Historical Truths Found in Ancient Tablets About the Origins of Humanity




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It's time to understand we've been duped going back thousands and thousands of years (eons really).

Let us strip away the veil that blinds us, and open the mind and heart to learn what has really been going on... the Truth will resonate with you.

See how you feel about these facts and interpretations from ancient texts, tablets, and scrolls. Research is at the bottom so you can go on your own hunt for Truth!

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

- Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, 1913

If the Library of Alexandria1 was not destroyed, we would not be as blind to the Truth as we are today.

But some scrolls, ancient texts, etc. did make it "out" into public's hands, and some people have been researching and finding the truth for centuries to bring us this wisdom.

The truth of the matter is that the "Empires of the Old Times" like the Roman Empire, the British Empire -- these "empires" have never REALLY left this planet like we thought. The sociopathic, war-hungry, power-hungry, money-hungry factions of "humans" have mutated how they present themselves in the world, but the most important aspect we must open our minds to understand is that they never ceased to exist.

We've been treated like children, like people that must "bow down" to others - those with "all the money" and these factions of people that serve only themselves had hid away truths from us on purpose. The Truth has been kept from us so that they can keep humanity overall "dumbed down" and it's essential to note that what Woodrow Wilson, JFK, and the current Donald Trump are speaking to is that there are very few RICH families that are actually in power across the world. Somehow they've been able to control governments through wealth and blackmailing rings. The government "officials" are typically the puppets used to bring about their nefarious agenda, oftentimes without the puppet's knowledge as they're so blinded with greed and power that they can't see the light.

Crown (royal) blood lines globally support a very dark agenda. The topic of who and what these families support as far as their dark agenda mentioned here needs to be a post that is done on another day.

In this post, we're going to hone in on the ancient civilization of Sumeria (or Sumer, as it is also called). This will provide a very clear picture of HOW these families came into power and WHY. It's puzzle pieces coming together in a much larger way... Read on to explore our resesarch.


The first advanced civilization was in the region of Sumeria, or Sumer as it has also been called, and this Sumerian civilization were the first to record their history. This is where modern-day Iraq is located. The historical data found via the tablets (more on that below) reveals an incredible amount about our past that have been hidden from us. This ancient Sumerian civilization was located where modern-day Iraq is located is what used to be called the region of Mesopotamia (also was often called the "land of the gods").


Image of the Sumerian Tablets

The advanced gifts that this civilization gave humanity were many and included the modern calendar based on the lunar cycle, the wheel, the plow, irrigation systems, the concept of a sailboat, and so much more. The greatest gift is that they seem to have spoken the first-known language, and then left evidence for the first recorded writings (that has been found).

You'll see why the deletion (or intentional withholding) of this knowledge from our history books was purposeful. If the knowledge from these 14 tablets were NOT hidden from us (the masses) then it would have changed EVERYTHING. It would have changed lives, past, present, and future. The future that we're living out RIGHT NOW.

This Sumerian civilization created many advanced systems but their history of the origins of their civilization that is our human history up through today has been totally dismissed. The "big bang" theory has never been truly figured out, and this doesn't talk about the current "version" of humans that we are -- homosapiens. supported in the sense that our history books all over the globe portray as to OUR direct human history. And, EVOLUTION also has been debunked as a narrative to keep the truth from us.

There are FAR TOO MANY gaps and things, but this historical research starts to fill in those gaps.


While you're reading all of this (or anything) and do the research exploration yourself by using the sources listed below as a starting point, check in with yourself and ask some questions. 

How does this resonate? 

Do I get chills? 

Do hairs on the back of my neck or body stand up? 

Do I have this deep "knowing" in my heart saying "yes, this makes sense!"

These are signs that your body and soul resonates with the facts, with the Truths you're reading or listening to. Use this little check-in any time you're reading or watching anything, especially now in a time of GREAT deception by all mainstream media and big tech platforms like Google, Facebook, and others.


- Natalie, Rise Up In Truth 


In 1849, a British archeologist, Sir Austen Henry Layard2 , found fourteen (14) tablets in the region where modern-day Iraq is, which used to be known as Sumer, or Sumeria, dating back 5,000-6,000 years go approximately. These are the oldest known writings found to-date. They put a whole new spin on the other ancient sacred texts. The ancient Sumerian writings3 talk about a "creator of all beginnings" or an "ultimate supreme being" and this was NOT speaking to the Annunaki so that should be noted. The tablets go on to explain further exactly who the Sumerians were and details as to how they came into existence.

