Eating the Ayurvedic Way and Growing Our Own Food [Getting Out of the System]

By: Natalie Viglione, Rise Up In Truth

Eating the Ayurvedic way puts us in harmony with the seasons of the Earth, and in harmony with the region we live in. This is a step in the right direction and can be part of the strategies we build to get OUT of the crumbling system...

First some background: Getting OUT of the state/larger government system is on my mind. After a week of being without water where we live in North Carolina, what I know is that relying on this broken system and these government factions is not acceptable anymore. To me, there is a very clear difference between having and keeping gratitude practices for appreciating beauty in all things, especially the small things (the beauty of an animal that you see every day, waking up in a warm bed next to someone you adore, learning to appreciate and love yourself, meditation, not having to live somewhere even more difficult, etc.), but it's a whole other thing to be thankful to enslavers for "providing water" that we pay for, or for "allowing" us to buy homes and go in debt to the banks.

Thanking enslavers is what is called "Stockholm Syndrome." According to Simply Psychology, "Stockholm Syndrome is a condition in which people develop positive emotions and associations with someone who is keeping them captive." You can read more on that here. 

The hard but simple truth is that we live in a world that has been TOTALLY enslaved. So enslaved that we can't get water unless we pay for it and also depend on someone to feed it our way through THEIR system (a process of water "treatment" that adds toxic chemicals and puts bleach to clean reused, dirty water! But that's another topic for another day). I speak here in regard to most of us that don't live on a homestead and others stuck in regions cut off from ANY abundance (cut off from even having FRESH water even if there are simple ways to ensure that CLEAN water flows abundantly because it is plentiful on this Earth).

We can't own a place or get land to live unless we go in debt to a criminal organization we call "banks" and take out 15-year or 30-year loans. There are countries that could have water and food in abundance but the evil factions have cut them off from the very essence of what abundance can look like.

These are HARD truths we MUST see very clearly now as the veil is lifting. We must SEE so we can choose otherwise and help CHANGE things in whatever way we can. This isn't "focusing" on the negative, it's about SEEING the negative as to how things actually are, not turning a blind eye to it and ignoring it, but also about creating solutions to build anew.

The free-flowing, beautiful harmony with Nature and this Celestial Being, Gaia (or Earth as we call it) has been ripped away from us, the divine creatures; all of the flora, fauna minerals/crystals, and humans.

I've had visions and dreamtime informational sessions that show me we are the ONLY 3D world that has been so inverted that we have to PAY to live, PAY to eat, PAY to do mostly anything just to survive, and it often costs lives to do so. I've had other seers have similar visions to corroborate this, so this is a common thread coming to light.

OK, so knowing this is one thing, but what now? We might have to stop for a moment in time to FEEL the pain this has caused ALL beings. As an intuitive-empathic human, I can FEEL this and feel Gaia's pain, so I have had my moments where I need to stop and recognize the grief. This is how we can be honest and authentic to live in alignment.

But, we do NOT GET STUCK in those feelings, we move through and take action. It is the action steps which are most important! So, the next thing that we can do is get up. We RISE up. We stand up and say NO MORE by figuring out a plan and diving into strategy to create ANEW. Willing to face the unknown. Willing to stand in courage and move with bravery.

The way to do this right now is to, 1) build a plan to get self-sufficient in the regions we are in and, 2) maybe, just maybe if we're lucky, we can find some badass like-hearted folks ready to do the same. The latter is the harder of the two things no doubt...

Action Steps We Can Take

While I don't have a solution on how to build a water system to circumvent the local horrible water system that we're stuck with, what I have been thinking about is how we can plan gardens and grow food to tap into the Ayurvedic way of eating. This will help us live in more harmony with the Earth and its seasons. If we can deeply get to know the regions we live in more and more, we can learn to align with the Earth and the Land where we are to be more connected than ever before. And, if you're already doing this, then that is awesome and it's time to spread the knowledge!

Look Into Regenerative Farms

One way to get back to having the healthiest of healthy foods (meats and produce) is to find the organic, regenerative farms that aren't so far away from where you live. Here's a list to look at (for the United States):

I haven't found one of these maps for international regions yet, but maybe you can help me research that and send my way (email here). Regenerative farming is THE BEST of the best practices because they are conscious about EVERYTHING.

