The Courage in the Blood of My Ancestors Lights My Path

Natalie Viglione, Rise Up In Truth

To look forward with clarity, sometimes we have to see the past very clearly. The ANCIENT past, for we must build bridges into the now.

The spark of courage in the blood of my ancestors runs through my veins, providing me with the fire to LIVE powerfully through passion. Never has this been so imperative. Never has this been so clear. The time to IGNITE is now.

This blood of my ancestors, the blood of my incarnations, educates, inspires and pushed me to stand up, to rise up, to live my truth and no one else’s. And now, it requires MORE from me.

Right now requires MORE from ALL OF US.

The savior complex of future hopes stagnates change in the NOW. Choose to rise up.

It took me moving into my 42nd year to truly understand the depth and full expansion of what my purpose is, and through my ancestors (through ME) I see the future. And, there is always more depth. Always more expansion.

The pain and suffering that darkness has caused my ancestors can overwhelm.

But the courage lights the fire of knowing. Of trust.

The dark days are going to be no more. But it will not go easily, its web is being ripped down and all of those know their days are numbered. The darkness on this planet is soon to be gone for eons to come.

We are the chosen ones to see it fall. To be the ones that assist in its demise.

The sword of truth, not of this realm, is our weapon.

Our collective healing requires us to heal ourselves first. So through this time as I heal, I heal my ancestral pain and also heal forward. All timelines present in the now.

This beautiful fire of courage in my soul is meant to help me stand in this life, to make the conscious choice to choose to live with purpose and passion, and to inspire and thrive.

Gone are the days of scarcity and pain.

You have the choice to choose this, too.

We are not living in a time where we just need to survive. Humanity is at a crossroads and there is a RIGHT way, and an EASY way.

History, up until now, has been written by the people who hung the heroes. We must stand and say NO MORE.

It’s a time to choose the RIGHT way. We are our own heroes. We need to take back what was taken from us eons ago by the dark ones and their dark agenda to control through power, money, and greed. And, the humans who became their puppets to carry out their subservient duties.

Earth was always meant to be FREE. It was hijacked and the time is now to TAKE IT ALL BACK.

We were BORN free. It is our Universe given right.

We must rebuild while we tear down.

Heal while we grieve.

Stand in power as we watch darkness fall.

Will you fight? If we stand up and fight, we may be labeled as crazy and have to let go of things and people we once knew.

Like the freedom fighters of our ancestral past had to do as well, often losing their life.

Those that choose ignorance will have heavy regrets.

We must realize that anything can take our lives, death is the only thing we know to be certain from the moment we are born.

But nothing can ever take away our freedom.

It is time that we rise up in truth. It’s time we protect and fight for the light by using the power from within our very souls as the Sword of Truth, sending out this powerful energy to make this last stand.

My fellow light warriors, it’s time to unite. Lightworkers, starseeds, indigos— it is all of our time. We know why we are here.

We MUST stand up for freedom like my Scottish ancient ancestor William Wallace, the brave heart. A man who fought for his country, for love, and for freedom.

I am him and he is me.

I am you and you are me.


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LIGHT WARRIOR (photo credit unknown artist)

Article by Natalie V. for Rise Up In Truth.

An ancient being of light here to be a part of many that are here to help ignite the power of truth and rekindle the fire of evolution for all living beings...