The Power of Homeopathy for Our Animals

Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2, Episode 7: Guest, Dr. John

Life communicates through vibration, that vibration and frequency is the communication of LIFE. It’s LIVING CREATION. This episode's guest is Dr. John Fudens, DVM HMC PH, who is a brilliant Doctor of Homeopathy who treats mainly animals, but also children and adults.

After almost 60 years in the health care business and treating many thousands of animals that walk, fly, swim and crawl both as a conventional vet and now a classical homeopathy, including hundreds of children and adults, it puts Dr. Fudens into a position to know more than what is in “mainstream health” channels.

We are going to get into sensitive issues that speaks to the truths about laws that are injuring our furbabies, how we can help them, and how we can become Sacred Warriors to protect the innocent beings of this realm.

Here are some of the depths about healing that we swim in within this episode:

  • How homeopathy helps heal through energy and how we can use it with our animals
  • How humanity has been hoodwinked around what’s good for our pets
  • Why we must know that rabies was a scam
  • Why we all need to deprogram and relearn aspects of what true healing means
  • How we can empower ourselves to take new steps to heal ourselves and our animals
  • Dr. Fudens journey to fight for the rights of animals, landing in jail, and so much more!

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