The Twisted Game of Politics and the Future Timeline of a True Roundtable Republic [Trump and the Political Games Afoot]

By: Natalie Viglione

There is a Future Timeline of a True Guardian Roundtable Republic...

I know because I've seen it in visions. As political games all over this world continue, and in another dream/vision I had of Donald Trump, I want to share the insights I have received.

First, I want to put out a disclaimer: I see the game of politics as a horrible, sick, and very twisted game. This game has murdered/injured animals, plants and humans, including the planetary being that we live upon that we call Earth.

Far too many politicians DO NOT have the best interest of living creation at the root of their motives. Far too many are vile and they take power/money in exchange for their soul and bow down to an otherworldly evil race of beings that consume the light within them. I feel this is a foundational truth we all must come to terms with so that we can see WHY so many could not care less about this world and other living beings, human or not.

Politics in every country shows the 'upside down' aspects to our world, and everything is becoming more and more transparent displaying that this world is full of inversions and distortions. This game called the 'patriarchy' is ending, yet these distortions and sick games continue to cost us human and animal lives, and there's still too much unnecessary suffering.

As you can probably guess, personally I despise most things to do with what we call "the government." As far as I can see, there has been NOTHING about any "government" system that was created with the pure and honest intention to help ALL living beings, large or small (furry or not) to live in abundance. True abundance! And, NO, I am not saying that ALL politicians are vile and corrupt, but I am saying that far too many are doing it for their own glory, not to actually help anyone or any living thing.

And, to be frank, I am over it! Aren't you?

I want it all to end yesterday, but here we are getting dragged into these political games all over the world year after year after year. And, for those of us in the US, we are facing yet another shitty political battle with a whole lot of insanity wrapped around it. (By the way, that word 'united' in the 'united states' cracks me up... never has this place called America been united, far from it!) But, as this political nonsense ensues, there are interesting things I want to share.

The Political Games Afoot

The era of Donald Trump's presidency marked a significant shift in the political landscape of the US. His narcissism, unorthodox and controversial approaches are truly unsettling to most people willing to take a look at them. It seems that the word "Trump" not only divided many on a personal level, but he also challenged the traditional "norms" of the American political criminal organization's workings. And I see that challenging of those norms as a POSITIVE thing, might I add.

We must know that the criminal organization we call the the white house in that corporation called Washington DC, it is in and of itself an evil organization. They've always been in cahoots with the other two big evil corporations we call London (the British empire) and the Vatican, but as we well know, there are horrid things that come from the Chinese governmental system, and many more of these 'governmental systems' all over our world.

My new word is to say innerstand versus understand, because we need to stand from WITHIN to know without a doubt to *get* things here on out. We should not be standing UNDER anything!

I'll talk more on this below, but the dreams and visions that I received back in 2020 about Trump have returned. The dream that I had recently with Trump's "higher self" (for lack of a better word) has offered some insights. And it's my Inner Knowing that there truly is an emergence (though still far away) of a new guardian roundtable republic that is beginning to be birthed. There is more on that below.

During his time in office, Trump implemented a range of policies and initiatives that aimed to prioritize many things to assist this world, and most of that went quite unnoticed. It takes a whole lot of research to see through the misinformation tactics that are always utilized by the evil factions and their owned mainstream media channels. Of course, we still have this unsettling issue that women's rights are still being discussed like we aren't sovereign beings and can decide for ourselves what to do with OUR bodies, and the other general human rights issues that continue.

The Stupid Two-Party System in the US

One of the biggest problems we face in the US, for example, is this two party system. This system is beyond broken and they're two gangs. They don't care about anyone or any living thing and it's boring. When is this all going to end? That's what I think about all the time ...

Some time ago, on this platform, Rise Up In Truth, I wrote the article called The "White Hat" Alliance and Trump: The Bigger Picture You Need to Know as I had all kinds of insights coming in via research and dreams.

There's a part within that article that says the following,

" 2020 I had many a conversation with Trump through dreams and connected through him to a larger group and saw the future plan of a Republic (a real democracy globally that is FOR the people), and in fact, he won't be a part of that as his role is to help assist in these early phase, but there are a lot of working parts to all things right now."

