Making Change Happen Means You Must Light Your Own Fire Within

Rise Up In Truth

It is a time to light the fire within! 

How do you think most people believe change happens? 

I believe that a lot of people think that someone or some*thing* does it for them. 

They look around and see people that are the “doers” so they don’t have to. Whew, they say, as they wipe sweat off their brow.

This kind of attitude doesn’t compute in my body, mind, nor spirit. 

If you know what’s happening right now in this world, and the evil that we are truly combatting, and if you still can’t take any time to activate, then it's time to ask yourself how you can activate! 

You can bombard inboxes or make calls to people that are taking actions that are crimes against this world, Mother Earth, and humanity. It's time to show up to bring forward the path to freedom in all ways that we can. If you do not, then the sad truth is that you’ve got to be prepared for some major consequences. This is a hardcore truth no one wants to hear, but I'm OK to be that person to speak that truth as I know without a doubt that I’m here to SHAKE SHIT UP and to help wake people up to take their power back! 

And, it takes work to do that - inner work and outer work. There is NO WAY around the work part! 

Here’s what I often hear and it makes my stomach turn because what I hear is that people need to light the fire within and to become empowered!  

—> People say they “do not have time” to do this “kind of stuff” 

—> Or they are ignoring what’s happening as it’s “too heavy” and so they shrug it off for someone else to go manage

—> Many “lightworkers” say they just want to “trust that things will work out and are holding the light” and do nothing day in and day out to transmute darkness into light…

—> Or when people say some man in the sky has it all taken care of 

—> Or when people admit they are “too lazy” (which is at least honest!)

Sorry to be the bringer of this truth, but none of these are excusable--not right now. 

As it has always been, throughout history of humankind there are FEW humans from a percentage standpoint who do ANYTHING to change this world or themselves. But it has gotten worse and worse and worse…

This time right now is not that time to be lazy, to shrug it off, to turn your cheek the other way and forget about about the collective, the children, the people who can’t help themselves because they’re truly stuck in misery.

We need ALL PEOPLE WHO GET WHAT IS HAPPENING to flip that lack of desire to now go all in to help move things, disrUPt things, and to shake the shit up!!! 

Activating may require a little more of your energy or focus, but isn’t this the most important thing we could ever do? This is NEW EARTH CREATION! You are either all in or out, there is no more in between. No excuses. It’s a time to choose very wisely. 

LIGHT WARRIORS SAY NO MORE and stand up by doing everything in their power to put an end to the tyranny and the thousands of years of murder through speaking truth by educating, teaching, speaking and guiding people to remember who they are and to empower! 

For THOUSANDS of years we have lived in slavery of the mind, spirit AND body — now it’s all being thrown in our faces and this is how BIG this is. 

There is MAGICK happening and it never left us, but it's being activated in powerful ways. Love and the Divine is here to awaken those that will build New Earth. 

As an Earth Avatar for Ariel, my Higher Self, I truly long for the day when people that have a lack of fire learn that they MUST ignite their own fire within and understand what RISING UP actually means. We can create the change we want to see by representing the change, making the change, BEING and embodying that change. We make it happen by being examples of what it means to ACTIVATE! 

Change NEVER happens without a lot of inner and outer work— period. It’s time to IGNITE YOUR FIRE!! Start brainstorming how you can take action today! 🔥 

And to all my fellow #lightwarriors - keep on doing what you do best because we’ve got to keep on going and keep seeding and weaving truth into every part of our being!

Article by: Natalie Viglione