In the third tablet, it explains in detail about their settlement on Earth and how the DNA of the human race had been genetically modified, among many other essential insights we shouldn't dismiss without a deep-dive into the facts that have been left for us.

These tablets state that "creator-gods" as they called them, came to Earth and at that time the only inhabitants were our early human ancestors and wild animals. These beings that came to Earth they called the Annunaki, which translates into "those that from heaven to Earth came."


We should be aware that people dedicate their entire lives to reading and learning ancient languages and translating ancient texts, scrolls, tablets, etc. One such name as it relates to the Sumerian Tablets is Zecharia Sitchin14 but there are many other scholars like Miguel Civil14. In 2006, a book called Sumerian Lexicon was published which has helped to broaden access to Sumerian texts. While we know that there are some literal translations, we also know there is logic and a "gut knowing" (or intuition) brought into the work based on insight that they utilize in discerning ancient languages. (We all must use our own process to discern truth!)

The Annunaki came from the planet Nibiru and this planet only enters Earth's solar system every 3,600 years approximately. According to the Sumerian historical tablets, Nibiru's atmosphere began to break down and become a hostile environment, and when this happened, the ruler on Nibiru, Anu, sent their son (though genders would be hard to discern), Enki to go find the most important element to save their planet which was gold.


Annunaki, much larger alien race, Sumerian Tablets

WHY GOLD? It's important to note that gold nanoparticles repair our damaged muscles and more, it also helps reduce inflammation and speeds healing4, as well as shields radiation. This is why NASA uses gold foils in their space stations.

IS NIBIRU REAL? In Oct 2017, NASA released an article called "The Super Earth that Came Home for Dinner"5 and states that there is observational evidence of a "Planet 9" or "Planet 10" (depending on timeframe in regard to Pluto) - read all sources below.


Over 400,000 years ago (listed as 450,000 most often) approximately, the Annunaki came to Earth because Earth as a planet has a huge supply of gold. They built many mining stations on this planet - in the modern day regions of Iraq, Africa, and more. From the tablets, the first large mining station built by Enki was the Base Station at Eridu (this is where the story of the Garden Of Eden was taken)7. And with them, the Annunaki brought another alien race called the Igigi. The Igigi race were slaves to the Annunaki who were a "god-like" alien race (because of their size, they were not the "creator of all beginnings" so this shouldn't be confused) in comparison to all other things that were on Earth at that time, including the Igigi race. The Igigi's were to mine all of the gold and do all the hard work. This historical evidence is consistent with Babylonian tablets and other ancient texts that have been found.


"“When the gods-like-men bore the work and suffered the toil, the toil of the gods was great, the work was heavy; the distress was much.” - Babylonian Tablets6

After many centuries, the Igigi finally rebelled against the Annunaki. They rose up together to defeat their oppressors and gain their freedom. However, this revolution almost completely annihilated the Igigi race entirely and left the Annunaki without workers.

During this time on Earth, our ancestors were here living with wild animals, and it should be noted that the Annunaki seemed like "giants" in relation to the size of humans of that time giving them a "god-like" stature.

After the Igigi rose up against the Annunaki, Nibiru's leader, Anu, directed son Enki to genetically engineer them a new slave race since the Igigi were lost to them and they couldn't utilize them any longer to mine their gold and do their bidding.

Enki was told to build a new race that is more intelligent to do the complex work but still able to be subservient. So Enki took Earth's cave people at that time and genetically modified their DNA. The Annunaki themselves created what we now call homosapiens.

Here's the fantastic thing. Scientists have found (and why the evolution theory was debunked) that there is scientific proof that about 4,500 or so years ago, there is a clear cut/insertion point in our DNA showing that there was in fact a clear DNA modification of what humans were at that time (please make sure to go see sources at the bottom of this post so that you can read more on these topics).8

“What is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful, were then suddenly replaced around 4,500 years ago, and we don’t know why. Something major happened, and the hunt is now on to find out what that was."

- ACAD Director Professor, Alan Cooper 

Many scientists, due to the research mentioned in the article where this is sourced (see below), know this fact now that our DNA shows a clear insertion/modification point, however, many still refuse to see this data around the Annunaki when it actually provides a pretty clear picture of what took place.

These first humans that were genetically modified became a "new race" of human so to speak and were called Adamu by the Annunaki (what would later be interpreted to be "Adam"). These early humans had no choice but to "worship" their gods, which means to act as servants to. The word "Avod" is mentioned in the tablets and this word breaks down to mean worship. 