I had also mentioned this:

"It's also important to note, MANY of these 'leaders' (e.g., Trump, etc.) are moving in an energy that is quite narcissistic. That energy cannot exist anymore as new frequencies come into this realm, so there must be some HUGE changes that people like Trump (and many others) are going to have to do. The energies are making all humans look at who they really want to be and truly are at the soul level."

These persons that have taken on these roles within politics must do a whole lot of changing before the TRUE guardian roundtable republic can be birthed. I know this with every subatomic particle of my being, and Trump is included in that. I cannot get over his whole 'operation warp speed' that supposedly sped up the BIOWEAPON development to end a so-called "virus" and that is NOT something that I can forgive, and there are other things, but that one is a BIG one for me.

The game he plays is a dangerous one, and he is just as responsible for all the injuries and deaths that the new "covid" bioweapon (they call a "vaccine") has caused. He shares in that responsibility, and there have been many lives lost due to this horrible game that continues to play out.

My Recent Vision and Dreamtime Learning

However, there are some very intriguing messages that I've received in a recent dream. This vision/dream showed me that underneath all the nonsense, games, attitude, and the overall essence of what he portrays, there is a true underlying desire behind Trump to help bring things into a, what I am calling, new guardian roundtable republic. There is a deep desire within him to create change, but this game of politics is a dangerous one, as we know.

In this dream and vision, I was in a home with his entire family. I was there to assist with the healing of one of their family members and was seeing how everyone interacts in the home (without cameras, etc.). What I saw in Trump is a very caring individual who puts on a show when he leaves the house, and in that home, it's like he's a totally different human. The vision showed me sitting around the table with him and some others and we were talking about the new roundtable republic and a huge paper that I wrote on it, and it was discussed that he "and his people" agree and that's truly what is beginning to form and the root of what is trying to be created. This is the very short version of this vision/dream, but the end result was this:

I feel that Trump and 'his people' have an ultimate desire to create a true 'roundtable republic' (more on that below from my perspective), and there's actually an intention to help undo much damage.

I must say that after that dream/vision, I felt a little more at ease, but the truth is that I cannot forgive these people that have pushed horrible things onto this world in the name of politics, this game, regardless of whether there's a positive intention underneath it or not. I cannot forgive anyone that pushed these recent bioweapons for they are far more than what many think and do far more damage than most want to admit.

This automatically makes me go to the next question, so am I going to vote in this next election? And the answer to that question is a big NO. Never again will I play that nonsensical game because it is a game, and I am Sovereign Free Sacred Soul upon this Living Being and I SAY NO TO ALL OF THESE CORRUPT GAMES! NO MORE GAMES!

You want to know what would end this horrible political game?

For example, in the US, what if everyone just did NOT vote? What if all people just stood up and said NO? What would happen...can you imagine?!

Somehow, we have to be forced to create something new and galactic in nature... it's just undoing all this damage that is the hard part. I get that it is complicated, and so there's a piece of me that knows it takes someone willing to play the horrible game. We are at war over the consciousness of this ENTIRE planet, so there's a lot to bring under the microscope to see the inner truths.  

There are also the independents that are running in the US election, of which I don't want to talk about here, except I will mention Dr. Shiva. Have you read more on this human? You can see more about him here:

To me, he is an interesting character, and I actually have liked his scholar-warrior approach to this all. I do feel that if he could do away with that toxic masculine edge that he has, and if he would bring in a true Divine Feminine powerhouse of a woman that is truly of the Cosmic Mother and Divine Feminine energy sources, that he and that woman could do big things. He knows about TRUE health and he knows all about system approaches, so there's a piece of me that feels he might be a hidden gem mixed into all of the options. What do you think?

Ultimately, the ONLY way that I see this world working is to ultimately establish a TRUE guardian roundtable republic once again. One that is galactic in nature and involves many humans rising up to stand for what's right for ALL beings: for the animals, plants, the Earth, and humanity. This roundtable republic would stand for ABUNDANCE versus scarcity, TRUTH versus lies, and so much more.

Here is the vision I've had of the future timeline:

The Future of Earth's Leadership and the Changing of the Guards

At the end, it says that there's an instagram channel for Rise Up In Truth, however, the channel was taken down by the big tech evil company called meta, aka facebook, so that channel doesn't exist anymore.



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