What A Coronavirus Is And Why This Has Never Been About A "Deadly" Virus


The time is now to ask WHY. 

In this article, we share points around the following:

  • The agenda surrounding this coronavirus they've coined "COVID-19"
  • Doctors, lawyers, and scientists have risked their careers on spreading Truth, and the censorship they're facing from Facebook (that also owns Instagram), Google, and other big tech companies in this world
  • We provide research and videos showing real insight on what's going on
  • How viruses aren't living things and why humans shouldn't be living in fear 
  • (if we fear this, then humans should have never lived on this Earth or should have been wearing hazmat suits and masks for all-time)
  • Ways that you can boost your immune system simply by what you eat and what you do daily 

Let's go back about 3,000 years, back to the time when the Trojan Horse was made. 

Here's the quick history reboot for our memories. 

The Trojan horse really existed. The siege of the city of Troy, it was Ulysses who devised the winning stratagem after 10 years of ruthless war between the Acheans, who besieged the city, and the Trojans who defended it. Odysseus pretended to abandon the battlefield and retreat with his ships, they designed a huge wooden horse, and inside the enormous horse statue, Ulysses hid himself with about fifty warriors armed and ready. 

The Trojans were convinced that the long siege had finally come to an end, and when they dragged the horse inside the walls as spoils of war, the tired and drunken Trojans went to sleep late at night and the fifty Acheans had no difficulty in getting out of the horse, opening the city gates and then conquered the city together.

You take a big group of people that are being told one thing by a group of corrupted people saying look over here, and while everyone is "looking over there" then secretly the group sneaks in evil to do harm to them.

This is happening RIGHT NOW, and it's a different kind of take over and war because it's not battle with weapons, but it's a psychological warfare. The so-called "pandemic" is a trojan horse for a tyrannical global takeover. Keep reading to see the parallels.

It's important now more than ever to ask WHY. Here at Rise Up In Truth, we hate to say that given it has always been important to ask why, but as we can all see right now, this is a time when things are absolutely confusing. IF there were an actual deadly virus roaming the planet then there would be NO confusion about what needs to happen. No confusion whatsoever. 

So WHY is there confusion? 

The truth is that there are dark people doing insane things to get to a specific end point, there is more on that below in a graphic. 

Take note that the confusion is real because confusion causes humans to divide, and the basic premise of tyranny and control is to DIVIDE & CONQUER. And, as we have seen, confusion and fear are two very powerful forces. The only other powerful force equally as strong is hope. Hope is what we're trying to help instill in everyone, but first, it's essential to understand WHAT is happening and WHY. 


Here's the plot. You take a coronavirus strain and potentially add in the layer of it being "human-designed" in a lab, which there's a whistleblower on that. But, whatever it is, it's a virus-- a coronavirus. These coronaviruses come and go every single year. SARS-CoV-2 is the real name because there was already a first one (and let us remind humanity that there are BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of viruses and bacteria that we don't know about nor documented). 

Let's ask the important question, since we've faced this kind of stuff plenty of times before, where were the draconian measures then? 

So, the truth is that you take a group of evil people that have had an agenda, and they use this opportunity to make it seem like this virus is WAY more than it really is. That's the trojan horse reference. This group (there is more on them later in this article) instills fear and more fear by pumping out the SAME SCRIPT all over the globe where their puppets that work in government systems and in mainstream media outlets keep the lie going and going.

Did you know that 90% of mainstream media outlets (news outlets) are owned by the SAME 6 corporations that roll up to a few very powerful folks?

This is what has caused the masses of people to believe anything and lose 100% of common sense. Once they've done that, then they start to impose strict laws that take away human's rights bit by bit, inch by inch.

That's the takeover!

So let's get to the core of what a coronavirus is. 


What is a coronavirus anyway? Please check this source for yourself: SOURCE HERE

A coronavirus is a type of common virus that can infect your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. They can spread much like cold viruses. Almost everyone gets a coronavirus infection at least once in their life, most likely as a young child. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous, but some can be [due to underlying, already-existing illnesses called comorbidities]. 

So is THIS SPECIFIC "COVID-19" more deadly?

No, no and more no's! And, we've got stats.

This coronavirus, regardless of how it mutated from a previous coronavirus strain or was human-made (there are MANY strains of viruses that come and go ALL THE TIME in our ecosystem) does not make it "deadlier" and the REAL numbers prove that. It's like a cold/flu with some respiratory issues (coughing and such, which, again, is nothing new).

There was an influenza that went through in 2017-2018 that took out WAY more people (more on that below).

This coronavirus should never have been called something other than a coronavirus. Giving it a label of "COVID-19" was a marketing tactic to sell it to the masses to make it seem as if it's something MORE THAN a strain of a coronavirus. But, the truth of the matter is that it's not, and it's NOT something to fear.

There are tens of thousands of doctors all over the globe that are telling us this and it's imperative that we listen to them.

There is ONE documentary that explains everything in an easy to understand way. It explains why the scripts given to the mainstream media and why there's an agenda trying to make the masses all over the globe believe this. 

Just click this button here to go read more and then watch the documentary - plan for about an hour and then come back here. 

