The Truth of Biology and Healing Dis-Ease and Cancer

Natalie Viglione, Rise Up In Truth

The crimes against humans that are fighting the corrupt "medical system" and the horrific construct of big pharma corporations globally... these crimes are the REAL diseases that are infecting humanity.

Meet Dr. Robert O. Young. He will share the truth of these crimes that have been plaguing this world. 

The larger crimes against humanity playing out are all about systemic poisoning through toxins and chemicals.

Listen to the truthseeking, curious, and brilliant Dr. Robert O. Young talk about the journey he has had to live through, which is one of absolute hell all because he has been HEALING CANCERS and many other dis-eases!  

So, what does it means to take on "the system" and heal conditions that show up as cancer, for example? 

In this world, healing humans can equal FINES & JAIL TIME, and sometimes DEATH. 

Dr. Young is not the first.

He has been charged 3 times in his life for pushing the edge and fighting the fake, paid-for science we've been told is truth (BUT IT IS NOT!). 

Big pharma evil corporations do not want humans to be healthy, traditional medical systems do not want humans healthy, because a human cured is a customer lost. 

But REAL doctors like those akin to Dr. Robert O. Young KNOW THE TRUTH. 

Be prepared to have your mind blown in this raw, honest, and jaw-dropping testimony of Dr. Robert O. Young.

Article written by: Natalie Viglione