So, the now genetically modified homosapiens were directed that their purpose were to serve the Annunaki. These human slaves were sterile, so they were re-engineered again so that they could reproduce and provide the Annunaki with more slaves to do their bidding (creating what we could call "Eve" as a giver of new life). As the Sumerian tablets weave together with other tablets (as in the Babylonian tablets, etc.), they all indicate that the Annunaki "allowed" the homosapiens to procreate but only under their control (what we would call the beginnings of eugenics - this will be another research article posted soon around eugenics and the influence it has still to this day).

However, many humans decided to procreate together anyway rebelling against their Annunaki oppressors and were banished from the base mining station Eridu (this gives the basis of the rise to the story of "garden of eden" and the story of the first humans "adam and eve" and their banishment from "paradise").

As humans became more and more intelligent, some of the Annunaki leaders bred with them, and their children were called Nephilim. The tablets say that these practices enraged Enlil, the brother of Enki, and Enlil was enraged because he (though gender is not really known) wanted to ensure that homosapiens could NOT rise to power and take over Nibiru, or revolt as the Igigi did. However, it was already beyond their control.

The human population increased over the following millennia, only to be hit with a population control plan that nature had in store. Nibiru was returning into the Earth's solar system which created havoc on Earth's sun. Nibiru, as a planet, has also been called the "destroyer" planet. There are ancient texts found in Scotland that supports this and the "Destroyer" referenced describes a large red planet which was noted as Nibiru throughout the tablets.

"Men forget the days of The Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour.​" 

- The Great Scroll from Kolbrin (Scottish Ancient Texts)9 

The tablets describe this event stating that when Nibiru came into Earth's system, black spots appeared on Earth's Sun, then Earth's magnetic field became weaker, and ice caps started melting. This event that was what triggered was the "great flood" which is referenced in all ancient texts (including the Bible).

“For days before the day of the Deluge, the Earth was rumbling, groan as if pain it was. For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru glowing like a star was seen.”  

- Tenth Sumerian Tablet10

There is a clear indication of a rapid sea rise. The Annunaki left in their "celestial boats" (aka alien craft/UFOs). Before the Annunaki left, they dictated their emissaries that they chose from the humans and instructed them how to create boats to survive the deluge and gave them the ways to modify their genes and the resources to hold genetic banks to survive and evolve further and to recreate life (DNA banks). This is talking about genetic DNA banks to "recreate" nature, animals, etc. and to modify the genes of homosapiens further.

After the deluge, the Annunaki came back alongside the homosapiens that were left.

The buildings that the Annunaki left upon this planet are known as the pyramids, the influence of these pyramids in Egypt influenced others that were built that are all over the world. We now know that the pyramids are MUCH older than previously determined and that they are totally aligned to the stars.11  This answers any "mystery" as to how the pyramids have been aligned with the stars given the Annunaki were not of this Earth and a far-advanced alien race.

When the Annunaki finally left Earth, their influence had been left all over our world. This is why so many pyramids have similar patterns and seem to have been built around the same time. This has been a mystery for a long time, but this does provide a very clear reason for how this happened. And, according to research, this exodus from Earth was due to a civil war between the clans of Enki and Enlil (for political ambitions)12. The Sumerian civilization was extremely advanced for its time based on all of the gifts that the Annunaki did provide to this civilization before leaving this planet. The tablets describe a mature and highly organized culture, and this is when established monarchs took place.

These "Annunaki emissaries" that were left on Earth genetically modified their DNA and these blood lines have become the royal blood lines that have been on this Earth since this time frame. This is why there has been selective breeding of "nobility" for centuries now, and why eugenics has always plagued this planet. The roots of the British monarchy and black nobility bloodlines of Europe still dictating and controlling today’s world can all be traced back to here. (That's another research article that will be created to discuss that topic further.)


It should be noted that there is a very good reason why specific "dynasties" (e.g.: the Bush family dynasty of George Bush Sr. and Jr., etc.) in the United States want to control the region of Iraq - see source16. Of course resources like oil, but there's more to it. It is now known that many Sumerian historical and cultural artifacts have been stolen from the Iraqi museums that coincided with the "war against terrorism." First off, the Bush family had been feeding Hussein's regime previously and selling him weapons so funding BOTH sides (which is nothing new)18.

There were MANY major raids during that "war" and they all happened under the supervision of U.S. troops, as if it was all planned in advance. The "raiders" (paid by the Bush dynasty) stole the world's few remaining artifacts from the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian cultures. As we know, they had knowledge and technologies that would far exceed any technology we have even today.


