Yes, Chemtrails Are Real and Here's the Truth You Need to Know Right Now

Natalie Viglione, Rise Up In Truth

Chemtrails are real and while humanity would like to wish that it all weren't true, it is. In fact, chem trail odor is now a thing that many are realizing and investigations are happening in certain regions. All we have to do is look to the sky and we can see it with our own eyes...

CONtrails are different and NOT what I am talking about here. If you'd like to know the difference between a con trail and chemtrail, there is SO MUCH research on this. Here's a good article showing pictures and such, you can see that article here but make sure to do your own research as well.

CHEMtrails are just another way for the dark forces on this planet to keep and/or ensure that humans get sick, or at the very least, feel like crap because not everyone will be affected the same way and some people won't be affected at all. 

Why? Well, here is the cycle the dark structures have put together: If they keep most humans sick, they keep us in victim mode, which is really making us become more reliant on the system. This also keeps us "dumbed down" and many people living in a state of fear over illness like we have no control over it (and we do!!!!!). If the dark forces and their puppets keep us dumbed down, we don't remember who we TRULY are at the very core. And, if we don't remember who we are, these dark forces will continue to "eat" our fear and try to take our SPARK (our soul essence is love-light). 

The dark forces can also continue to feed us drugs from pharma companies that DO NOT MAKE US BETTER but actually make us sicker. Ultimately, the main goal RIGHT NOW is to keep us from MOVING INTO THE NEW HIGHER FREQUENCIES that our Earth and galaxy is moving into. 

Humanity has the power RIGHT NOW, right this second, to step into power like never before. An awakening so grand has been happening but we are at a PEAK time right this second. This specific cycle will ensure we don't go to sleep as badly as has happend before for many thousands of years because this is a CYCLE. This Earth is a great experiment and it is very MAGICKAL (and are humans!). 

The little thing the dark ones and their stupid puppets forget is that you can't stop nature, and HUMANITY is also nature. There are more humans awake now than ever before and these dark ones can't stop it! But, the sad part is that the dark forces will continue to push black operations and do all sorts of crazy things to TRY to stop our evolution and remembering of who we are. 

They also forgot that those awake are going to be focused on UNITING, and that is something they cannot stop either. We (humans) are PURE love-light at the core of all we are, and that's something these dark forces will never have. Hence, why they continue to try to siphon off of us like negative leeches living off of the emotions of fear (and all the ranges of emotions that are tied to fear - the dark ones and their puppets live off pain, suffering, and GREED, GREED, and more GREED).  

Here are some really important details and sites for you to check out below, as well as supplements and some other important items to get. I've accumulated tons of research and have a podcast where I interview people all over the world... all with a core intention to FIND TRUTH and SPEAK TRUTH so I receive a lot of amazing information. 

Read this article first as it is a chemtrail pilot who exposed the truth in 2020 and formally exposed the black operation called Operation Indigo Skyfold. LINK HERE.

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