When the Sacred Mission Feels Challenging: Here Are 3 Solutions To Direct and Command in New Ways

By Natalie Viglione

The intention held within this video is to empower Sacred Mission owners to rise and how to begin to powerfully command the universe within you which creates the universe around you in a balanced and harmonized way. If you are ready to step into your power as a creative, healer, or empowered creatrix, then this is the video to watch...

Learn top 3 reasons in how to align yourself, stay in flow, ignite logic while remaining intuitive, and consistently direct and command the universe-- learn more about what these powerful words mean (the REAL meanings!).


As mentioned in the video (or if you read below) here is where you can find out more details on the Vibration Medicine service ...


There are many of us called to the path of the creative, the healer, and of course, the empowered creatrix as a bigger callout for the true harmonized women rising up in their power that is balanced and whole (not aggressive and vengeful). To all of you who are ready to rise up in more and more powerful ways to align yourself to be able to command and direct in an empowered and sacred way, this is for you. We’ll be looking at how you can take charge yet remain in flow, ignite logic while staying intuitive, and more so, be consistent in how you command and direct the universe WITHIN YOU.

Hello! If you’re new to my channel, I’m Natalie. Let me share briefly the essence about Team Gu. The Gu is short for gurus and most people don’t know this but here’s what a “guru” really means. A guru is an influential teacher or guide, and the etymology of the word Guru is this: In , "gu" stands for darkness, while "ru" stands for light. So, a guru is a guide who brings what is hidden (or in the darkness) into the light. And that’s what Team Gu is about; illuminating your UNIQUE path to get your TRUTH + MAGICK of your Sacred Mission and Purpose into the world further. You CAN build your Sacred Mission without having to sacrifice your values and your soul!

I’ve been weaving in the workings I launched into when I was very young, 19/20 years of age to be exact (so roughly 25 years ago), and in the old words people said “marketing” or “sales” but in the new words I say magick. Marketing is innerstanding your divine magick which is the unique gifts you are here to bring and the lens in which you see through, and the sales are the simple act of just talking about your gifts and what you’re bringing this realm to share. That’s it. It’s all very simple when you see the truth of what these silly words actually represent.

What I’ve seen is that highly creative people and healers often have very difficult times in running and commanding their Sacred Mission Universe they’re creating. WHY IS THAT? That’s what I will zero in on.

One note, the word “healer” really is quite a misnomer because all beings when provided the right nutrients and environments can heal themselves, but those with the Sacred Mission to take care of other beings, including themselves and their loved ones directly around them. Those with a Sacred Mission, I call us the Cosmic Wanderers because we go far and wide into all dimensions of consciousness and into other realms or densities to answer to the calls of sorrow... Planet Earth (a Trinity known as Earth-Tara-Gaia) has needed assistance for MANY thousands of years, tens of thousands of years to be exact, and so the call runs from a primordial place within our Inner Universe for we are the Universe, we are ALL universes with the essence of Primordial or Primeval we could say Creator Energies or Source Energies pulsing in our bodies.

Why do those that are very connected into helping assist other beings – humans, animals, plants, etc. -- often have a harder time running their Sacred Missions?

What I see, and have discovered/overcome in my evolution over these past 8 years directing my Sacred Mission, is there are many programs that are running that are blocking and hindering, these can be blockages and programs of this incarnation, or a past one that ended in misery. MANY men and women (mostly women) who acted in ways of assisting in centuries gone by were hanged or worse were burned. Carrying those pains is very, very heavy. So, there are many reasons why emotionally, but there are some other aspects I wanted to bring up.

In another video, I discuss ways to look at healing those wounds that keep you blocked:


What do I mean when I say DIRECT and COMMAND? Many spiritual folks may not like those words as they seem ‘harsh’ but when you’re running your Sacred Mission, there must be an essence of taking leadership to new levels within. You direct yourself to be consistent, to build resiliency, to take a stand for what’s right. You command the essence of courage, bravery, and you also surrender your being to know there is action and flow and these are bridging the sacred masculine and feminine energies. It’s a push/pull, pull/push, it’s a cause/effect, effect/cause, it’s a take/give, give/take kind of creation process. You literally BUILD a universe within you because you ARE one. We ARE the universe. We ARE this planetary being we call Earth. We ARE the plants. We ARE the animals. We ARE each other as much as we are unique within that all.