So, what is getting a coronavirus like?

"A common human coronaviruses, including types 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1, etc. usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. Most people get infected with one or more of these viruses at some point in their lives."

If you want to take a look at pandemics over history and see what humans have dealt with (and we're still forging forward!) click here to take a look at past pandemics.

The next question: But why does the mainstream media platforms like CNN and New York Times, as examples, report these "big numbers" globally and keep talking about "cases" as if it's a big deal? 

They report numbers but they're wrong and they retracted the numbers because doctors were fighting against them because they were LYING. While we slept, the CDC secretly went and retracted numbers on their site, but there are too many of us watching their every move because WE KNOW that they don't have our best interest at heart. See more below on those numbers.

Inflating numbers causes what? MORE FEAR. And, what is fear?

Fear is a tactic. It's a tactic that tyrants use that's called fear mongering.

If you read Death of Democracy or have really watched and read and researched the rise of Hitler, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you haven't, we highly recommend that you do go and do research and get that book Death of Democracy and read it. Your mind will be blown.

Fear monger: Someone who spreads fear, or needlessly raises the alarm.

Noun: To spread fear.

Now you're thinking, why would the CDC lie about numbers and tell doctors to write "COVID-19" on the death certificate if that isn't the truth? 

To many people they want to say that this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but these things aren't "theories" when they are backed by straight up facts.

People don't want things to break their illusion of safety. We get it, but it's time that the human race wakes up.

The graphic image below explains more on the larger plan for a tyrannical takeover, but the basic premise is that it's a way to cause panic and fear. People are now afraid of their fellow human, and it's causing more division amongst us. Again, the more you divide, that's how tyrants get to divide and conquer. 

So, the next thing you ask is: Why did the CDC retract numbers? 

They retracted their false numbers because thousands and thousands of doctors all over the GLOBE have risen up to say NO, you are lying and this must stop. They put their lives and careers on the line to share with us, the masses, that they were getting messages from the "higher ups" in their hospitals to check the COVID-19 box on death certificates even if that person died from some other cause. 

It's imperative to understand that when people are being asked to lie or hide something then this is where the attention needs to go. There is something bigger at work. 

It's time to look deeper ...


"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report late last week showing that just 9,683 Americans, or 6%, died with only COVID-19 listed on their death certificates, leading to a social media trending topic on the issue. The other 94% of deaths were listed as having at least one additional medical condition linked to their death. Some of the underlying diseases listed by the CDC include influenza and pneumonia, respiratory failure, hypertensive disease, diabetes, vascular and unspecified dementia, cardiac arrest, heart failure and renal failure."

Doctors ALL OVER THE GLOBE spoke up about the FALSE numbers starting as early as March 2020. 

Below is a video from a doctor and senator that stood up questioned authority and started to fight back. He isn't the only one, as noted there are tens of thousands of doctors (and lawyers) brave enough to stand up. 

Because he spoke up, he had to fight the medical board for no reason whatsoever. Someone was paid to "make his life difficult" and he fought back and won. People are being affected every single day in some way just for exposing the lies and corruption.

We, the general people, have to face some hard facts. There are higher ups that are corrupt in our government and in many organizations (like the CDC) who get paid to lie. It has been happening for hundreds of years and it's keeping the truth away from us.

If you want to find truth these days, you've got to search on Bitchute.com or Banned.video, as examples, because the TRUTH is being hidden from us on big tech platforms. You can download Duck Duck Go so that you don't have to use google anymore, because you will find the most censorship happening on google. They're generate fake news, and then you have Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and others censoring REAL doctors and scientists that are in the field that KNOW. We have to ask WHY would they censor them when they have NOTHING to gain by telling the truth and everything to lose. 

When government organizations speak as if they want to "keep humans safe," this is never the case. In our current world, they do things for power, money, and to feed the greed. And, currently, what they're really doing is destroying our economic system, ruining people's lives, and instilling more fear than ever. In the U.S., the retracted numbers, per the above sources and on the CDC site show 9,683 U.S. deaths. TOTAL!


The 2017-2018 flu season was historically severe. Public health officials estimate that 900,000 Americans were hospitalized and 80,000 died from the flu and its complications. For comparison, the previous worst season from the past decade, 2010-2011, saw 56,000 deaths. In a typical season, 30,000 Americans die.

(You can click on the sources to go explore for yourself.)

So, now we must ask: Why DIDN'T the world get turned on its head in 2017? Where were the global shutdowns and lockdowns and the "you must wear a face mask at all times" in 2017?

We must learn WHAT a virus is and remember that viruses and bacteria are a part of our environment. We are an ecosystem. 


It's also important to note that VIRUSES ARE NOT LIVING ORGANISMS, and coronaviruses have been documented as far back as 700 years ago, but likely have been around for thousands of years so they're a NATURAL part of our human experience.

An important video to watch: Dr. Zach Bush is a brilliant doctor who will share why viruses and bacteria are a part of our ecosystem and there is no reason to live in fear. You can watch the video here: 

2020 has brought to light something that people should think about more often. Influenza, pneumonia, and other viruses have always been and always will be MORE DEADLY to those with ACUTE UNDERLYING ILLNESSES, which uncovers how UNHEALTHY people are. 

