The Time of Dissolving Old Energies: Say Bye-Bye to Evil Factions

By: Natalie Viglione


Connect into Astrology & Cosmology:

June to Nov 2023, Saturn Enters Pisces...


Astrology/Cosmology is FAR MORE than most can imagine. This little snapshot of looking at energies and how they influence our lives and this Earth is actually the TINIEST aspect to what these energies should be used for (or should I say, can be used for!).

The far-advanced "past" times (the ancients) used the varying energies of these Celestial Beings to help them build, create, and thrive in this world. In fact, this is how the pyramids were actually built! You'll find this truth hidden away; however, this truth can be found and there are those that remember or have interactions that have told them exactly how this advanced all-natural cosmic tech worked...  

This type of ancient (primordial even) wisdom seems as if it has long since been forgotten, but many of us are remembering... these evil faction can't stop the TRUTH from finding its way back to those that hold the light!

Here's a short video sharing what will be happening from June 17 – November 4th of this year, Saturn entering Pisces...


This means that this is dissolving the old structures of our lives (and the old density... as above, so below), as we talked about above. During the retrograde, this process of dissolution will align people that choose to do it with their true paths.

Planetary Alignments of 2023: A Look Ahead

There are psychological-mental aspects to humanity and our health and evolution of personality get influenced by the subtle influences of the cosmos that are characteristics of the great planets/stars. But here is something to remember: we are NOT at the mercy of these movements and the energies of these celestial beings/bodies.

When the energies are not favorable to us, we can overcome them through superior discernment, knowledge and most of all, our will! This -- discernment, knowledge, will -- is the basis and foundational aspects of magick....

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