Command is a great word but only if you know the true etymology.

  • Command means, to commit, entrust.
  • Entrust means reliance on the veracity, integrity.

So, you see, command means you entrust and commit TO YOURSELF to create and empower your Sacred Mission. You command it to be so, and so you do. It’s those powerful words AND SO IT IS.

Directing is about knowing where you’re going. You MUST have a strategy yet find flow within that to evolve. The strategy is a foundation, the flow weaves in where it needs to, but since you’re commanding your mission, you entrust to yourself the ability to direct, to see, plan, and intuit exactly where your Sacred Mission ship MUST go.

These words are empowering, not aggressive. There is a HUGE difference, so getting to know ROOT WORD MEANINGS is vital to get back to once again.

Let’s dive into the top reasons that I’ve seen many Sacred Mission owners tumble, and solutions that I’d like to present to assist:

1. Challenges in finding a balanced work flow using a strong strategy with operational efficiencies.

EW. I said strategy and operational efficiencies. Aren’t those corporate-only gross words? Yes and no. Yes, because there are more deplorable corporations that have butchered and inverted and made these words horrific. But no, in the same breath, because these things are actually requirements for creating something. The ‘thing’ in this analogy is the Sacred Mission Ship, and keeping that Ship floating, but more so, MOVING.

Strategy is a word that at the root meaning that comes from the Greek word agos which means "leader” and from agein "to lead" (from PIE root *ag- "to drive, draw out or forth, move"). Strategy means to lead and to drive. You MUST drive your Sacred Mission Ship otherwise that baby is going to hit land and you’ll crash, or worse, you’ll hit some rock or coral reef and be left afloat with no one around for miles and miles to even know you’re out there. Think of strategy as a foundation to what you’re doing which is building a map of WHAT you do, WHY you do it and HOW you do it.

Operational efficiencies mean you must be organized. I’ve seen missions that have such a beautiful ethos totally crumble because the leader of that Sacred Mission Ship just couldn’t get organized enough to keep it afloat. Every person they brought on to help didn’t “cut it” but 9 times out of 10 it wasn’t the person that was brought on that was the issue, the issue is that there was not clear and direct communication. There wasn’t a place that was organized to show what needed to be done. There was not a leader at the helm but rather someone who didn’t really to captain the ship but rather just ride the ship. While this may work for some, it doesn’t work for the many. In 25 years, I’ve seen many scenarios and it’s quite clear as to what and what doesn’t work. And the Sacred Mission Leaders who direct and command in their power in empathic and beautiful ways with organized and clear communications wins. Every single time.

A solution is to look into ways where there are gaps. Ask yourself the tough questions:

Do I have a strategy? Do I have room and flexibility in that for my growth and evolution? Is my presence out there in the world matching who I am today? Do I have organization? Do I clearly communicate what I need? Do I share with those that are trying to assist me what success for them looks like so they know HOW to assist?

These are solutions to the issues for you gain clarity by asking deep questions. And, when you find a missing and vital element, it’s time to shop for ways to assist. We can’t run our Missions solo, so maybe it’s time to gather a roundtable and get the assistance you need. And on the other hand, ensure that you’re ready to command and lead, for your power and truth is needed when you step in as the leader of your Sacred Mission, or to run with analogy – to become the magnificent Captain of Your Sacred Mission Ship!

2. Issue in valuing their work because we innately know this thing called ‘money’ IS the root of evil, so then how do we step around this issue further to come to terms with it and value ourselves and whatever we provide as gifts to this realm?

This inverted world took the Sacred Missions and requires us all to do what we’re here to do and hook it into the vile method of this thing called money, and so changing our approach on how we see that thing called “money” is imperative, otherwise we will succumb to the evil it brings and is connected to (on purpose) which is greed, jealousy and envy, all of the lowest of low frequencies that can ever be.

