Opening the Cosmic Curtain: A Journey into Hidden Cosmology

By: Natalie Viglione

Ophiuchus, the Hidden and Forbidden 13th Sign

I'll start this off with a bang ...

The measures that the evil ones have gone to in their attempt to drown out the Sacred Feminine, the Cosmic "Mother" Energy, is sometimes incomprehensible...truly...

The 'ancient evil ones' as I call them are other-dimensional beings that want to stifle the evolution of Earth-Tara-Gaia and HUmanity (and its Living Beings).

They use evil magick (low frequency magick) and their "human" puppets to suppress HUmanity's consciousness, and their time is ending so it's the great unveiling (also called the "apocalypse").

I know that many people don't want to admit that there is a war on consciousness, or a war on stamping out and stifling the Sacred Feminine and Cosmic "Mother" Energy, but alas, it is true.

And this is one more piece of REawakening magick; finding out the truth behind hidden aspects in our Universe.

The Hidden 13th Astrological Sign


Hidden Cosmology of Primordial Times

There is an unacknowledged constellation called ‘Ophiuchus,’ which is also known as the ‘Serpent Bearer.’ I am studying with a beautiful Druidic group out of Ireland to reawakenthe magick through the TRUE teachings of the Druids and the Celts. This wisdom is PRIMORDIAL and it is wisdom that we need to know as it brings back the foundations of the Original Blueprint of Creation in our realms of Earth-Tara-Gaia (and so much more!).

What is the etymology of the word Ophiuchus?

From ophis "serpent" + stem of ekhein "to hold, have, keep" (from PIE root *segh- "to hold"). *segh- Sanskrit sahah meaning "power, victory;" Avestan hazah "power, victory."

In short, it means VICTORY OF THE SERPENT... this is why the religious and other negative/evil factions wanted to ensure this constellation was stifled!

Let's examine this more deeply..

The Ophiuchus sign symbolizes many of the emerging elements of consciousness at the "end of an age" which was 2012. This is what ALL prophecies spoke of, the end of an age (not the "end of the world" necessarily), but it is the end of 3rd density known as Earth, and movement into the 4th density, known as Tara. And all HUmans choose to do what's next, that's why CHOICE right now of service to self or service to others, and doing INNER WORK is mission critical... but that's another topic to explore another day.

After the 2012 date, there were many timeline potentials, but ultimately, it was the decision of the Celestial Being we call Earth (the consciousness I call Gaia), and the Guardian Races (Emerald Founders) and the decision was made to EVOLVE and to step into creation of the 4th density... this time being MORE PREPARED than before. (This has happened before and there were some issues... I'll get into that another time as well as I have had many Dreamtime Visions as a seer about this.)

This time, the Guardian Races sent in an ENTIRE ARMY of Indigos and Starseed Warriors (aka warrior means GUARDIAN, by the way), to awaken and help HUmanity and Earth to pull out from the prison of enslavement that the ancient evil ones created (the false prison, or energetic matrix). The one intention of these evil ones and their puppets is the desire to enslave so they can continue to suck the love-light from the HUman, and all living beings (including Earth).

Yes, we have a VERY unique (and most challenging) 3rd density experience... but I'll bet you already knew that! 😵‍💫

The Meaning of the "Serpent Bearer"

A Serpent is THE symbol for the Sacred Feminine Energy (even though evil ones tried to hijack that, too).

Want to take a journey into the Serpent (aka Dragon) energy? Click the button below to go listen to the replays (there are 2 parts) of my Storytelling Hour where I dive into this topic of the Sacred Feminine energy in the Eternal Now ...

When you look around for this 13th sign, you will also probably find a lot of BAD information in articles out there about a "man" wrangling a serpent... Do you see the ways that the patriarchy is trying to HIDE the truth of the Sacred Feminine energy? You can see this desperation to wrestle this Energy into "submission" and how the Feminine "bites" a male form, etc. All of that is incorrect...

Instead, we can see imagery of Ophiuchus as being profound and thought-provoking; it's representative of the masculine and feminine ENERGY wrapped into one powerful image.

You'll see the masculine entwined with the image of a Serpent... a Serpent is a metaphor of the POWER of the Mother of Dragons (or the Cosmic Dragon) and the Celestial Light Energy that it is, which has and is a PERFECT balance of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Energies (often called "Mother-Father God" aspects).

The metaphor of a figure with a serpent represents many facets of the time we are in RIGHT NOW:

  1. The awakening of our intrinsic HEALING power that lies within what many have called the ‘kundalini’ energy.
  2. The bringing back of TOTAL BALANCE as being paramount to health of not only ourselves but of the Being we call Earth
  3. That the beauty of HUman-- Harmonic Universe Man, or Hue-Man [hue is full of light], and "man" does NOT mean a male (this is the hijacking of information to portray that around this sign)-- and the innate power that we hold is the PERFECT Celestial Dragon Light Energy which contains the Original Creation Blueprint of the harmonized blend of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Energies.

As many more souls reawaken, many of us feel this already and it's in our DNA, so we are coming to a greater understanding of healing and that it is rooted in knowing and honoring that everyone has both “masculine” and “feminine” energy.

