and Worth has NOTHING to do with this false prison system’s controlling mechanism they call money. If you can begin to separate your feelings about YOUR WORTH from what’s in your bank, this begins to peel away those layers and ensure you’re not emotionally tied to that paper and digital crap they’ve coined as “money.” Begin to see your True Value as being SO MUCH MORE THAT THAT!


Your value is a MAGNIFICENT LIGHT that has been brought into this thing we call matter... and there is Sacred Purpose within you. There is a reason you’re here as you know, and if you’re watching this, it’s because you hold a Sacred Mission and you’re already doing it, you’re on that verge of doing it, or you’re ready to refresh it as you have evolved. You are here because you have worth in many densities and dimensions, not just this one, given we are ALL multidimensional beings. A good mantra is to say something like this, and I promise that if you say it daily for a while, you’ll begin to peel more and more layers: “My self-worth is not attached to this thing they call money. My True Worth is what I bring through from the Power of my Sacred Soul and I Am connected to the Divine Within All Things.”


If we aren’t emotionally connected to money does that mean money isn’t important? Well, unfortunately we live in a false prison system and they made this thing called money become a crutch for living, BUT what we can do is change the way we see that stuff called money and look at it as an energy exchange.


This brings me to Tip #2: A deeper question is this: How much of a wake are you creating as you drive your Sacred Mission boat? Are you creating ripples or waves? Is the wake small, or are you going DEEP and moving with intention and consistency as you drive your Sacred Mission which isn’t a boat but rather a Sacred Mission Yacht. And the wake of that yacht is the thing called money. So, you switch the lens to look at all things as ENERGY that we are either hindering or that we are powerfully cultivating and creating.


When you’re riding that Sacred Mission Yacht with intention and being consistent in how you show up, that wake of the yacht includes the energy of the thing called money that follows your mastery. It flows behind you and into you because you’re hyper-focused.


However, you aren’t focused on that wake only, meaning you aren’t focused on that fake monopoly stuff this world has portrayed as important but instead you’re 100% focused on YOUR MISSION and serving others. You are focused on the strategy and way that you’re driving that Sacred Misson Yacht. You’re not in it for profit. Instead... YOU ARE IN IT FOR THE HUMANS, EARTH, AND FOR THE ANIMALS...YOU’RE IN IT FOR THE GOOD OF WHO YOU SERVE AND THE GOOD OF ALL THIS REALM!

When you’re hyper-focused and you are LIVING the “it” which is your unique mastery and magick, and you’re DOING it with grace, ease, and with absolute intention cultivating and using the creative power within, then everything begins to fall in line and harmonize.

Flip your lens to ensure that you see the thing called money is really just something follows your energy. So, you're exchanging your value with this other energy coined money. Begin to VALUE yourself. Value your time. Value your energy. Remember that others invest in your guidance, service, or a product of some kind because you bring VALUE to them. And when you get keyed into DRIVING VALUE FOR THOSE YOU SERVE, the energies of All Things feel that focus. This focus will bring you more of what you create – VALUE. It creates synergies in this realm that has ripple effects that go out and then comes back to you.


Also, you can look at it this way, and I’ll share an example from my own life. My husband and I are really taking the leap and doing some huge things. We have land and we are building our home and building a small Sacred Grove that is going to be our sanctuary, that we will open to others as well down the line. We recently moved to yet another new state and we are taking huge leaps with each stride in harmony together. Huge waves of our wake (we call those “dollars generated”) are going into the Sacred Land that we were called to become Guardians for, so we are becoming stewards of the Goddess which is the Land. We are bringing the purest of pure hearts to support Gaia and Nature, and have so much gratitude and respect for All Things because this mission is everything to us, and everything my husband and I are doing is in TOTAL ALIGNMENT with all that we honor and treat as Sacred here in this realm.


When we have this kind of focus and adoration, all things are provided and you pour all your heart and soul into things that are Sacred. When we feel into that, it serves us as we serve the energies. This is how many of us can create harmony... This is the kind of synergy to remember that is possible for all beings! We can bring abundance by serving in this way.