Older people are always at risk every year for any virus or infection because as we age, our immune systems weaken. That's part of the cycle of life and death. 

But, there's a large percentage that already have immune systems that have to fight off some other illness like lung diseases, cancers, diabetes, etc. and that means their immune system is tapped out so a cold or flu or other infection can easily make them "topple over" as their system just can't take that last "marble" so to speak. We have to think about that and we have to remember that hundreds of thousands of people die EVERY SINGLE YEAR from common coronaviruses, generic cold and flus, pneumonias, bronchial infections, etc. etc. so it's time that we focus on getting TRULY healthy and start to PREVENT illness, and we have to stop thinking that "big pharma" is here to help us. That's a whole other post!

It's important to learn about what a virus is and what the effect is on a cellular level, so here's a video that is a must-see from Dr. Bruce Lipton. He's a cell biologist that explains more: 

So, the next big question for us to ask is:WHY did these insane measures get enacted upon us right now all... of a sudden?

The truth is that it isn't "all of a sudden" but this coronavirus was an "opportunity" to bring forward an agenda that has been planned for decades. There is MUCH MORE around the agenda than this one post can offer (and it has taken years of research to discover the real truth underlying all of this as many people have dedicated their life to trying to help us wake up). The graphic below lays out perfectly as to what the roadmap has been.

They were hoping to get to the ultimate takeover which is called the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or the NEW WORLD ORDER. We believe here, based on our research (more to come), that this will not happen but that is their desired end-goal.

These hidden cowards are the elite of the elite. These people go WAY above any generic billionaire's pay grade (like even a Donald Trump, for example), we're talking about people with big, big money and ties going back hundreds of years and it's all connected to a larger agenda that's focused around Eugenics (that's another post for another time). These elite of the elite are often called the Cabal, the Illuminati, or the Deep State, and regardless of what name we call them, they are INSANELY RICH people all over this world who hide and control specific people that are in our government systems, corporations, and organizations across the globe. The people that do their bidding are puppets who don't question anything because they're promised and/or given money and power, or these are people who are blackmailed and made to do something against their will (people living in fear every day of their darkest secrets being exposed to the general public). 

Here's a roadmap in this graphic below showing the plan of this whole "COVID" situation and how we got here and what the ultimate goal is. 

Feel free to download the image to share out as you see fit.

broken image

The bottom line is that we must STOP LIVING IN FEAR.

So then what do we do?

It's time to focus on TRUE health. It's time to do research. It's time to ask WHY. It's time to rise up.

The easiest thing to start right now is to stop being afraid and start boosting your immune system and focus on getting extremely healthy. 

In a world where horrid processed foods are way too readily available, it can be harder to find (and know) healthy, organic foods to take into the body. 

But, here are some simple ways to start on a new path: 

  1. Stop eating fast food ASAP. The truth is that wearing a mask and then eating horribly bad food is the definition of insanity (Einstein is rolling over in his grave on this one!)
  2. Say NO to fried, breaded foods as often as you can - make this stuff a "treat" every so often -- IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT MODERATION!
  3. Stop buying processed foods like cookies, crackers, and sodas. These kinds of empty calories with TONS of sugar just hurt the body. Drop diet sodas as well and opt for filtered waters or carbonated waters
  4. Become an avid label reader when you're at the grocery store - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH ADDED SUGAR (and all the other bad sugars). Or, at the very least, cut it out AS MUCH AS you possibly can. Did you know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine? It's true and there's tons of research on that.
  5. Focus on eating WHOLE, REAL FOODS (green, organic vegetables, organic fresh fruits, non-GMO organic meats, leafy greens, etc.) and a GREAT thing to do is see about a local farmer's market or farm that may be near you or online deliveries you can look into
  6. Get exercise, if not every day, at least 3-5 days a week. It can be simple as there are a TON of online resources to do that at home, or just go outside and take a walk. Make sure to stretch those muscles because that eases anxiety and stress
  7. Get PLENTY of sleep in that 6-8 hours sweet spot. Everyone's bodies react differently to different times so become aware of what makes you feel the best and try to do that for yourself (respect your body!)
  8. Get SUNSHINE in your life, go outside and put those feet in the grass and feel the good Earth energy vibes. If you're hitting bad weather season, you can order UV lamps for your home or even look into get some of those rays through a local tanning spot and go every now and again. Make sure to get tested for your Vitamin levels as taking Vitamin D supplements and magnesium can help immensely (if you need more info on what kinds of testing to do, 

These are easy health tidbits that can add to your day to day. 

If everyone focused on this instead of worrying about wearing some silly mask (that has never been proven to "stop a virus" and never will), then it would change everything. We must work WITH our bodies, WITH our immune systems, and IMPROVE OUR OVERALL HEALTH. A mask is a false sense of "health" and will never be the answer. 

Here are a couple of visuals to help spread the immune system love (feel free to download and print out for your fridge): 




We recommend you do your OWN research. But make sure to go check out bitchute.com, banned.video, and get off of Facebook and never turn on any mainstream news channel again.