This has nothing at all to do with gender, but these Sacred Human Forms of a female and a male were a way for us to experience and come into mastery from new angles...

I know this in the fabric of my being and all that I Am (in the Avatar Soul construct); male or female forms were never meant to be less than the other, but to be equals in the energies that exist as Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine... they're different forms that function differently, but one is not supposed to DOMINATE. That was not the point... this is another layer of the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings, of which I hold in my DNA and REMEMBER.

All of humanity and living beings of Earth were not meant to be totally separated through this patriarchal enslavement structure either.

As with all massive projects (especially of the galactic sort!), there are unforeseen errors or paths, and this is especially true when we speak of free will. All of us holding coding (DNA memories) of the Guardian Founder Races know that this is the time we are now at the end of this cycle, all of the extreme inversions are being corrected!

The Indigo and Starseed families sent to Earth in this time have free will of course and we can always accept of decline our missions that we have here...

I accepted my mission many years ago, and I feel that it's imperative that AS MANY Starseeds and Indigos as possible accept this mission RIGHT NOW for this is how we become the Army of the Divine Order for the reclamation of the True Holy Trinity!

Ophiuchus, if we are to imagine a human versus a "man" (as in a male human form), we would see that this constellation represents the IGNITING and HARMONIZING of the Sacred Feminine FROM WITHIN US (often called the Serpent but this truly represents Celestial Dragon Energy). And by honoring and balancing the TRUE feminine energy and masculine energy within us all, this will bring ORDER BACK TO A TORN UNIVERSAL STRUCTURE.

This was always the TRUE MISSION OF HUMANITY and Earth-Tara-Gaia!

Hence, why it has been under extreme attack by the evil ones that do not want this grand project to come to completion!

This constellation also denotes the importance of all the INNER WORK that it takes to blend and harmonize the energies -- the very meaning of UNIFICATION but from within ourselves. This is why taking the time to get in touch with the True Essence that is within you, to meditate, to work with energy centers within your body, and getting in alignment with oneself is critical. This is what will release dormant forces within and is where CREATION POWER lies!

Empower Yourself To Embody & Integrate the Sacred Alchemist Energy

The re-emergence of Ophiuchus in the TRUE Cosmology of the Primordial times is the signal of a vital truth and a reawakening of magick that many of us are innately attuned to. We are all in the process of learning how to bridge any polarities within us that have kept our mind and body divided, and also divided from Earth and Nature, from each other-- from the very nature of the the Cosmic Dragon, which is the LIGHT POWER and energy that gets melded through the Cosmic Womb!

Those of us that come in with the mission of a medicine man or women, often called a shaman, are the wisdom keepers of this alchemy and the veil is often thinner from birth.

However, ALL of humanity - men and women equally- need to accept themselves as an alchemist for anyone can TRANSMUTE energies!

When this is done, this heals ALL THINGS... including the Earth-Tara-Gaia triad. Humanity has always been a mirror of the GodSource (or Primeval Creator, Divine Source...) and Cosmic Feminine and Masculine (or Cosmic "Mother or Father") Energies!

This is the very reason why those primordial souls that are here to help manifest this "Heaven on Earth" are crucial to spread the wisdom we're here to share...

All of us with that wisdom must embody what I would call the Light Warrior. We must "go down" into the underworld (the lower realms WITHIN US) and get in touch with all of the chaotic and primal forces in order to bring harmony back into our beings (this is what we could call "enlightenment" through healing).

This evil patriarchal system has created TOTAL separation and a war on consciousness. It has separated us from all things: “me” against “you” and "you" against Nature and Earth, etc.

What if we all, instead of seeing opposites, we instead see the potential synergy between two seemingly opposite forces and know that YOU HOLD THE CHRISTED (or CHRIST) INNATE POWER to REharmonize these energies again, not only within you, but with-out you (meaning back out into society and into the energy fields of Earth)?

The Return of the Sacred Feminine

The sign of Ophiuchus is also symbolic of the return of the "High Priestess" archetype. Many of us hold these DNA codes as well.

This is the sacred feminine energy that finds self-love through the trials and tribulations, and when the female form was created, the form holds a sacred portal on both ends meaning female form can hold the seed of life but also are the stargates of communication with the divine and etheric realms (the latter is also something of course a male form can tap into being Sacred in all ways as well!).

It is time to reconnect to the magick in ALL THINGS. We will continue to be bombarded and feeling like we are getting "ran over" with the changes of the transformational power of the 4th density Being.

The energy around Ophiuchus and this return of the High Priestess wrangling the patriarchy out of existence is a reintroduction of MANIFESTATION which works with INTENT. By the way, I have a magickal formula of manifestation on many posts if you'd like to read more you will find them linked below, and also have shared a video about a Dreamtime Vision where I was taken into the Cosmic Womb (see that below if you want to watch it!).

Manifesting is what I would call MAGICK, using intention, emotions, words, actions, gratitude & feeling as if what you want is already created...


Into the Cosmic Womb with the Cosmic Dragon Energy Rising