Remember, the VALUE you provide is unique to you. If there are 30 “healers” or artists in a room, no one will be the same, not one. Remember that because that’s critical to knowing that what you provide is unique. Second to that, if you’re having issues taking money for what you do, don’t do what everyone is doing. Time and time again I see people price things out for investments in what they do based on what so-and-so down the block does. Don’t copy. CREATE YOUR OWN. Be unique. Be different. Is it more important to serve as many in a specific niche as you can, or serve a few and require a massive investment? This MUST be based on who you serve so know who you serve and know them well. Know their stories and know their emotions, etc. because then you can do things FOR THEM and not just doing what everyone else does.

In the video called , I discuss how we can thrive in this realm and begin the revolutionary act of EMBRACING SIMPLICITY and knowing that we can work with the current realm PLUS serve:

3. Health issues that cause burn out and not getting back into the swing of things missing large chunks of time.

In my work under the Vibration Medicine umbrella, launched because of my own healing journey after getting very, very ill some time ago, I have been able to uncover that most of us are operating energetic bodies and spirits that have undergone such massive amounts of chronic stress that many do not even have the energy to create, let alone direct and lead a Sacred Mission Ship. Being a Captain takes a lot of energy, focus, diligence and resilience, and when our bodies are in such a depleted state, it’s time to look deeper. Mainstream BS that they call “health care” which is not care in the ways I speak of here at all, so to go where the mainstream doesn’t is the key to finding the truth of how we regain balance. It takes time, but time strengthening our body and cleansing our astral and other energetic bodies is worth it!

I’ve learned that what is causing the issues is chronic stress which creates total and complete mineral imbalance in the body, which means total and complete metabolic dysfunction. This means oxidative stress has begun to take hold, which means iron is stuck in the tissues, this means fatigue and constant cycles of burn out.

I know because I spent years killing myself and didn’t realize the impact that being around toxic environments as an empath and the damage that did. I didn’t realize that how I was born into this world sent me into a tailspin before I even was 1 years of age. There are MANY things that we can peer into to learn why we’re in burnout.

Even in “flowy” missions when people aren’t working much during the week, there are far too many that still hit burnout. Why is that?

The solution? There is a far deeper something going on, and that’s looking at mineral dysregulation and how that impacts the body's metabolic state (aka energy production and distribution) systems. There is supportive work to assist your body in regaining balance again within the minerals. Nutrition-wise, this means going back to eat like YOUR unique ancient ancestors, so find out, where are you from? Ancient Irish/British/Germanic roots? Mediterranean roots? Finding that out and eating the way they did in ANCIENT times (not today), you’ll find there are things hidden within there and things that you might not be giving your body.

When we eat organic, non-poison-filled foods like our ancient ancestors, our bodies can find ways to turn on again. There are many other aspects to consider, but when minerals are brought back into your body, this helps to kick your system on again, and then adding nutrients back into the body in other ways without stressing your body all over again. With the right pathway, you can allow your cells to bring more Primordial Dragon Energy and Sacred Energies into your body from the surroundings and allow the energy within to flow and rise more and more so that fatigue becomes an issue of the past.

There are deep within root cause reasons and there are larger things to look at because fatigue isn’t our normal state, and in fact, aging in the ways that most age is NOT normal either. It should not be this way that you see where people die weak and fragile, and there is a new way to begin again...

NO ONE IS BROKEN. Animals and humans are just imbalanced, and there is a path to break free from that, and the answers do not live in the mainstream places, if you catch my drift. One book to offer as a simple solution in this moment is the Cure Fatigue by Morley Robbins, the basis of my training of the Root Cause Protocol Institute. This is a HUGE solution, from my lens, but if you want to go deeper to learn more about Vibration Medicine which includes looking at energetic bodies and our physical body – from within and with-out.

These are just a few things that I wanted to focus on today to assist to empower your Sacred Mission! Join in with us, as I know you’re a fellow rebel aka revolutionary like me, in embracing the power of simplicity and let us be unapologetic in our passion for change, unwavering in our belief in the collective impact we can create. Together, we will transform the world, one act of simplicity at a time, and pave the way for a future where true service knows no bounds.

I hope this video helps you to awaken more of your Sacred Mission’s magick, and helps you pour more of your Sacred Purpose into it. Subscribe to this channel to receive more insights for Sacred Soul Path Illumination. Thank you so much for watching!