Notice you didn’t hear me focus on ANYTHING material. That materialism BS is just that... BS. It’s not real, but what is real are SACRED BONDS with the Living Eternal Essence that is held within all things and we serve all of that versus serving the beastly machinations of the negative factions that hijacked this realm.


When you serve from the Sacred Hearts that’s within you, you are served back, and all things begin to balance. It’s work, it takes focus, clarity, intention, but it’s WORTH it.


Tip #3: Focus on VALUE and only VALUE and remember your Uniqueness. Your value is something that needs to be translated into an energy exchange, and when you focus on all of the value you bring, this changes the way you see what you’re doing. Instead of seeing the things that you do as “products or services” start seeing your work as the Sacred Mission that it is and the energy exchange is the VALUE that you’re providing to those that you are here to assist and serve. And, the most magnificent thing is that you are bringing value that NO ONE IN THIS REALM CAN BRING!


Yes, uniqueness, this is a vital key! The “unique snowflake” comparison is relevant here. Even if there are others that do some of the exact foundational things that you do, the best thing about you is that you are here to bring your essence into that. YOU ARE UNIQUE, and based on your values, upbringing, journeys, quests, and your mission at hand, NO ONE will ever see things the same way as you see them through your eyes. When you truly KNOW your uniqueness, you begin to change the way you show up in this realm. You begin to see the value that only you can provide, and this changes everything! This becomes the icing on the Sacred Mission Healthy Cupcake because now you can see YOU through a whole new lens. See your uniqueness, see your unique magick, unleash your divine gifts, and the world cannot stop you!


Unleashing the truth and the magick of who you truly are is essential. This is how you overcome self-worth hurdles. Letting go of distorted "new age” ideas and false programming is another layer. There are many that still allow those false programming systems to hinder their progress. Don’t buy into the lie that to be spiritual and run a Sacred Mission means that you can’t have that thing called money, but change the way you approach that thing called money as mentioned previously so that you’re not attached to THINGS but you’re attaching back into True Sacredness.

A deeper poverty wound is wounding that can happen in your youth, it can be carried into your energy via your ancestry lineage (of which, don’t forget that you are your own ancestor when you have had other incarnations, you carry that energy with you). So, because we are spiritual Sacred Mission runners (or as the hijacked realm calls “businesses”), it doesn’t mean that we should live in poverty! That is something you’ll see carried over from that ‘new age’ hijacking on truth. When you are here as a Sacred Mission holder, one of the MOST important things to remember is that you are here to ignite the power within you. You are here to become a Divine Co-Creator with the Energies of the All. Seek to ignite that Sacred Fire within you, and this can help free you from the old hijacked energies trying to hinder and stop your evolution.


If you are NOT consistently seeking to continue to unlock the FULL POTENTIAL of who you are, then the energy of momentum gets stifled and slowed down, often coming to a halt. And what this means the essence that I call primordial fear is still in control of you, so it’s essential to get to the core of where that stems from—the ROOT.


For example, if you’re afraid to speak your truth and you’re still caring what others might think of you, that means you could have persecution wounds from other incarnations stopping you in this one. That’s why it’s time to look deeper than ever before into those hidden places within you and to ensure you bring them all to light – this is how you become your OWN guru, since I mentioned previously, that is what a guru means! Bringing that which is hidden into the light.


And one last item I’d like to drop here is that this world needs your magick. It needs all of us who came here with Sacred Missions to ensure that we are living and doing our unique mastery and pouring out our Greatest and Most Sacred Service that we are here to bring. We are here to break the low and vile magick of the negative factions that keep humanity small, trapped in their death system... it’s time to LIVE.


Change the world by unleashing your unique mission with all of your essence and let us all show the world what true action looks like. We'll all serve under the umbrella of kindness and compassion, and together we can show the planet the power of our collective impact!


I hope this video helps you to awaken more of your Sacred Mission’s magick, and helps you pour more of your Sacred Purpose into it! If you desire to take your quest to new heights as your evolution speeds up, go to TeamGu.com and set up a discovery call to see if our crew resonates. And subscribe to this channel to receive more insights for Sacred Soul Path Illumination so that you can unleash more of your magick into this world. Thank you so much for watching!