The Divine Source: I Am Nature and So Are You

Rise Up In Truth

Getting back to nature is how we reconnect to the divine, to the Source of All.

This past year, I've had a massive realization that it has been way too easy for humans to get disconnected from the most important elements created by Source for our health and well-being, those important aspects are Nature and the Mother Earth.

I admit, I've only lived in large, cosmopolitan cities since I became an adult (post 17 years of age) besides the past few years, and my current home in the ancient mountains of the Asheville region in North Carolina in the U.S.

As soon as I was of-age to get away from where I grew up at 17, I ran far away and through my university years ended up in San Francisco and New York City in the U.S. I had ran to these places as quickly as I could because I wanted to experience LIFE and soak up all that I could as I had big dreams to check off the list. And, while these experiences gave me SO MUCH that I wouldn't trade for any other experiences I could have chosen, I realized that I got entirely disconnected from very important things.

I got incredibly disconnected from nature which means I got disconnected from my Higher Self, and from the Source/the Divine, and the Earth. After leaving San Francisco (which WAS much lovelier and connected to nature than NYC) and moving into NYC, I fully realized that it's called a concrete jungle for a reason! Duh, one might say, but I didn't realize the detrimental effect it would have on me. The lifestyle that sucked me in was the antithesis of what TRULY is good for humans, I believe. One can argue that you can drive a couple hours and be out of the city and in some good hiking, running, etc. spots, but the truth of the matter is that the concrete jungle sucks you in. Most people don't have cars so "getting out" isn't something you can do every day nor even every week if you actually live in New York City (and not outside of it). In NYC, the only easy access to "nature" was Central Park or Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and you can imagine how far off from NATURE those are.

I've also realized that cities were designed this way for a reason. Shove us all into these cockroach-style infestations called cities and you've got the BEST way to disconnect people from nature without them even realizing it. And I argue here, that nature is one of THE most important aspects for our well-being.

Some people were able to divert the city living and commit to connecting to Earth and the Divine within Nature, but a lot of this world lives completely detached from it, and this is extremely sad and extremely unhealthy longer-term.

In fact, have you EVER heard a traditional and conventional "doctor" say to go "get into nature" as a remedy to stress? That's laughable, I know. This is something that they ALL should have learned in that schooling of theirs, but sadly, it was designed that way for a reason as well (big pharma is NOT health and is NOT medicine, we'll save that topic for another day).

I always knew this deep down and know now more than ever that to de-stress, to feel less anxiety, to tap into the roots of true health, humans have GOT to get back to our original energy source -- the Earth and Nature! The act of Earthing (or Grounding) is easy -- take off those shoes and run those feet in the grass, tap into the Earth. If it's too cold where you're at currently, zip that jacket up and sit on the ground and run those hands through the dirt/sand, or even just sit under a tree, this will revive your soul! Whether you're on the beach, in a forest, next to a lake, in a park next to a tree... it doesn't matter. Anywhere with the connection to nature is a good spot to REconnect to The All, to yourself, and to the original source of Spirit which is Nature.

This is a great video to act as a reminder #IAmNature

This was from a campaign for the World Wide Fund for Nature (used to be called WWF, World Wildlife Fund), founded in 1961 that works in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of impact on the Earth.