The National Museum in Iraq had 28 galleries that were picked clean by "looters" who made off with more than 50,000 irreplaceable artifacts, relics of past civilizations dating back no less than 5,000 years. In fact, the card catalog was destroyed, making it impossible even to identify what has been lost. In fact, some of the US military that were near this while it happened, it is understood that they stood by and permitted the ransacking of the museum. It was also encouraged that there be looting of hospitals, universities, libraries and government social service buildings.

This museum had the largest storehouse of items from the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, including Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylonia, Assyria and Chaldea. Also with ancient artifacts from Persia, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and various Arab dynasties. The museum held the tablets with Hammurabi's Code, which is known to be the world's first system of laws, and many other cuneiform texts that are the oldest known examples of writings as noted above with the Sumerian tablets.

We must know what was stolen. We THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD need to get this wisdom back into OUR hands, where it always belonged.

Oh, and one last note on that evil Bush Dynasty for the road, it should be no surprise at all that Bush's father helped Hitler rise to power! Go read the source here17.

How did this resonate with you? 

For me, the Rise Up In Truth writer & researcher, Natalie, when I heard of this insight and started my research some time ago, it resonated deeply with me. I researched many different ancient tablets, including channelings, and research from all over the globe. 

To me, this provides a much more clear picture as to WHAT HAS REALLY HAPPENED, and when you add in all of these things into the process of what we've seen happening right before our eyes!

And, to me, this also provides so much of the missing historical data that has been withheld. When I was little I knew that I wasn't being told the truth in "sunday school" because nothing resonated with me. I remember saying "nuh uh, that's not true" even then!

The story of Noah's ark felt absurd to me and I'll never forget that. So, to my surprise, the above interpretations from the Sumerian Tablets makes perfect sense. I think a bunch of us truthers always knew in our hearts, because I definitely always felt something was not right. The way I check this is if I can feel it in the very fabric of my being to be true, that is how I come to resonate and align with Truth in the first place. This is a powerful practice that EVERYONE has the ability to do.

I am sure that we can all agree, 2020 has taught us that we must be very open-minded and have our hearts wide open to accept new facts that can lead us down pathways to Truth. Even if it seems insane, if it feels right, it is.


  1. From my perspective, what this shows us is a much more practical understanding of many things we've listed as mysteries, but when you research and read the above, it all has quite logical reasons as to how many things came about.
  2. As 2020 has exposed, this helps us navigate how we've gotten to where we are today with the exposure of global pedophile rings, and so much more. There is a lot of insight to learn and I'll do our best to cover and put things into one simple place. 
  3. That there is a "creator of all beginnings" as noted in the tablets, and in many ancient texts and scrolls. We can each call this whatever we'd like, but interestingly, it shows that this Creator is 
  4. beyond the religions that now exist, and that this entity is something that is the "creator of all beginnings." The Annunaki shouldn't be taken as being THE creators per se, but they did CREATE homosapiens, so we have a very tangled past. 
  5. We, as homosapiens, were BORN onto this planet free (before we were genetically modified by the Annunaki). When our DNA was MODIFIED, we were pushed into becoming a race to "worship" (bow down to) an alien race and then the "emissaries" that they chose and stayed on this planet when the Annunaki left were the ones that took control of this planet through power, money (gold, etc.) and a feeling that they "had the right" to do so. However, we are meant to be SOVEREIGN beings and were never meant to "bow down" to a royal race of any kind! 
  6. The Pentagon has released (in 2020) many papers stating that aliens have come to Earth, ARE coming to the Earth, as they have for eons. Feel free to go do some of your own research to find these new releases of information. Download the browser "Duck Duck Go" available on any mobile or computer device so that you can get away from Google (as they censor data massively), and type into the search bar the following: "pentagon releases ufo files 2020" -- you will see TONS of information come up, 

even from mainstream media platforms... No longer is it hidden that aliens DO exist!

  1. The Annunaki may have been the most dominant and aggressive aliens to come to Earth since they claimed and assumed rulership over it and us. Scholars have spent decades researching and translating these tablets, and other ancient texts.  Zecharia Sitchin was one who had spent half a century deciphering the ancient Sumerian language on cuneiform tablets and Sumer’s (or Sumeria's) history accurately chronicles in detail the Anunnaki alien footprint on planet Earth


  1. Other evidence shows that there have been many other alien civilizations besides the Anunnaki that have come to Earth throughout our planet's history from such star systems as Pleiades, Sirius and Orion, and that these races also interacted and interbred using human genetic engineering

15.  This provides the insight needed to confirm that many of us really are STAR BEINGS and that ALL OF US are cosmically intertwined with all of the Universe for this very reason! As above, so below. As within, as without.



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Article by Natalie V.