Never would a regenerative farm use ANY toxic chemical on ANYTHING. They would never use any GMO seed or do ANYTHING to harm animals or plants. The soil on a regenerative farm is never tilled nor disrupted and is allowed to be in its own state of health so the soil can do what it does best as it fills itself up with nutrients again. The animals and plants that are raised are treated with respect and in a conscious way, the same way that the Natives of the land we call "North America" used to live in harmony with All That Is.


How Do We Plan Our (Current) or Future Gardens for Our Regions to Sync With the Wheel of the Year?

I am not an expert on growing food. I lived in big cities for almost 20 years of my adult life, and now that I get that we will never go back to big cities like NYC again, I have a lot to learn and am catching up. I am a Master Herbalist in training and am learning from a wonderful school out of Canada, so I am going that route given Natural Medicine is THE only medicine and is plentiful from this beautiful Earth!

Within a year, we'll have our land and take the larger garden plunge, but for now, building a strategy and experimenting as we can is how we take action NOW! This is something all of us can do if you don't have the space to do the things you desire yet.

Syncing with the Wheel of the Year is essential. The ancients knew this, and it's our time to tap back into this beauty for this is the way we can tap into Earth's beautiful harmony and live in this ecosystem of death and rebirth.

If you're like us and learning, how about we learn together? If you have wisdom you want to share on the "planting/growing food" topic, write to me (email here) and I'll feature you on Rise Up In Truth.

As far as gardening goes, I LOVE the soil and love plants, but I am learning HOW to grow the things that could be plentiful to eat throughout the four season cycle. We grow some herbs, and those are easier for me to do, but growing food-rich plants is a whole other thing to tackle.

Growing mushrooms is WAY easier than growing plants to harvest food from, so we have learned. My husband is playing around with the mushroom thing and all you have to do is buy a mushroom growing kit and BOOM! Truly it's as easy as easy can be so that's a cool place to start. For me, I can't really eat a lot of mushrooms due to healing from mycotoxin illness, but I still snag me some when I can as they are yummy!

Here is a calendar for the veggies/fruits/herbs that can grow in this region below. I am providing data on the region we are in right now, which is in the Mountains of Western North Carolina, but I hope that this will encourage you to do research to find what's best to grow and when to plant things in your local region.

Garden planting calendar for vegetables, fruits, and herbs in Western North Carolina:

What Foods Grow Best in Each Season in Your Region and How Do We Eat the Ayurvedic Way?

To tap into eating the Ayurvedic way, it's about eating seasonally appropriate foods. When we do this, what we're doing is building the fire in the digestive system, and the cooling (air/water) into the upper parts of our bodies/heads, this is an ancient concept of fire down, water up. If we can keep the digestive fire strong then we can also support immunity and the body's natural detox cycles through your region's seasonal changes. Every region has its own seasons, so it's best to know it at a local level to really connect. I am diving into both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Health in my program, but learning the Ayurvedic system of health is a LIFETIME of learning (as is everything else, of course).

One great list you may want to have at your side (this is something I keep printed out and handy) is to see the Ayurvedic seasonal food list. This is a list that is general to all regions so you'll want to narrow it down and do further research (like I've included below) that incorporates what is in season in YOUR local region.

FarmTrue has a GREAT Ayurvedic Seasonal Food List, and you can get that here:

The next step is to take that list and narrow it down a bit to the regions we live in. Currently where we live, there are extremes in the weather, so leaning into what grows well in each season, while learning what to plant and when, will help us keep our bodies more aligned and in harmony with the Land and weather. Every place will be unique, so the region where you live will require a different plan and way to eat so that you can harmonize with your local regions.

In this region where we are as I mentioned above, the weather is pretty crazy. There are freezing temperatures in the winter and then also high temperatures within days of each other. For example, recently this winter, it was 0°F one day and a few days later it was almost 60°F. There are extreme hot and humid temps in the summer as well, so these kinds of extremes cause stress to plants as much as it does to a human body, and that stress is more extreme for some plants and for some people than others.

To successfully grow food-bearing plants in this extreme temp climate, we have to plant the right foods at the right times so that the plants can tolerate the temperatures and protect the plants.

Here is a North Carolina produce calendar so that you can find out when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season and when to plant for yourself on the journey to get more self-sufficient:

This is a tip of the iceberg... but I hope this helps you figure out how to start building a strategy to tap back into wisdom the ancients knew. Even if you can't dive into growing food (like us) right this second, we CAN get in harmony with the Earth and the seasons and build a plan of action.

And, may we all who choose to do so continue to make HUGE strides to get out of the old, evil and crumbling system!

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